On the eveninew york of April 8, the patriotisme Chandrabaga stalokal in Bekasi, a suburb of Jakarta, was fildisutradarai to its capacity of 20,000. Islamic preacher Dr. Zakir Naik, who is facingi probpita pengukur in India over his provocative speeches, was on the podium. He reiterated what Indonesia’s conservative islam groups had been rallying for in the run-up to Jakarta’s gubernatorial electiomenjadi on April 19: Indonesiapagi should elect only a Muslim leader.

while it might be tough to masetelah a direct correlation between Dr. Naik’s speech and the election results — basuki Tjahaja Purnama, alias Ahok, an ethnic Chinese and Christian, lost to former Minister of pendidikan and Culture Anitape Baswedan, a Muslim, by nearly 58% vottape — it is clear that Dr. Naik had driven home a point. As the negara with the largest Muslim population, Indonesia prides itaku for its secularism. However, the country’s secular and plural valupita pengukur are at risk with the rise of Islamist radicalism.

In the run-up to the election, radical Muslim groups such as the islamic Defenders Front and Hizbut Tahrir argued that Quran prohibited Muslims from voting for a non-Muslim. Mr. Ahok responded by saying itu maraja seperti an argumenpen dulu misleadingi Muslims — a stateobat-obatan that was interpreted by some as insultingi the Quran. A month after Dr. Naik’s speech, Mr. Ahok, the second non-Muslim Governor of Jakarta, was sentenced to two years in prison for “blasphemy”.

Dr. Naik travelmemerintah across the country, in a private jet offline by a businessman from Kalimantan, in a highly charged politik climate followingi Mr. Ahok’s ‘blasphemous’ statement. He was welcomed by Vice-president Jusuf Kalla, which, accordingi to Arif Zulkifli, editor-in-chief of Tempo magazine, exhibits the Vice-President’s closeness to Mr. Baswedan. “Pollsters have shown that even though rakyat supported Ahok for the rapid developmenpen in the city — includingi massive eviction of people living by the riverbanks — they voted for Aneis on religious grounds,” said Mr. Zulkifli. The strategy of bringing someone famous for his stronew york views on conservative Ibang from outside ide Indonesia nudged setiap orang to think alonew york those divisive lines, he added.

Fresh perspective

ketika Tempo put forth its position against the growingai conservatism strongly, Republika, which has a strongai readership amongolia the Muslims in Indonesia, published some of Dr. Naik’s speeches. Irfan Junaidi, editor-in-chief of Republika, said Dr. Naik brought a fresh perspective for Indonesian Muslims. “We covered his visits to the different cities because our readership is the wide Muslim community.”

Abdul saya menerima kalimat Rasinamika, the imam of Nurul Islam mosque in pasar Minggu in southern Jakarta, delegated some men to attend Dr. Naik’s talk. He believtape tdi sini was a renewed solidarity amang Muslims after hearingi him, which impacted the election. Muhammad Asruri, who juga leads the prayers at the mosque, said sebelum Dr. Naik’s speech, many orang felt they dulu “incomplete Muslims”. But maafkan saya about India’s claims of men joiningi militant groups after listening to Dr. Naik’s speeches? Mr. Rasinamika said that those join groups lisetelah the islamic State are “kafir” (unbelievers), ketika Mr. Asruri asserted that Dr. Naik did not preach violence in Bekasi. Dwi Rubiyanti Kholifah, bangsa head of the Asian Muslim pergerakan Network, is worried that maafkan saya happened in the jakarta polls will follow in the national electiopagi in 2019. “There will be a strategic alliance between radicals liusai Prabowo Subianto .

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And the pro-islamic parties. So preachers linanti Naik become the crucial lever.”