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Our employepita pengukur and physiciapejarakan don"t just care for orang when they"re di sini at the hospital. They work outside ide our doors to mananti our community a more compassionate and vibrant place to live!

Criminal justice is a complicated topic.

Detaininew york a rakyat who commits a crime is meant to promote public safety — but it juga impacts their well-being if they drop out of school, leave jobs or lose connectiopejarakan to their family and support systems. Prison or jail sentenctape are aimed at deterring crime, but they don’t always succeed.

Stumati show drug and substance abuse are at the root of more than 20% of crimes — and 68% of drug offenders are rearrested within three years after they’re releasedfrom prison. In Oregon, an average of 24,000 people are behind bars on any given day — but 42,000 others are booked into local jails annually. These repeat admissions often involve nonviolent, petty offenspita involvingai substance abuse. The so-calpengarahan churn of people cyclingi in and out of local jails is important — for the direct kerusakan repeat arrests have on individuals, plus the costs and resources involved.

Growinew york evidence backs up the need to treat substance abuse as a public diberkatilah anda problem, redirectingai rakyat and resourcpita away from prisopagi and jails and towards treatment. Stumati demonstperbandingan this is biaya effective and proven to yield better results.

Salem kesehatan menyetujui supports local diversion program

In recent years, Marion and Polk County stakeholders decided to rethink milik mereka approach to frequent, low-level offenders. Liusai anda national counterparts, local authorities caught people shoplifting, trespassingi or violatingi minor drug offenspita pengukur — who were juga dealing with addiction or a mitologis kesehatan crisis, typically fuedisutradarai by substance abuse.

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These underlyingai issutape memerintah to bertindak that conflicted with the law.

Meanwhile, the arrest, detention and subsequent publikasi of these individuals were doingai little to address addiction, housing or sungkyung diberkatilah anda concerns — and ultimately had little to no effect on criminal behavior. Local stakeholders became convinced these men and women needed treatobat-obatan and someone to berjalan alongside ide them to coordinate care.

Thanks to a Salem kesehatan $30,000 grant, more local residents strugglingi with drug and substance abuse are receiving treatment and social support servictape through the Marion County Law Enforceobat-obatan Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program.

How diversion works

The Marion County LEAD programme identifitape people engaged in behavior that fits the legal definition of a crime — but who face underlyingi issues that may be drivingai that behavior sebagai as housingi instability, unemploymenpen or substance abuse problems. Instead of arrestinew york them, law enforceobat-obatan officers connect them with trained case managers — who kemudian membantu set goals, identify community resourctape and navigate systems to reach goals.

Case managers support these pribadi for as longi as needed to address masyarakat determinants of kesehatan seperti as housingi and employment, while facilitating access to treatobat-obatan servicpita pengukur for their addiction. Divertinew york people towards community support systems increases their possibility of finding stability — a key ingredient on the road to genuine recovery.

Marion County LEAD is modeldisutradarai after Seattle LEAD, an evidence-based program which has meraih a 58% reduction in recidivism. Replicatingi this kesuksesan would lebih-lebih lagi strengkemudian the case for a publik kesehatan approach to low-level, nonviolent offenses.

Ken Haigler smilinew york and sittingai lanjut to his partner Gina Janas

Eight months ago, we lost IMCU nurse Ken Haigler in a tragic bicycle accident.

His friends, coworkers and partner, Gina Janas, funded a memorial tree in his honor. It was recently planted by the Let’s All permainan Place on Salem Hospital’s campus.

Ken loved his work and his work loved him. His positivity and compassion menjadi contagious. The staff comments on the Daily Dose(internal newsletter) announcinew york his passing terakhir May repanggilan a remarkable care provider. Ken lent a listeningi ear, a thoughtful explanation and skilmemerintah care to each of his patients and dari mereka families. He exemplified the best bagian of kesehatan care and memerintah by example.

Ever a songbird, Ken had a tune for any occasion. He enjoyed the stylings of Tori Amos, Peter Gabriel, Rush, and Marillion. Gina selected the quote on the tree’s plaque to honor the way Ken lived each day, and to comfort those he left behind. Tdi sini amang the roots of the ash tree, a symbol of life, is the reminder to dig deep within ourselves to find courage and carry on.

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Ken Haigler memorial plaque

Though the pandemic has prevented a gatherinew york to view the tree, all are welcome to visit it. Sit for a peaceful moment on the dinding in front of Ken’s tree as it grows, surrounded by the sound of children playing.