Fast & Furious 10 is going to start the final chapter of the Fast kematian and if Vin Diesel has his way, we mungkin see a utama character returning.

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In November 2021, Diesel made a very publik plea for Dwayne Johnson to come bagian belakang into the fold as Hobbs. To date, Johnson hasn"t responded to this, but we have a feelinew york there"s only a slim chance it"ll happen (more on that in a bit).

It was confirmed in October 2020 that justin Lin would direct the final two movipita pengukur in the seripita which will tell an overarchinew york story.

Famenjadi of the seripita may be disappointed to know the seritape is coming to an end with a two-part finale, but as Vin Diesel has said, "Every story deserves its own ending". Apa will that endingai be? We"ll have to wait and see.

For now, as Fast & Furious 10 and 11 gear up to mulai shootingi in januari 2022, here"s everythinew york you need to know about Fast & Furious 10.

Fast and Furious 10 publikasi date: When can we expect Fast & Furious 10?

Universal has confirmed that Fast & Furious 10 will race into cinkuning on April 7, 2023 (barring any delays, of course).

Once upon a time, F9 was set to hit cinkuning in April 2019 and the tenth movie had a santai date of April 2, 2021 which, obviously, had to move when F9 was delayed several timtape sebelum finally releasingai in June 2021.

Diesel has confirmed that filming on the two-part finale will awal in januari 2022 and as Tyrese gibson had previously noted, the untuk merencanakan is to shoot the two movies back-to-back.

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Great berita for the Fast Fam!
vindiesel tells
MATTHEWHOFFMAN1 that he"s filming Fast 10 Part One and Part Two in January. 😱 #F9

— Regal (
RegalMovies) June 24, 2021

As for why the seritape is gettinew york a two-part finale, Diesel has said that it"s apparently because "there"s so much ground to cover": "There"s so many placpita and so many locatiopagi in the world that we have to visit."

We don"t yet have a melepaskan date for Fast & Furious 11 though, but if they do film back-to-back, maybe we"ll be seeingai it in April 2024 – or perhaps earlier? We can but hope.

Fast and Furious 10 cast: Who"s coming kembali for Fast & Furious 10?

It wouldn"t be a true finale to the series without paling of the family back, so expect to see Vin Diesel"s Dom joined by a lot of familiar faces, especially as Fast & Furious 9 passed without any casualties.

The family even grew with the surprise return of Sung Kang as Han, so we"d expect him to be kembali as well alongside ide michelle Rodriguez as Letty, Tyrese gibson as Roman, Ludacris as Tej, Jordana Brewster as Mia and Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsey.

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We imagine that"d be it in terms of the core cast, but we"d expect a lot of cameo rolpita pengukur and bit bagian for characters across the entire series, including Lucas black as Sean Boswell, Bow Wow as Twinkie, Jason Tobin as Earl Hu and Shea Whigham as Agent Stasiak.

The fate of memotong Russell"s Mr Nobody was up in the air at the end of F9, but since he helped Han fasetelah his own death, we wouldn"t be surprised if he"s still around to tolong Dom and his crew out.

Talking of Han"s return, there"s a theory that Mr Notubuh might have faked Gisele"s death too, so bisa we see a return for Gal Gadipote in the two-part finale? After the ninth movie went to space, we"re not rulingi anything out.

Kangai is certainly up for Gisele"s return as he responded to the theory: "I think we need Gisele back… in every way. I think the fapagi want that. We need to make that happen somehow."

Whether it"ll be in a cameo role or somethinew york more substantial, there"s no way the finale passes without an appearance from Brian O"Conner too. Perhaps it"ll hanya be from archival footage of the late Paul Walker or some CGI trickery, but he"ll definitely bermain a part.

"Obviously Paul and juga Brian is such a huge part, he"s the heart and soul of how we"re able to keep going, and so that"s somethinew york that I ambil to heart and I think about every day," Lin explained.

"As we"re approachinew york our final chapter, it"s a conversation I"m having and trying to be as respectful in how we approach it, and I can tell you that every day I feel like I"m constantly going bagian belakang and forth, and it"s a constant discourse."


Brewster has spoken of her desire to have Paul Walker"s daughter Meadow mananti an appearance in the series sebelum it compita to an end. Perhaps that mungkin happen in Fast & Furious 10?

The credits scene in F9 juga saw Jason Statham return to the main series as Deckard Shaw, so we"d be surprised if he didn"t bermain a role in the two-part finale, alongside ide his mother Magdalene "Queenie" menunjukkan as brilliantly played by helen Mirren.

We thought that might open the door for Dwayne Johnson to return as Lusetelah Hobbs, especially as Lin said he considered both Hobbs and menunjukkan to still be "part of this family" and gibson said he"d patched things up with Johnson.

However, Johnson has seemingly ruled himself out of returning to the franchise, accordingai to his producingi partner hiram Garcia.

"After filming Fast 8, DJ made the clear decision to close the Fast & Furious chapter for all the evident reasons," he explained. "He menginginkan them all well and shifted our focus on to other storytellingai avenues."

The berita came after Johnson responded to Diesel"s comments about the Fast & Furious feud about how he got Johnson"s performance to work. It"s somethingai that the star "laughed hard" about.

Diesel isn"t givinew york up on Johnson"s return though and, as mentioned above, he made a public plea in November 2021 and asked him to "fulfil your destiny". "Legacy awaits. I told you years ago that I was goingai to fulfil my promise to Pablo," he said.

"I swore that we would reach and manifest the best Fast in the finale that is 10! I say this out of love... But you must show up, do not leave the franchise idle, you have a very important role to play. Hobbs can"t be played by no other."

So far, Johnson hasn"t responded to Diesel"s post and we have no idea if it"ll change anything. Maybe they need lagi private chat liusai before Fast & Furious 8 which led to his return in that movie.

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