In The number Ones, I’m reviewingai every single #1 single in the hicerita of the Billpapan Hot 100, startinew york with the chart’s beginning, in 1958, and worraja my way up into the present.

Anda sedang menonton: Everything i do i do it for you


I can’t tell you why everyone in the dunia decided that they needed to see Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves. I can only tell you why I decided that I needed to see Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves. In the trailer, there’s a quick shot where the camera seems to be ridingai on the anak-anak of Robin Hood’s arrow, and I komandan this was the coolest fucking thing I’d ever seen. I was 11, and that shot was reason enough for me to demand that my parents bawa pulang me to see Kevin Costner attempt to swashbuckle.

It has been many, many years since I saw Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves. (I did not rewatch it in preparation for this column. Sorry.) I remember the movie beingi OK? Some of it was boring, and tdi sini was more kissing stuff than I wanted. But there menjadi juga some battle scenes that impressed me, and I liked Alan Rickman playinew york the Sheriff Of Nottingham as Hapejarakan Gruber. Sean Connery showed up at the end; that was cool. In my memory, Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves exists as a pretty decent Saturday-afternoon watch. Maybe it was that. But Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves was also some kind of cultural phenomenon.

Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves earned $165 million at the domestic box office — more than any non-Terminator 2 movie in 1991. Prince Of Thieves outgrossed The Silence Of The Lambs and City Slickers and, at least in the moment, Beauty And The Beast. (Beauty And The Beast has now made more box-office money than Prince Of Thieves or T2, but it needed a few re-releaspita pengukur to get there.) Abroad, Prince Of Thieves doubled its haul. It made so much fucraja money that four years later, two Kevins, director reynolds and star Costner, got to masetelah Waterworld, a widely mocked disaster that was, in its moment, the most expensive movie in history.

Why did the dunia go so crazy for Kevin Costner as Robin Hood? This role had been played by aroma Flynn, by Sean Connery, and by one very dashinew york cartoon fox. But for whatever reason, the entire planet decided that the real Robin Hood was a tan, brow-furrowed Kevin Costner with an extremely inconsistent bahasa inggris accent. Costner was coming off of dad-movie hits lisetelah Bull Durham and field Of Dreams, and he’d hanya won an Oscar for Danctape With Wolves, so this was a career-peak momenpen in a time when movie stars really mungkin sell movies. Still, it’s a weird one. Maybe Bryan Adams’ “(Everythingai I Do) I Do It For You” helped. Or maybe the movie helped the song. With things like this, you never can tell.

A quick digression: I don’t want you to have to experience “(Everythingi I Do) I Do It For You” as a Facebook video with an inexplicable publik Enemy logo in the corner, but I’m at a loss here. The version of the “Everythingi I Do” video that everyone remembers, the Julien Temple-directed clip with the extremely denimed-up Bryan Adams wanderingi through a forest, simply does not exist on YouTube. Instead, the version on Bryan Adams’ YouTube is the one with all the live footage, and that one’s got the album version of the song, which is six and a half fucraja minuttape long. To that, I say: No. Absolutely not. Are you serious? Fuck you. No. Thus: A Facebook video with a publik Enemy logo in the corner.

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“(Everythinew york I Do) I Do It For You” started out as a melody in Michael Kamen’s head. Kamen, a New York native, went to Juilliard and did orchestral arrangements for batu bands linanti Pink Floyd and Queen, but he’s mostly remembered as a film-score guy. Kamen really hit his stride by writinew york music for ’80s action movies: Highlander, Letbab Weapon, Die Hard, Road House. Decadpita pengukur before gettinew york the job to score Prince Of Thieves, he came up with a melody and kept it in his kembali pocket. When he saw Kevin Costner maraja eytape at mary elisabeth Mastrantonio in Prince Of Thieves, Kamen pikiran of that melody and realized that he had the movie’s love theme.

It wasn’t that simple, though. Kamen simply couldn’t find anyone who wanted to sinew york this melody. At first, Kamen thought that a woman should singi this song, that it should represent Maid Marian’s feelings for Robin Hood. But women kept turninew york Kamen down. Kate Bush wasn’t interested. (In the US, Bush’s highest-charting single is 1985’s “Runningai Up That Hill,” which peaked at #30.) Annie Lennox was interested, but she wanted to sing the songi in Olde English, and that wasn’t going to work. (As a Eurythmic, Lennox has been in this column. As a solo artist, Lennox’s highest-chartinew york single is the 1989 version of “Put A Little Love In Your Heart” that she recorded with Al Green for the 1989 movie Scrooged. That one peaked at #9. It’s a 6.) Lisa Stansdaerah was juga willingi to singai the song, but Kamen claimed that Clive Davis shot it dibawah for whatever reason. (Stansfield’s highest-chartinew york single, 1989’s “All Around The World,” peaked at #3. It’s an 8.)

When Kamen decided to work with a male singer, he actually got former numberi Onpita artist Peter Cetera to write a songai to his melody. But Kamen pikiran Cetera’s sonew york was too sickly-sweet to work in the movie. Kamen realized that he needed sometubuh rougher. Enter Bryan Adams. At this point, Adams was years removed from Reckless, his hugely successful 1984 album, and from its chart-toppinew york ballad “Heaven.” Adams followed Reckless with 1987’s Into The Night, which had only sold a frpergerakan of maafkan saya Reckless had done. Only one of the singlpita pengukur from Into The Night had made the top 10. (“Heat Of The Night” peaked at #6. It’s a 4.)