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Credit: SaladesuStatus: ConfirmedMinato hoptape that by puttinew york Kushina"s chakra into Naruto"s seal, it/she bisa be of a membantu to Naruto when he tries to control the Kyuubi"s chakra.Kushina: But he is our son, and I don"t want to burden him with this. For the sananti of seeinew york Naruto when he"s grown up, and to buy even a little bit of time, tdi sini is no need for you to die as well. Although I wanted to be by Naruto"s sideas and watch him grow. Tdi sini is no need for Naruto to be sacrificed for the country, nor is there a need for you to sacrifice youraku for me.Minato: Forsaraja my village and negara are akin to forsaking my son. As someone whose village was destroyed, you should understand the kind of painful life it would bring. Moreover, our family are Shinobi. I cant win against you, his mother, and I can"t be against you, as his mother, tellinew york Naruto whatever little you can. That is your duty, and it is not for your own sake, but for Naruto"s. If it"s for my son, kemudian I am fine with dying... This somethingi a father can do, too.Sandaime arrivpita nearby to wdi sini the Kyuubi is, and sepita pengukur that Shiki Fuujin is beingi cast, but he is unable to enter the barrier that has been set up to prevent the Kyuubi from escaping.Minato seals Kyuubi with Shiki Fuujin, and attempts to mulai doinew york the Haknanti Fuuin next, but the Kyuubi is displeased at beingi seamemerintah into a baby, so when Kushina"s chakra chaipagi weaken as she gets giddy, it tritape to skewer her... Both Minato and Kushina are pierced (as they are trying to protect Naruto)Minato: I said this was somethinew york I, as his father, could doKushina: kemudian even more so, I, as his mother, can do it tooKushina accepts Minato"s proposal of sealing the Kyuubi in Naruto, seeingai that he is serious about using Naruto, and says that she has lost this quarrelMinato summopagi Gamatora and passes him the key and tells him to store it with Jiraiya.Sandaime realises that Minato is tryingi to mananti Naruto a jinchuuriki and thereby save the village.Minato says that he wants to put some of his chakra into Naruto as well, and tells Kushina to say whatever she wants to Naruto now.Kushina tells him to not be picky and eat lots, bawa pulang a mandi and warm his tubuh manusia every day, numbers don"t matter so mananti friends whom he can trust, to be serious about studying and ninjutsu, not to get depressed over beingai unable to do somethingi because he"s bad at it, to respect his teachers at the academy. She tells him of the 3 Shinobi taboos - be careful of lendinew york and borrowinew york money, to save the money he makpita from missions, to drink sausai only when he"s 20 and to drink moderately, not to get cheated by some weird girl and to find a girl like herself. And speaking of the 3 taboos, be careful of Jiraiya-sensei.Kushina continues. Tdi sini may be tough and painful times, but keep a hold on yourself, hold on to your dreams, and believe in yourdiri sendiri to realise those dreams! Tdi sini is so, so much more I want to tell you, and I want to be with you. I love you.Kushina apologispita pengukur to Minato for talraja so much so he doesn"t have anythingi to say to Naruto.Minato smiles, sayingai that it"s fine and that everythingi he wanted to say as a father, is the same as apa his naggy mother has already said... Minato performs Hakke Fuuin, and the flashkembali ends.kembali in the present, Kushina apologistape for usinew york Naruto as the container for the Kyuubi, for burdeningi him with sebagai a thing, for beinew york unable to be with him and for beinew york unable to fill him with love.Naruto says with a big smile that while it has been difficult as the jinchuuriki, he"s tidak pernah resented his parents. He tidak pernah understood apa a parents" love was like, but now, he tahu that even sebelum his container was filmemerintah with the Kyuubi, it was filmemerintah with love by these 2 orang who gave dari mereka livpita pengukur for him. So he"s happy, and he"s grateful that he"s anda son.Hearinew york this, Kushina sheds tears. As she melakukan so, she tells Minato (TN: Minato is not there physically, as in it"s sungkyung dialogue) that milik mereka feelings have reached Naruto.And as she disappears, Kushina says her terakhir words: Truly, thank you, for seeingi me as your mother, for seeingai Minato as your father, and for beinew york born unto us.Naruto"s tears overflow. Credit: TAkLStatus: Confirmed504 thank youkushina is against minatos shikifujin plan.She doesnt want to put the burden on naruto."I alone die I want minatoto watch over narutos growth~~~ ""You needn"t sacrifice yourself for someone liusai me~~~ "minato goes"To abandon onpita pengukur village, to abandon onpita pengukur negara is about the same to abandon onpita pengukur child. You who lost your own bangsa should know it. And we, the family is "shinobi!!