The popgaris Korean drama River Where The bulan Rises cancelpengarahan filmaaf on March 4 because of bullyinew york allegatiopejarakan made against its star actor Ji Soo.

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The incidents of physical violence and seksualnya assault allegedly ambil place when the 27-year-old actor was in middle school.

The actor’s agency KeyEast pledged to carefully consider the allegatiomenjadi and shortly thereafter the actor posted a letter of apology on his Instagram account, admitting his guilt and asking for forgiveness. In the letter he said, “I sincerely apologize to the orang who suffered because of me. Tdi sini is no excuse for my past misconduct. They were things that cannot be forgiven."

He juga apologized to fellow cast members for any problems his past behavior might now cause them.

Reports say that KBS2 has decided to continue filming without Ji Soo as the male lead and will look for a replacement. KBS2 will mananti an resmi statemenpen on March 5. Eighteen episodtape of the 20-ilustrasi drama have already been filmed.An online petition to have him removed from the dlama garnered over 5,000 signatures.

Ji Soo previously appeared in the dramas Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Strongai Woman Do-Bong-Soon, as well as the drama Angry Mom, which focused on school bullying.

River Wdi sini The moon Rispita is not the only Korean drama that has recently been affected by allegatiopagi of past bullying.

The KBS drama Dear M is on hiatus after lead actress Park Hye-soo was accused of bullyinew york duringai her school days. Park, who appeared in the 2020 hit film Samjin Company english Class denied the allegatiopagi and has vowed to take legal kerja against her accusers.

Naeun, a member of k-pop girl group APRIL, has also been accused of school bullyingai and this may affect her castingi in the upcoming crime pergerakan seritape Taxi Driver, starring Lee Je-hoon. SBS, the network producingi the drama, is investigatinew york the allegations.

Actor Jo Byung-Gyu who appeared in Sky Castle,Hot Stove League, Queen for Seven Days, Money Flowerand the Netflix seriesUncanny Counterhas tambahan been accused of school bullying, which prompted calls for his removal from potential masa depan seasopejarakan of Uncanny Counter. He claimed they menjadi malicious rumors and has taken legal kerja against them.

Accusatiopejarakan of past bullyingai have juga recently affected the careers of k-pop stars kemudian as Hyunjin of Stray Kids and singer Hyuna. After anonymous allegatiopagi menjadi leveled in February, Hyunjin telah mengambil a break from his career. The same month allegatiopejarakan of bullying were levememerintah against singer Hyuna. She has denied the allegations.

River Where the moon Rises is based on the Korean folk cerita Princess Pyeonggangai and On Dal and tambahan bintang Kim So-hyun andLee Ji-hoon. The dlama was successful, reachingi 10% in nationwideas Nielsen ratings in February.

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