Crazy traffic saigon

Vietnam is the second-largest motorcycle ownership in the world after Taiwan. According khổng lồ statistics in early 2016, the number of registered motorcycles in Vietnam is over 37 million. During the peak hours of the weekends, holidays, the number of motorbikes is too many. Traffic jams on the day are also common in the city, during working hours. The street dust and loud whistles will make you tired of road traffic in Vietnam. Investment in road traffic in Vietnam is a lot but the chất lượng is very poor, Some routes just need light rain that will be damaged or flooded.

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Traffic jams in Vietnam

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Traffic Problems in Vietnam

Not only there are many strange signs or the name of the road. The direction is super small, put in the position difficult to see …but also the problem of misspellings. Vietnam’s traffic problems are very complex. The traffic police in Vietnam are very large and powerful: traffic police, traffic inspectors, police officers,… but accidents Vietnam still ranked in the đứng top 10 countries of traffic accidents in the world.


Busy traffic in Saigon, Vietnam

Traffic Jams in Vietnam

The sense of participation in traffic of Vietnamese is poor. Vietnamese people go fast, cross the red light. When being stuck at congestion, most people ride their motorbikes on the sidewalk rather than waiting, or constantly use horns to hasten riders in the front, even shouting at them from time to lớn time. Vietnamese often don’t obey the traffic lights or signs. Children are taught about traffic laws while adults are breaking it. Now the government gives much new strict law lớn improve the present posture. The government also has a lot of projects khổng lồ upgrade the road, widen the road more and more. Build more highways và tunnels to lớn reduce traffic jams. The visitor who comes lớn Vietnam will have some exciting experiences when entering traffic in Vietnam.


Some travelers have their traffic tips on how to lớn cross the road in Vietnam: forget all the standard rules lớn cross the street, look at the vehicles that are heading towards you, just move slowly to lớn cross the road because no one will crash into you, the foreigners will feel crossed the road lượt thích a game of adventure but you are very easy to vày it