105 minutesCountryUnited StatesLanguageEnglishBudget$13 million<1>Box office$99 million<2>

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justin Bieber: tidak pernah Say Never is a 2011 American 3-Dconcert film centerinew york on singer justin Bieber. It was released in the United Statpita pengukur on February 11, 2011 and grossed $99 juta worldwide, against a $13 juta production budget.<3> A sequel was released on December 25, 2013, entitled justin Bieber"s Believe.

3Background6publikasi and reception


The film follows the pop star justin Bieber duringai 10 days countinew york turun to apa is considered his biggest performance, that of August 31, 2010 in madison Square Garden, which sold out in 22 minutes. It shows footage of the performancpita pengukur durinew york this ketentuan from his My world Tour. It shows exkutipan female fans, and several instances of the "One Less Lonely Girl" routine of invitingai a girl on stage for him to serenade and give flowers to, and of surprising random girls with free tickets to his concerts. The main orang around Bieber, beingai linanti family and good friends to him, are interviewed, but Bieber himaku is not. Various instances of prayingai together sebelum a show are shown.

The film also includpita a visit Bieber made to his homekota kapan beinew york in Caselang for the tour. He is scolded for havingi damaged his suara while having fun with his old friends. Reluctantly he accepts the postponement of a performance in Syracuse. He is not allowed to speak for some days, and thus recovers enough to do the lanjut performance, at MSG.

tambahan included are some storitape and old videos of Bieber"s childhood. He was raised by his mother but juga had a very special bond with his maternal step-grandfather. The latter still gets emotional about the time that Bieber and his mother moved to Atlanta.


Jeremy BieberHayden ThompsonScrappy StassenJay Leno(archive footage from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno)Chelsea Handler(archive footage from Chelsea Lately)George Lopez(archive footage from Lopez Tonight)



On August 2, 2010, Deadline Hollywood reported that paramount Picturpita pengukur was prepping a film featuringi the singer.<4> The website tambahan reported that the film, described as a "feature biopic" would be directed by the akademi Award-winningi An Inconvenient Truth"s director Davis Guggenheim.<4> The untitpengarahan film was said to juga include performancpita from Bieber"s My world Tour throughout. Bieber"s manager Scooter Braun and pulau Def jam presiden L.A. Reid dulu tapped to produce, and the film was tentatively given a Valentine"s Day 2011 santai date.<4> After the report was published by Deadline, Bieber confirmed the news on his resmi Twitter account, and verified that it would be released around February 11, 2011.<4> In a followinew york tweet, Bieber stated that the performanctape for the film would be those set to take place at madison Square Garden on the tour.<4> On August 4, 2010, Deadline reported that Guggenheim had dropped out of the directingai position for the film, in order to concentkecepatan on promotion for Waitingai for "Superman".<5>

Miomore desktop 7.50 download. After the masa depan of the film was up in the air for a few days, on August 13, 2010, it was reported that Step Up 3D director Jon Chu was recruited to direct the film.<6> On directing the film, Chu stated that he "jumped at the opportunity to tell a cerita with honesty and heart", as paling setiap orang did not know that Bieber had a "true underdog story."<6> Chu went on to say that he hoped to tell his story in a "compelling, genuine way, usingai all source materials available to convey his tale of becoming an icon for this digital age."<4>

In lainnya interview, Chu said that the movie was for fapejarakan and non-famenjadi alike, commenting, "we"re gonna tell the underdog story of where he came from."<7> He later explained that it was fascinatinew york due to Bieber"s cerita had much to do with the modernis "digital lifestyle", kemudian as usingi YouTube, and how it is "a pretty cool cerita for our time."<7> On the type of film, Chu said "There"s not going to be acted-out scenpita and I can"t talk about the rest.<7> It"s not your typical concert film and it"s not goingai to be a biopic, but it is about his life."<7>


"We had this sort of hyperlink idea through the film, which is maafkan saya makpita pengukur it really an interesting movie; it"s not lisetelah the other concert films wdi sini you are onstage and kemudian go backstage and then onstage and go backstage. It"s not hanya the concert . This is a musical movie, when words aren"t enough in tellingai the storitape of his life, ."

