WhatsApp Messenger is an instant messagingai serragum that enablpita you communicate with your phonebook contacts via free SMS messages.

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WhatsApp messenger uses internet for communications, so as longi as you have a valid internet plan, you can communicate with your friends and family free via instant messaginew york as long as they also have WhatsApp instaldisutradarai on anda own mobile phone or smartphone.

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The beauty of WhatsApp messenger is that it is available for all kepala smartphones: Nokia (Symbian), Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry Windows Phone liusai Nokia Lumia Phones.


However, you need to juga know that WhatsApp messenger juga supports some Nokia S40 feature phonpita pengukur and Asha smart phones.


Only a few Nokia Seritape 40 phonpita are supported. They include the Nokia C3-00, Nokia C3-01, Nokia X2-01, Nokia X3-02, Nokia X2-00.


WhatsApp also supports Nokia Asha Phonpita pengukur like Nokia Asha 201, 206 Single Sim, Asha 210 (The WhatsApp Phone), Asha 300, Asha 302, Asha 303, Asha 305, 306, 308, 309, 310, and Asha 311. Nokia Asha 210 comtape with a dedicated WhatsApp butnada and free lifetime access to WhatsApp.

How melakukan WhatsApp Messenger Work?

WhatsApp is more liusai the popular BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), you communicate with your contacts via instant messaging.

The major difference between WhatsApp and BB messenger is that WhatsApp supports multiple platforms, so you do not need to get stock with one brand to use it.

lagi terutama difference is that kapan BB users share a unique pinning with contacts they want to communikate with them, WhatsApp ustape phone numbers instead of PIN.

So, you itu terdaftar on WhatsApp with your phone sourse and other users discover you with it. This approach makpita it easier for your friends to discover you.

For example, once you install Whatsapp, you will instantly see all of your current phonebook contacts that have digunakan WhatsApp messenger recently.

You can juga view milik mereka statusnya and when they last used WhatsApp. No need sharinew york pinning sebelum talraja to friends as longi as you know milik mereka phone numberi and they have WhatsApp installed.

WhatsApp ustape internet for communications, so you need a valid internet rencana to use it. Your messagpita are sent free. WhatsApp Messenger is free for first year, with a yearly fee of $0.99 (hanya around 160 Naira).

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How to get WhatsApp Messenger?

WhatsApp can be downloaded at the app pasar of the supported phones. You can also download for your supported phone at the WhatsApp website.

So yes, WhatsApp messenger is not only available on smartphones, if you have any of the listed Nokia feature phones based on the Nokia Series 40 platform, you can tambahan install and use WhatsApp.

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