Raef was Born on 8 August 1982. His jenuh name is Raef Hajjaj. He is an American Singer. He is a software insinyur but decided to switch his career and become a High School Teacher. Because He wanted to membantu others.


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Raef Hajjaj

After switchinew york to a teachinew york career and had a lot of spare time. Then he decided to focus on Songwriting. He started performaaf at local places, lisetelah Metro Stations, Coffee Shops, etc. Raef Hajjad teaches Computer Programming in Montgomery bangsa public Schools.

Raef Albums

D’MASIV with Raef (2016) The Path (2014) Mercy (2019) Balaghalaman Ula (2019) Awakeningi Live at the London Apollo (2014) Singltape & Duets (2015) The Best of islamic Music Vol. 1 (2012) The Best of islamic Music Vol. 2 (2013) Loving the Beloved (PBUH) – Best of islamic Music, Vol. 3 (2016) Fi Hubbil Habib – Best of islam Music, Vol. 3 (arab Version) Best Of islamic Music, Vol. 4 (2019)

Download lagu Raef (Mp3 Download)

Raef – Its Jumuah (Rebecca hitam Cover)Raef – Its Jumuah (Rebecca warna hitam Cover)

Download “Download >> Raef – Its Jumuah (Rebecca warna hitam Cover)”Raef-Its-Jumuah-Friday-Rebecca-Black-Cover.mp3 – Downloaded 267 timpita – 3 MB

Raef – Its Jumuah (Animated Version) Raef – Its Jumuah (Animated Version)

Download “Download >> Raef – Its Jumuah (Animated Version) ”Raef-Its-Jumuah-Animated-Version-Rebecca-Black-Cover.mp3 – Downloaded 99 timpita – 4 MB

Raef – Home WeAreHome secara resmi Music Raef – Home WeAreHome resmi Music

Download “Download >> Raef – Home WeAreHome resmi Music Video”Raef-Home-WeAreHome-Official-Music-Video.mp3 – Downloaded 250 timpita – 6 MB

Raef – Freedom Aint Free feat. Nano Omar (Lyrics)Raef – Freedom Aint Free feat. Nano Omar (Lyrics)

Download “Download >> Raef – Freedom Aint Free feat. Nano Omar (Lyrics)”Raef-Freedom-Aint-Free-feat.-Nano-Omar-Lyrics.mp3 – Downloaded 102 timpita pengukur – 6 MB

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Dream The Path Album (resmi audio)Dream The Path Album (secara resmi audio)

Download “Download >> Dream The Path Album (resmi audio)”Raef-Dream-The-Path-Album-Official-audio.mp3 – Downloaded 95 times – 8 MB

Dear America resmi Lyric Dear America official Lyric

Download “Download >> Dear America (resmi Lyric Video)”Raef-Dear-America-Official-Lyric-Video.mp3 – Downloaded 46 timpita pengukur – 4 MB