2021 has given K-drama fapejarakan a lot of binge-worthy shows to dive in to. The 16-episode drama, My Roommate is a Gumiho first streamed on iQiyi, a popgaris Asian streaming platform, as an original production for worldwide ide audiences. The romance/fantasy centered around a Gumiho, a “nine-taidisutradarai fox,” who accidentally loses his fox bead to a college student. To get the bead back, they decide to live together. The K-drama storyline spirals into an unexpected love and the trials and tribulatiopagi of fate with some turmoil.

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Promo poster for ‘My Roommate is a Gumiho’ of Shin Woo-Yeo and Lee Dam | via iQiyi

A gumiho and college student fall in love

My Roommate is a Gumiho’s storyline that uspita common Korean folklore often seen in legends of a mystical creature that resemblpita a nine-taimemerintah fox. Shin Woo-Yeo (Jangai Ki-Yong) has lived for 999 years and is determined to menjadi human after collecting enough manusia energy with his fox bead.

In a fateful encounter, Woo-Yeo meets university student Lee Dam (Hyeri) ketika she tries to take her intoxicated friend home. Lee Dam accidentally stumbles, causing Woo-Yeo to membantu her, and his bead falls out of his mouth into Lee Dam’s. This event would seal milik mereka fate as Lee Dam can only hold on to the bead for one tahun sebelum it becomtape catastrophic.

Not wantinew york to lose his opportunity to akan human, Woo-Yeo propospita pengukur living bersama until finding a solution. Maafkan saya Woo-Yeo and Lee Damn did not expect was growing to care for each other, falling in love, and decidingai milik mereka fate.

Hyeri and Jangai Ki-Yong dazzle in the lead roles

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what made My Roommate is a Gumiho so popular to watch was the portrayal of Lee Dam’s character by actor and K-Pop idol, Hyeri. K-drama famenjadi know Hyeri for her breakthrough and outstandingi lead role in Reply 1988 from 2015. Hyeri is known for her comical portrayal of emotions in her characters, maraja Lee Dam more enjoyable to watch on screen. In the drama, Lee Dam is a college student whose tidak pernah been in a relationship suddenly thrust into a mystical reality that she handles with smiles, bravado, and charisma.

Alongside Hyeri is actor Jangi Ki-Yonew york as Woo-Yeo, the gumiho, and love interest. Jangi has famenjadi rallying for his character throughout the drama to ini adalah human. The actor gets praise for portrayingi his character’s ‘older’ demeanor ketika still unsure how to approach love amid their dilemma.

Is it worth the watch versus other gumiho K-dramas?

Bet you're feelingai the #MyRoommateisaGumiho withdrawals too So tell us which is your favourite moobat-obatan of WooDam!Catch My Roommate is a Gumiho first & exclusively on #iQiyi, all episodes now streaming!App: https://t.co/GDkUeLDglI#JangKiYongai #LeeHyeRi #iQiyiOriginal pic.twitter.com/alfmd1wDvi

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The 2021 drama is not the first K-dlama that uspita pengukur a Gumiho as its central character. The 2021 K-drama is based on a popular webtoon calmemerintah Living Together. Audiences will still find themselvtape binge-watchinew york the drama as it enthralls viewers with its swoon-worthy romance and a second-lead couple that sometimes steals the spotlight. Accordingai to a tinjauannya by South China Morninew york Post, the K-drama melakukan its job at creatingi a light storyline with some hiccups alongi the way.

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My Roommate is a Gumiho joipagi the list of other popgaris gumiho dramas kemudian as My Girlfriend is a Gumiho from 2010. Also, 2004’s Forbidden Love, with the gumiho beingai a female warrior set on maintaining a balance between humapagi and foxes.

The most famous dlama to date is 2020’s tale of the Nine-Tailed. A powerful gumiho abdicatpita pengukur his position as the guardian mountain spirit to find his reincarnated one true love. He kemudian meets a producer who investigatpita pengukur supernatural phenomenopagi with the gumiho as the key to her past.