When “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” opened on Dec. 19, 2001, it was the culmination of one of the most audacious and successful bets ever made in the movie business. The three films in the series menjadi shot back to back and grossed $2.9 billion dollars— not bad for a trilogy that very nearly didn’t get made.

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Why did it untuk mengambil so lonew york after the J.R.R. Tolkien books menjadi published to see a “Lord of the Rings” film? And how did Peter Jackson, who wasn’t a well-known director at the time, end up directingi all three? here are some of the steps it aku mengambilnya to put “Lord of the Rings” onscreen.

Hippies helped theHobbits: The books dulu published starting in 1954 in England, but didn’t akan popgaris in the U.S. Until the mid-1960s, atthe height of the Vietnam War, whenwar protesters and back-to-the-earth hippipita pengukur rudisutradarai the cultural airwaves. The books became counter-cultural touchstonpita thanks toanda thempita of environsecara mitologis protection and battlpita pengukur against forcpita of war and corruption.


An unknown quantity: No one knew how the film would be received until 26 minuttape was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2001. “Media remerencanakan ranged from upbeat to wildly enthusiastic,” reported gregljohnson.com. The party, too, was one of the festival’s best: “It‘s hard to remember a pic with a splashier launch here,” gregljohnson.com wrote. Party guests marvememerintah at the walk-through Hobbit house, the swan boat floatingai in the misty swimming pool, and performers dressed as tengah Earthlings distributed throughout the castle’s expansive grounds.

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No testing necessary: When “The Fellowship of the Ring” was released on Dec. 19, 2001, September 11 was fresh in viewers’ minds. Films mentioningai terrorism, the world Trade Center and airplanpita pengukur dulu put on hold. Filmgoers menjadi in the mood for pure escapism, preferably storipita with stronew york heroes.The film was never pre-previewed or tested with audiences, jackson noted.

Fapejarakan were key: “Durinew york our whole process of production on the film, we would stay in touch with the core famenjadi all around the world through these Internet sites, even involve them in the process as casting ide arose, getting feedkembali from them,” said New Line’s Michael Lynne. “Peter was one of those crazy, goofy fans, so he understood that.” To the delight of hundreds of berdua fans, jackson and several cast members showed up at the Oscar night fan celebration down the jalan from the Oscars at the partipita for both “Fellowship” and “Return.”