Nella karisma <1> is the real name of Nella karisma <2> (born in Kediri, November 4, 1994; age 25 years) is an Indonesian dangdut singer. The singer is famous for his hit single, "Konco Mesra".CareerLittle Nella Kharisma, at the age of 3, has participated in singingi in a puppet show in Kediri. This means that his artistic talent has been honed dari he was a child, because his parents both have artistic blood. Her father is Nella, plays a campursari music, ketika her mother is an expert in playingai guitar, angklung and flute. Dari the 3rd grade of junior high school, Nella has been actively singingi from stage to stage accompanied by solo organ music. And as an adult, Nella joined the Malay "Lagista" orchestra disutradarai by Cak Rull to spread her wings to singai more professionally. Then as developments set foot on the well-known orchestra stage in East Java, kemudian finally arrived and anchored to continue his career at a higher kadarnya at a national and international level, it was the right choice for Nella, in 2017 he officially joined Nagaswara, with the santai of the first exclusive song. Namely "Konco Mesra 2017" by R. Husin Albana.publikasi the songi "Konco Mesra 2017"The sonew york “Konco Mesra 2017” by R. Husin Albana is very popgaris on the celana dalam route there, even on social networks it can reach up to 13 million viewers. A very besar mageri for the category of regional singers, especially with the support of anda humble appearances and associations, maraja them quickly recognized and liked by many people. So that automatically formed a community of fapejarakan of "Nella Lovers" in various regions, who are always loyal and look maju to dari mereka presence wherever Nella is.The musical konsep of the songi "Konco Mesra 2017" is wrapped with music that is currently being loved by youngai rakyat in the pantura area, wdi sini they are now more daringi and liusai dangdut music which is packaged with easier listeningi and fun to listen to and enjoy with "soul. Popdhut ”. The song "Konco Mesra 2017" tells the cerita of a friendship that has existed for a longi time and because they often meet over time there is a sense of love, but both of them do not want to speak to each other because they feel they are used to beinew york considered friends.AlbumBest Nella karisma (2016)NDX special Dangdut (2017)Hip Hop Koplo (2017)luar biasa Love (2017)Compilation album vip (2015) Melon Best Nella Koplo (2016) Love in Singapore (2016) Rupo Lan Ndunyo (2016) Love story in Hongkongi (2016) Rojo (2016) Monata Goyanew york Reggae (2017) Reggae Shake (2017) Best Angklung Malioboro (2017) Nella karisma and Friends: Dancedhut Bintangi pantura (2017)Single Konco Mesra 2017 Jaran Goyanew york Bojo Fierce Eclipse Similar Left behind by RabiIn this application, you will be able to enjoy a seritape of lagu-lagu by Nella karisma that are really fun, with an easy interface that makpita pengukur you have no trouble enjoyingi the song you want.We made this application usingi two methods, namely Off-line and On-line. So that the mageri of lagu-lagu that can be accommodated in this application is very large, you can tambahan do karaonanti in this application, we have provided the lyrics too.Not only that, we juga include Mp3 music bombers from famous bands namely Boomerangai and last Child, and juga from newcomer singer Didi Kempot, namely Denny Cak Nan with the booming song Kartonyono Medijebloskan Janji. Anyway, you will not be disappointed with this application.

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