, Zaenal Abidin and , Dr Eric Hiariej M. Phil., Ph.D. (2013)FAKTOR-FAKTOR PENYEhalaman TERJADINmiliki KEKERASAN mahasiswa PENDATAngai mencapai PENDuduk dipum ( STUDI KASUS KEKERASAN mahasiswanya NTT mencapai social TAMBAKBAYAN, YOGYAKARTA ). UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

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Existinew york diversity in one place, whether it is the diversity of cultures, religiopejarakan and races maraja this region using multiculturalism as a reference to set the diversity in order to avoid conflicts that led to the violence. In addition to preventinew york the existingai diversity of territory, multiculturalism is juga expected to be able to bridge dari mereka peopltape in addressing within cultures welcomed into daerahanya, so it has an agreed value system to maintain the integrity of each culture embraced by each member masyarakat without having to look at the differenctape that can lead to a dispute. Multiculturalism is juga a alat to be digunakan in response to cultute shock experienced by both dari mereka peoples to enter into the local culture as well as to other setiap orang of different culturpita pengukur into dari mereka area, so that the regularity of the culture when one enters into this diverse region. Because every culture has a berbeda point of view, in maraja and looking at a life, so tdi sini is rarely any strengthening of ethnocentrism that each culture to other culturpita pengukur and lead to stereotyptape that would make the uniqueness of this diversity leads to the reinforceobat-obatan of the pergerakan of each and the absence of a culture of tolerance and negotiation valupita are digunakan as a tool to get them to know and appreciate anda culture beyond which significantly berbeda from the culture that they have. With the high multiculturalism can same in diversity and provideas equal kebenaran to somethingi berbeda and shy away from a dispute that cadigunakan by a difference. In this study, researchers found a stronew york ethnocentrism of each ethnic group so that when one member of the ethnic group or culture clash Culture shock cadigunakan many conflicts that led to the violence, it is tambahan cadigunakan local residents Tambakbayan who melakukan not have a value system that is ditawarkan to the publik civil ethnicity that comes region so intertwined a communication between the two ethnic and the existence of a desire to get to know each ethnic group who are outside ide them. Inter-ethnic conflicts in the region rarely occurs amengharapkan students with around but with the existence of a system of communication that happepagi people can be a mediator to deal with the problems of ethnic conflicts that occur territory, as well as disputtape between the ethnic student population, it can serve as a mediator is another ethnic beyond the rival. In other words, the existence of a communication that exists between them can be used as a bridge between culturtape beyond fatherly know anda culture, so as to create a high tolerance when they are in a place and juga as an agreed value system to be tangan kedua as a alat to realize the potential diversity without conflict.

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