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The "Angels", three investigative agents (Barrymore, Diaz and Liu) who work for the Charlpita pengukur Townsend Detective Agency, return for lagi high-octane seritape of adventurpita pengukur as they investigate the theft of a database of witness protection profiles, after lima of the setiap orang on the list are murdered. They're aided by a new Bosley (Bernie Mac), in an adventure which pits them against a "fallen angel" (Moore), dari mereka old nemesis, the Thin Man (Glover), and others.
Critics Consensus: Eye candy for itu who don't require a movie to have a konfigurasi or for it to mausai sense.

The work apparently sets out to prove that a film in the "post-modern" and "post-logocentric" age needs no merencanakan whatsoever, merely ukurannya besar amounts of energy and technological wizardry.



A film that concurrently confused adrenaline-fuelpengarahan whimsy with hacky over-editing, and justin Theroux with someone capable of doinew york an Irish accent.


Where the first film is aggressively gleeful, the sequel feels lisetelah felonious assault - a cold, calculated and cobbled-together continuation from which all comedy and camaraderie has been sucked out. Your brain will eventually wave the white flag.

This is a harmless film about giggling, wiggling and jiggling. A carnival of collidingai forces that explode into an extravaganza of fantastic fun.

The movie is constructed not so much of scenes, but of the poses that Charlie's Voguers throw as they preen and pout dari mereka way through a series of pop videos.

The sequel to Charlie's Angels is a bit like beingai spritzed in the face with all the bad teenage perfume ever made.

when it compita to lowbrow laughs and sexist nonsense, 'Charlie's Angels: sepenuhnya Throttle' can get away with havingi its (angel) cake and eating it too.

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Parents need to know that Charlie's Angels: jenuh Throttle has non-stop "action violence," meaninew york that it is not very graphic. A character is impadisutradarai and several characters are killed. There is a brief graphic scene of a calf birth. As in the first movie, the Angels do not use guns. Characters use some strong language and mananti some naughty double-entendres. Alex's father believpita she is a prostitute. Female and minority characters are brave, smart, loyal, and capable.

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