The United States Social Security Administration

in consideration or payment of; in return for: three for a dollar;to be thanked for one's efforts.

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(used lớn indicate the number of successes out of a specified number of attempts): The batter was 2 for 4 in the game.
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before 900; Middle English, Old English; cognate with Old Saxon for; akin to fore1, Latin per through, Greek pró before, ahead
foo yong, foozle, fop, foppery, foppish, for, for a change, forage, forage cap, forage mite, forager
a prefix meaning “away,” “off,” “to the uttermost,” “extremely,” “wrongly,” or imparting a negative or privative force, occurring in verbs và nouns formed from verbs of Old or Middle English origin, many of which are now obsolete or archaic: forbid; forbear; forswear; forbearance.

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The conjunction for means “seeing that” or “since.” vị you know when to use for, since, because, as, và inasmuch as? Learn more on 

as, as long as, because, being, considering, inasmuch as, now, since, whereas, after, concerning, conducive to, during, for the sake of, in favor of, in order to, in place of, in the interest of, in the name of, notwithstanding
with regard or consideration to lớn the usual characteristics ofhe"s short for a man; it"s cool for this time of year
(coordinating) for the following reason; because; seeing thatI couldn"t stay, for the area was violent
Old English; related khổng lồ Old Norse fyr for, Old High German fora before, Latin per through, prō before, Greek pro before, in front

In addition to lớn the idioms beginning with for

for a changefor allfor all intents and purposesfor all one is worthfor all thatfor all the worldfor a loopfor a songfor a wonderfor better or for worsefor certainfor chicken feedfor crying out loudfor days on endfor dear lifefore và aftfor examplefor fear offor freefor funfor God"s sakefor goodfor good measurefor heaven"s sakefor keepsfor love or moneyfor onefor one"s moneyfor one"s painsfor one"s partfor one"s sakefor one thingfor openersfor Pete"s sakefor realfor shamefor shortfor showfor startersfor surefor that matterfor the askingfor the bestfor the birdsfor the hell of itfor the life of onefor the love offor the momentfor the most partfor the presentfor the recordfor the sake offor the time beingfor two centsfor what it"s worth

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