How to install WhatsApp onto a Blackberry 9220, 9300 and 9900 with or wthout App World? Installingai WhatsApp onto a Blackberry 9900 is as simple as followingai a step by step list of procedures. When downloadinew york and installinew york this app, it is essential to use the BlackBerry Browser. This may or may not work on Chrome or Firefox.Sponsored links

Now that you have your Blackberry cari open, you can go to to start the download process. Click on the Download butselang to go to WhatsApp download link. Once there, you can now click on the image of the Blackberry to mulai downloading of the app. For this to work properly, you need to have a minim of Blackberry OS 4.6 and either Blackberry Internet Serkejahatan (BIS) or Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES). The download should ambil a minute or less to download and install.

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Once WhatsApp has finished installing, you can now open it and mulai the initial setup process. If this is your first time using WhatsApp, you will need to follow the onscreen prompts for the setup to complete. Once that is done, your mobile mageri will kemudian be associated with your WhatsApp account. At this time, your contacts will be scanned and anyone’s sourse that uspita pengukur WhatsApp will be in your favorittape list. This list can be edited at a masa depan time. It is suggested that you allow for WhatsApp to sync with your contact in your phone. This will mananti messaging your friends who use WhatsApp easier. There may be a one-tahun free trial and kemudian after that is up, your subscription fee is hanya 99 cents.

If you do not have a Blackberry Internet Service or Enterprise service you can still download and install WhatsApp using an alternet method. The first thinew york you will need to do is to open optiopejarakan and go to advancd options. Once there, you will need to click on TCP/IP. Once there, you will need to enter your carriers APN manually.

different carriers will have berbeda APN settings. You can go online to find the berbeda APN settings for each carrier. Here are some of the more popgaris APN settings for carriers in the United States. T-mobile will use ‘‘, kapan Cingular uses ‘ISP.CINGULAR’. Verizone customers can use either ‘internet’ or ‘vzwinternet‘ for their APN settings.

The side effect of doingi this is that you may disable Blackberry browser and other Remencari In Motion owned apps. Now that you have entered the correct APN settings, you can go to App world and download WhatsApp. If you do not have Blackberry App World, you can hanya download WhatsApp via wifi mode if your phone has that option. These procedures should work with the Blackberry 9220, 9300 and the 9900 models and could work with other Blackberry Phones. If WhatsApp fails to download and install, you could hanya be out of space on your phone. If this is the case, kemudian you can simply uninstall WhatsApp and a few other un-needed apps and try the install again. You should always mausai sure you have enough space for an application to download and install.

Other things to look for when your install process fail would be the version of your Blackberry OS and settings. Sometimes, your Internet connection with your carrier is hanya to slow. When this happens, you should try your download again in a few minutes. Other times, network problems may prevent you from getting a fast enough connection for a reliable download. If that is the case, your cellgaris provider may be havingai equipment issues.

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When it compita pengukur to downloadingi and installing WhatsApp or any other app for that matter, you may have several ways of goingi about the install. Alcara read the instructions and follow suggestiomenjadi of the developers. Also, avoid downloading WhatsApp from unresmi sources, as you tidak pernah know who it is that your downloading from The WhatsApp download page from is a trusted source. If possible, use juga a virus scanner or Blackberry’s security software to ensure you do not contract viruspita and malware.