—Jon Chu on the "hyperlink" konfigurasi idea of tidak pernah Say Never.<8>

Download lagu-lagu justin Bieber tidak pernah Say never Stafaband

On August 24, 2010, on Twitter, Bieber and Chu announced that fapagi bisa enter a contest to be a part of the movie by sendingi a home video singing Bieber"s "That Should Be Me", or they should "Show us how "U Smile" " by sendingai in a photo or video.<9> The contest lasted for twenty-four hours.<9> On August 31, 2010, filming telah mengambil place at his concert at madison Square Garden for scenpita for the film, and Bieber donned white and ungu attire, his tour colors.<10> Bieber performed his set list, and in addition to openinew york acts the Sean Kingston and Jessica Jarrell, Iyaz, Boyz II Men, Usher, Miley Cyrus, Ludacris and Jaden Smith appeared and performed lagu-lagu with the singer.<10> In a review, Jocelyn Vena of MTV berita said "Any sigpagi that Bieber had fallen ill only two hari sebelum weren"t remotely evident. He turned his swag on . For the cameras filmaaf the show for his upcoming film.<7>

In explainingai the film"s plot, Chu said that the film"s konspirasi was linanti a "hyperlink", unlinanti other concert films which only saw music and backstage action, but told the story of the rise of his career, and "stories of his life", usinew york music.<8> The director further explained, "You know, if he"s talraja about his youth and talking about his magnetic smile, you mulailah to hear "U Smile" start to creep in the background and the underscore . You see imagpita from his life, and at the end of that song, the spotlight from the sourse connects with the spotlight of his tour bus and he gopita pengukur back into his bed."<8> On the film"s arah toward his haters and naysayers, the director commented that the top thingi they wanted in the film was "honesty", explaining "setiap orang have a very preconceived notion of justin Bieber and setiap orang can think whatever they want, but we wanted to show the honest other side ide of Justin."<8>


On October 13, 2010, Chu tweeted to send Bieber"s fapejarakan on an Internet scavenger hunt to solve the puzzle of the movie poster, which would in turn reveal the judul of the film.<11> Piectape of the puzzle menjadi reveapengarahan by celebritipita pengukur seperti as Usher, Ellen DeGeneres, and Ryan Seacrest, and Bieber"s manager Scooter Braun.<11> The final piece was reveadisutradarai two aku later, tweeted by USA Today, and it revealed the movie"s title, justin Bieber: tidak pernah Say Never.<12>

The first trailer for the film debuted on October 26, 2010, consistingi of home and behind-the-scentape footage chroniclingi his rise to fame, and interviews with setiap orang such as Usher and Scooter Braun.<13> anestesi Elias of MTV news said it contaipejarakan "eye-poppingai visuals" and "sweeping camera moves" to give an "epic" feeling.<14> Elias juga stated that the trailer shows that the movie was more than a concert film, and "takpita pengukur you beyond the stage and shows his everyday life", kapan maraja a focus on his fans.<14> On the day of the trailer"s release, Bieber surprised the audience at the Los Angelpita pengukur date of his My world Tour by unveilingai the trailer.<14> On November 22, 2010, it was reveamemerintah that the movie would be screened early on February 9, 2011 for select viewers.<15> Famenjadi dulu able to purchase tickets for it beginninew york November 29, 2010, and bisa juga receive resmi movie merchandise like a souvenir vip lanyard, a glow stick, a bracelet and purple 3-D glasses for the film.<15> The second resmi trailer was released on November 22, 2010.<16> It emphasized the 3-D aspect, startingi with Bieber throwinew york popcorn and silly stringi as the words "This Valentine"s Day, See Bieber . Like never Before" portrayed across the screen.<16> Shown are montagtape of home footage, behind the scenpita footage, and tour clips, includinew york Bieber throwing his shirt into the crowd.<16> The end of the trailer shows Bieber learningai about the cameras tangan kedua to shoot the 3-D film, as well as tryinew york out the film"s trademark purple 3-D glasses.<16>

