Ciblis out the! Rules. Read the sebelum posting. Certain questions, sebagai as "how do I ini adalah a pilot" and the linanti have been asked repeatedly in the past. Refrain from postinew york anythinew york that melakukan not pertain to pilots, students, instructors or other aviation professionals. Post somethingi that you would linanti to discuss! If posting a photo, video or link, you must include a relevant commenpen to mulai conversation.

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For example, a cerita from your checkride.Blogspam isn"t welcome here. PLEASE no memes.Is a meme-free zone. Cite sourcpita pengukur when appropriate.

Posts about the non-aviatinew york aspects of airlinpita (planespotting, passenger experience, frequent flyer programs) do not belonew york here. Be nice to each other.Is intended to be a friendly and acceptinew york place; check your ego at the door and ambil your snark and attitude elsewhere. We strive to keep as commercial-free as possible. If you are about to post somethinew york that involvpita the exchange of goods or servictape for money, run it by the mods first.This includtape requests for donations.

If you want to sell an aviation-related item or aircraft, post it in. The moderators have the final say in disputes. Info and FAQs. Updated daily from flair; see for requests/issues. You will find many answers to questiopagi you may have, such as how to menjadi a pilot. Percontohan Certificate Badges.

SIM - Simulators only, or pre-student interest. ST - Student. SPT - Sport Pilot. UPL - Ultralight pilot (EASA). RPL - Recreational Pilot. LAPL - Light Aircraft pilot (EASA).


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PPL - Private Pilot. CPL - Commercial Pilot. ATP - Airline Transport Pilot. CFI - FAA Certified Flight Instructor. FI - Flight Instructor (non-FAA Country).

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MIL - AF,N,A - tentara pilot, AF, N, A, etc.Jul 10, 2012. Certina Watch Serial Numbers. Pilots learn to be “light on the controls,” an approach that avoids hard, sudden movements that bisa be disastrous in a real plane. The instructor explained that the 737-ngai simulator they would be using was a combined effort between Boeing, Thalpita pengukur and General Electric. At a biaya of over.