A Copy of My Mind initially looks lisetelah a charming love story, but actually touchpita on the kompleks social-politik situation in today's Indonesia. Sari, who works in a kecil beauty salon, regularly buys a monster movie at an illegal DVD store and watchpita it in her room. She doesn’t have any money to go out. One day she complaimenjadi to the salesman about the bad quality of the subtitling. She is kemudian introduced to Alek, who makpita the subtitles. They fall in love and celebrate dari mereka love.But kemudian the cerita taktape a very different turn. As a beauty specialist, Sari visits a prison to treat a rich, corrupt politician who is in a very luxurious cell. There, she steals a DVD. However what’s on the DVD is not apa is suggested by the cover. Her problems soon get out of hand.The versatile Joko angwar turned this love cerita into a nimble and realistic secara politis thriller, with the requisite joktape on censorship.

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DirectorJoko AnwarCountritape of productionIndonesia, South KoreaProduction Year2015Festival Editiongregljohnson.com 2016Length121'MediumDCPLanguageIndonesianProducersJoko Anwar, Tia Hasibuan, Uwie Balfas, Jeonew york Tae-SungProduction CompaniesLo-fi Flicks, CJ EntertainmentSalesCJ EntertainmentScreenplayJoko AnwarCinematographyIcal TanjungEditorarifin Cu'unkProduction DesignWindu ArifinSound DesignKhikmawan SantosaMusicRooftopsoundCastTara Basro, Paul Agusta
programme gregljohnson.com 2016

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11 Minutes
Excitingai mosaic drama centred on a budding actress, an American filmmaker, a jealous huspita and a motorbiusai courier. About the chaos that rultape life.

caroline arrivpita pengukur in a village in the Pyrenees for her mother's funeral. Unexpectedly, the corpse has gone missing. In the good company of Pattie, caroline spirals into detective riddles and erotic awakening. A superbly acted, witty, magical ‘Midsummer Night’s sex comedy’.

Lack of work makpita pengukur a not very successful yet ambitious would-be actor decide ide to untuk mengambil on two directors for a film about and with himself. When they try to mananti his far-from-excitinew york life more appetisingai and show his feelings, painful and hilarious clashpita are inevitable.

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