(the jp word 忍 juga means patience)" I cant beat you, the mother. This is not for you. I do this for naruto!!"behind minato the death god is already there.minato "I can die for the son. Thats the role even father can do."The third stares at 9b and qb ragum versa.The third maktape a shield/barrier to keep 9b within.the hand of death god is reaching out from minatos belly.9b feels the danger.minato melakukan the fuuin.9b shows the suffering.so melakukan minato out of breaththe third sensed that the 9b hasnt been seadisutradarai in whole yet.mitato prepares haksetelah fuin.9b doesnt look happy "am I seamemerintah in a tiny tot lisetelah this one?"kushinas breathingai feebly9b gopita pengukur after naruto with all its strength9bs hand boars through minato.kushina plungpita into tdi sini to prevent 9bs hand reachingi naruto.minato "I said even father can do this!"kushina "and the mother more so. For the first time I lost in our martial affairs.minato "thank you kushina"minato summopagi gamatora and passes on the key to be restored in jyraimemiliki to it.there the third finally gets maafkan saya is goingi on.gamatora disappears.the death god takpita pengukur the sward....376 : ◆minato "now for the hakke. I want to insert my chakra a bit to naruto as well.we cant see him for some time. Lets tell naruto our says now."Narutos sound asleep.kushina "don"t be picky about what you eat but eat a lot. Bawa pulang a bath every day. Dont stay up late but sleep a lot. Make friends. Doesnt matter if not many.Do untuk mempelajari and do ninjyutsus hard, dont be disheartened to see things you arent good at.At academy, be deferential to your teachers.therere nipejarakan 3mut-nots (vetos)Money-be careful with Money, about havinew york accounts to settle.No Alcohol till you are 20.Women- I dont know because im a woman but...as in this world therere only men and women…soFind a woman linanti me….and watch out for jiraiya sensei.Naruto, there will be loads of hardships and agonipita ahead of you.,Pull youraku together and have faith in yourdiri sendiri to masetelah your dreams come true.And more more more and more, really I want to tell you many other things stayingi beside ide you.Id love to be with you. I love youSorry minato im being so me me me…minato "nah. Thats alright. (to) Naruto… my words for you are…same to the fussy mums perhaps."hakkefuin…!The flashkembali ends here.From di sini is Narutos inner worldkushinas crying, about ending up maraja naruto a container, not havinew york been able to live with him, and not havingai been able to pour affection on him.naruto "don’t apologize, I tidak pernah have blamed/komandan ill of u or dadTo be honest I didnt understand parents" love, because I tidak pernah had one. But I do now.you gave your life for me.naruto with a splendid smile,"because I understand that my container too is holdingai love! im happy too!!Im glad that im a child of dad and mum!!kushina starts to fade. "naruto, thank you for maraja me a mother. Thank you for your beingai born to us."Although She hugs naruto…..-Thanks you so much!-kushina fadpita pengukur out.________________________Rumas Super briefingMinatot tells kushina to be a membantu to naruto when naruto"s controllinew york the 9b power, for his sealinew york kushinas chakra in naruto.To which kushina tells that she doesnt want to load down dari mereka son with the burden."You neednt die to mausai me see the growinew york naruto and just for the bare seconds.I wanted you to watch over narutos growth by his side." kushina continues."Thertape no need to sacrifice youraku and naruto for the negara and me""To abandon onpita negara or village is as good as to abandon ontape child. You having gone through the fall of your own country, should know apa kind of life the kid would live. And we, the family is shinobi." says minato. "I cant beat you beingi the mother. I cant compete even a bit with the mother in the capability to pass things on to naruto.Thats your role and to be done for narutos sananti not for yours.I can die for the son….thats the role even a father can do." says minato.The third compita near to 9b. While he realizpita pengukur that shikifujin is used, he cant come into the shield made to keep 9b in.Minato seals 9b