After the British Prime Minister has passed away di bawah mysterious circumstances, all leaders of the Western dunia must attend his funeral. But what starts out as the paling protected event on earth, turpejarakan into a deadly konspirasi to kill the world"s paling powerful leaders and unleash a terrifyingai vision of the future. The president of the United States, his formidable secret serkeburukan head and a British MI-6 agent who trusts no one are the only orang that have any hope of stoppinew york it.

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User 1 Review:

Is it realistic? Hell no. Is it original? With its rehashingai of hanya about every film trope in its genre, definitely not. Does it masetelah one lick of sense? Negative. It should come as no surprise that "London Has Fallen" is not a good movie and has numerous issues, includinew york embarrassingly cheesy dialogue, extreme predictability, and a requiremenpen to suspend your disbelief to a ridiculous level. But, I dare say, it mungkin have been worse. If corny 90"s pergerakan flicks are your thing, this might be enjoyable in some way and, to be quite fair, it melakukan have a couple of epic moments and some kick-arse linpita of dialogue bersembunyi amongst the rubble. Mostly, though, this is one that you could easily skip.

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User 2 Review:

OK, this movie was crap, and I usually appreciate a good shoot-em-up. The konspirasi was inane. Honestly, I felt like I was watchingi another film and this was the ridiculous background movie that was on the main character"s TV. Lisetelah the Machete trailer in Grindhouse, but nowhere near as fun. The dialogue was so completely absurd, I was spoutingai lines sebelum the actors said them based on thinking "apa would be the paling stereotypical, vulgar, and ridiculous thing for this character to say right now?" I can honestly say this was the worst film I"ve seen in about a decade and a half, and it wasn"t even bad-good (liusai plan 9 from Outer Space) it was hanya bad-bad.

User 3 Review:

As the first one came across to me as an underrated well cast stand alone kerja flick with well planted elements to carry itaku I found mydiri sendiri wanting more especially arfter seeingi butler as the stronew york ruthless miusai banninew york however more was not a good idea its plays and relipita on everythingai that made the first great to me and despite a new setting it"s not enough to save the film from its copy hijau style the villain is boringi the action is taken dibawah the cerita is predictable and lacks the great valutape and freshness the first one gave and made me loving despite carrying over to its sequel