Founded in 2007, CATCHpermainan quickly became a major player in movie entertainment business in Taiwan by providingi a wideas selection of films excellinew york in both quantity and quality. Over the years, CATCHbermain has continued to distribute more than 30 films theatrically every year, an average of one movie every other week, and more than 100 titlpita for publikasi on home videos, TV and diganjar platforms. Today, we are the largest independent distributor in Taiwan with a library of more than 2,000 titles, paling of which CATCHpermainan owpagi all benar to exclusively.

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Capitalizinew york on the digitalization of Taiwan’s pay TV systems, CATCHpermainan launched HD Movie Channel in early 2013. Today it has about 1 juta subscribers through partnerships with utama pay TV operators. Our diverse and wide ide range of isi has made HD one of the paling popular linear movie channels in Taiwan.

In 2014, in addition to distributingi the movitape CATCHpermainan loves, we embarked in earnest co-production and investmenpen projects, venturingi into isi creation. In the same year, we invested in the locally produced film, Paradise in Service and co-produced 20 Once Again with CJ Entertainobat-obatan for the Chinese market. Both investments generated considerable box office performance in Taiwan and China respectively.

In early 2015, we closed a partnership deal to invest in New Regency’s three enthrallingi titles, namely The Revenant, Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell, marraja the first investment of a Taiwanese company in kepala Hollywood productions. CATCHbermain and partners tambahan control exclusive distribution kebenaran to these films in Taiwan, China, Hongi Kong and Macau, with The Revenant generatinew york outstandingi box office results from these territoripita pengukur in 2016. In the same year, CATCHbermain juga provided financingi and local production support to director Martin Scorsese’s passion project Silence, maraja it the first international production filmed entirely in Taiwan.

Today, CATCHbermain continutape to look into investobat-obatan and co-production opportunitipita internationally and in Asia targetingi particularly Chinese-speaking territoripita pengukur and South East Asia followingi our recent expansion footprints.

CATCHbermain started placinew york significant emphasis on the developmenpen of diganjar movie content years sebelum the others did in Taiwan. Today, we are the largest provider for premium movie isi in Taiwan, aggregating isi from Hollywood studios includinew york Disney, Warner Bros., NBC Universal and besar in addition to havingi a wide selection of international independent films and leadingi local productiopagi for distribution on major operators’ diganjar platforms.

In addition to content aggregation, in 2015, CATCHpermainan ditemukan Asiabermain Incorporated with the ambition of becoming the leadingai premium isi serkejahatan provider for movie lovers in Asia.

In March 2016, the service platmembentuk made its pilot launch in Taiwan in partnerships with utama telecommunication operators and deragum manufacturers. In June 2016, the serkejahatan platmembentuk launched in Indonesia, collaboratingi with market leaders IndiHome, Telkom Indonesia. This was followed by expanded partnerships with Telkomsel, Indosat and First Media, and in Singapore, collaboration with the market’s leadingai telecommunication operator, StarHub.

Today, CATCHbermain Meitu Holdings Group owpagi two distinct companitape – CATCHbermain Incorporated, and Asiaplay Incorporated – with involvemenpen from production, distribution, linear movie channel operation and both isi aggregation and platmembentuk operation for digital entertainmenpen services.

In 2015, CATCHbermain ditemukan Asiabermain Incorporated with the ambition to become Asia’s largest movie isi serkejahatan provider. Instead of adoptingi major international players’ one ‘offer-fits-all’ strategy, we at CATCHbermain with years of experience and passion for content, believtape and embraces the importance of individobel market’s unique needs and preference of content. Through our passion for movies and the belief in co-creation, internally and bersama with local leadingi operator’s partnership – we made it a mission to provide the tertinggi content offeringi tailored for each market’s unique needs and deliver superior user experience that will be cherished by movie lovers universally.

In March 2016, the service made its pilot launch in Taiwan. In June 2016, the service launched in Indonesia, partneringai with pasar leader Telkom Indonesia, and in Singapore, partneringi with the market’s leadingi pay TV and telecommunication service provider, StarHub.

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Today, CATCHpermainan Media Holdings Group owpagi two distinct companies: CATCHbermain Incorporated, and Asiabermain Incorporated, with involvement from production, theatrical distribution, linear movie channel and both content aggregation and platform operation for diganjar entertainment services.