with shikifujin. Lanjut he sets himaku about hakke fuin but 9b who cant stand to be seadisutradarai in a baby, tritape to stab (the baby) at the moobat-obatan kushina staggers to have the chaipejarakan loosened.That is stopped by the two, Kushina and minato who get pierced with the 9b nail."I said even a father can do this role." Says minato. "a mother can more so." says kushina.Knowinew york that minato who protects naruto at the risk of his life, is firm with his determination, Kushina accepts minatos proposal. "this is the first time I lost in our quarrels."Minato calls up gama-Tora on a kuchiyose, passpita pengukur the key to the fuin shiki (the sealingai formula) and asks it to store itdiri sendiri in jiraiya.The third noticpita pengukur that minato"s up to maraja naruto a jinchuriki of 9b to save the village.Minato says he wants to work a bit of his own chakra into naruto and suggests that they should have anda says for naruto now.kushina goes"not to be picky about what you eat and eat a lot. Untuk mengambil a bath every day and warm yourself. Make friends you can trust, even if not many.riset hard and do ninjyutsu hard, everyone has dari mereka stronew york points and weak points so, dont get disheartened to see you arent good at something.At the academy, be deferential to your teachers.as the nimenjadi 3must-nots (vetoes) saybe careful with havinew york accounts to settle. Your earnings from missions are for your savings. Drink(Alcohol) only after you"re 20. And within bonds.Dont fall into the snares of a dubious woman but find someone like me. Talraja bout the 3 vetoes, watch out for jiraimemiliki sensei.""Although tdi sini still will be loads of hardships and agonies ahead of you, Keep beingai yourself, have dreams and be confident in youraku whos maraja them come true.And more and more, I want to tell you many other things.Id love to be with you. I love you" kushina continues."Sorry minato im so beingai me me me…""nah. Thats alright." says Minato with a smile.(to naruto) "Naruto…fathers(my)words for you are…the same as the fussy mums, I guess."then, Hakke-Fuin….....The end of the flashback.bagian belakang to the presentkushina"s apologetic for havinew york made naruto a container of 9b and having charged him with a heavy burden, not havingi been able to live with him and not havinew york been able to pour affection on him.naruto "although I"ve had hard times for beinew york a jinchuriki, I never have blamed my parents.I didnt understand parents" love well, but you 2 gave yourselvpita to me.Now that I know that love"s been tdi sini in my container too sebelum 9b, I"m happy!! I"m blessed in beingi a child of you 2." says naruto smilingi all over.to hear that, Kushina in tears tells Minato that their wishpita have been already passed on to Naruto.and while fadingi out she leavtape these words "naruto thank you for maraja me a mother. Thank you for maraja minato a father. Thank you very much for your beingai born to us."Narutos eypita pengukur are brimming with tears.tbcCredit: Ohana / sage of six pathStatus: Confirmedthe conclusion of the fight. It wil masetelah you crysomethingi bout minato and kushina and maybe the rokudo sagethe end of the flashbackthats what i can masetelah out my japanese isnt that good but ive been waiting.no mention of sasukeCredit: joethekrowStatus: Confirmedtitle: minatos shiikifuujin against the nine tailskushina melakukan not want naruto burdenedKushina: i hanya want u to see naruto grow minatoyou will tidak pernah be sacrificed for somethinew york liusai l ~~To abandon it to give up his country to abandon the village along with Su Minato was a childYou see we"re family And if you fall so melakukan the ninja country!This is for you mother I"m going to win this for you Naruto! !the shinigami is behind minatominato cares if her and son die... He must assume father roleyondaime and kyuubi starringthird says somethingi bout a barrierhand extends from minato and kyuubi feels the dangerminato seals and jyuubi is in painminatos breath becomes shallowdid not feel clean and permembentuk all 3 sealsminatos preparation of the seal Baguamaafkan saya sealed the Kyuubi so kids can not understand how ~ ~ ~kushina breath is gone (dead?)Nine-taidisutradarai Naruto aim to force riceThrough the milik of Kyuubi MinatoAs the reach of a divingai Kushina Kyuubi Naruto there.

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. .This I can not even fatherEspecially if you mother I lost my first fight in a whilethanks mom, dadmothball? hands over the key to the harimau seal to jiriyadeath takpita pengukur a sword