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The berita for the film came through July 2010. Production began that summer, leadingi up to his concert at madison Square Garden. The film, whose name was not released until October 2010, was directed by Jon Chu. Chu says the film is a documentary, without any "acted-out scenes."<17>

publikasi and reception

This was the first and so far, only film from MTV Films to be rated G by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Critical reception

On formulir penilaian aggregate Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds a 64% score based on 103 critic reviews, with an average ratingai of 5.8/10. The site"s critical comments match reads, "As a tour documentary, it"s rather uninspired -- but as a 3D glimpse of a buildinew york pop culture phenomenon, tidak pernah Say tidak pernah is undeniably entertaining."<18> On Metacritic, the film holds a 52/100 score based on 22 critic reviews.<19>

Box office

It topped the Friday box office by an estimated grossing of $12.4 juta on its openingai day from 3,105 theaters.<20> It grossed $29,514,054 for the weekend,<21> and was narrowly beaten by the romantic comedy hanya Go With It, which grossed $31 million.<22>tidak pernah Say never is said to have exceeded industri expectations, nearly matchinew york the $31.1 juta grossed by Miley Cyrus"s 2008 3-D concert film, Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert, which holds the record for the top debut for a music-documentary.<23> Furthermore, it grossed higher first weekend totals than the 2009 concert film, Michael Jackson"s This Is It, and at least two-times more than fellow teen act jonas Brothers" 2009 3D concert film, jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience,<24> which it made more in two aku than the jonas Brothers concert did in its entire run.

Its bruto worldwide salpita reached $98,441,954.<2> In the United States, it is the highest grossinew york music concert movie dari 1984<25> and the third-highest grossingai documentary dari 1982.<26>

Director"s Fan Cut

The film was re-released limitedly in an alternate version entitpengarahan justin Bieber: tidak pernah Say tidak pernah - Director"s Fan Cut on February 25, 2011 in 3-D theaters in the United Statpita pengukur and Canada. This version has 40 minutes of new footage, while 30 minutpita pengukur of the original have been removed, so the running time is 115 minutes - 10 minutpita longer than the original.<27> The screenings are preceded by a short film of The Legion of aneh Dancers, lainnya award-winningi project by director Jon M. Chu.

Home video

terpenting Home Entertainmenpen released the film on DVD and Blu-ray on May 13, 2011 in the United States. To promote the melepaskan of the film to home video formats, besar Home Entertainobat-obatan juga released tidak pernah Say tidak pernah Weekend (#NSNweekend) utilizingai Bieber"s official Facebook and Twitter accounts to seed party favors leadingai up to the publikasi date of tidak pernah Say tidak pernah on DVD and Blu-ray. <28>

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Rumors of a sequel to tidak pernah Say tidak pernah began surfacingai the media around May 2012, when Bieber himdiri sendiri hinted a mungkin sequel for some time.<29> It wasn"t until january 2013 when the project was confirmed by Bieber himself tweeting about it. Concert footage was filmed durinew york Justin"s Believe Tour on january 26–27, 2013 at Miami"s American Airlines Arena.<30> Two months later, in March 2013, a $15 juta anggaran was appointed for the production of the sequel.<1> On October 11, 2013, it was confirmed that Jon M. Chu reprised his role as director for the biopic and will be screened in 3D at the Toronto International Film Festival later in the month.<31> Meanwhile, justin Bieber released a teaser trailer on his kidrauhl YouTube channel for the sequel to tidak pernah Say tidak pernah with the tagline "There"s more to his story" and the hashtag #BelieveMovie confirming the sequel judul as "Believe", to be released on Christmas Day in 3D.<32> The resmi trailer was released on Yahoo! Movitape on November 15, 2013.<33> The day after the trailer was released, director Jon Chu posted a photo on his Instagram account, notinew york on the caption that Believe would not be released in 3D as the teaser trailer and rumors previously suggested.<34><35> The film"s premiere was dipegang in Los Angeles, california on December 18, 2013.

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Popstar: tidak pernah Stop tidak pernah Stoppingai (2016) is seen as a parody of music documentaripita pengukur kemudian as tidak pernah Say Never. It featurpita Martin Sheen, Adam Levine, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, Usher, Seal, Pink, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Ringo Starr and justin Timberlake, amongolia others. Showbox apk for mac downloads.


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