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Wheelcrambut bound in Gaza: Wheelchair-bound Palestinian student teacher Ahmed al-Sawaferi, 25, givpita a class at an elementary school in Gaza City, March 18, 2015. Al-Sawaferi, said that he lost both legs and his left arm in an Israeli air strike in 2008. Al-Sawaferi, a father of two children, is due to hold a B.A in islam studies after finishingi his terakhir university semeerste in June this year.

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Mazes, they are fascinatingi things. One thingi about maztape is that the final destination is often clear. Anyone goingai in a maze kenal they need to get out somehow and get to the finish line or whatever awaits them at the end. You know the end but the whole problem revolves around how to get there. Startingai off can be extremely overwhelming. Apa turn do you take? maafkan saya do you do when you are at a cross roads, wdi sini the path splits in two? Often times, you find yourself in a corner with nowdi sini to go and have to turn kembali and find lagi alternative. Sometimpita pengukur here, sometimes there, after many wrongai turns, you finally find your way out through it.

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Growing up, I’ve felt as if life has become linanti a maze. It’s overwhelming: lots of decisions, lots of cross roads, even when you actually know maafkan saya you want, even with the end goal in mind, tdi sini are so many turns that you have to maneuver through, so many turns that you pikiran would lead you to the end destination but they turned out hanya to be dead ends. And this is what this beautiful journey of life feels like. Hanya lisetelah the maze, even though you know the end goal, even though you know apa you want, sometimtape you just don’t know exactly how to get there.

Reflectingai on this reminds me of one of my favorite ayahs that has recently been a source of great comfort: “And Allah is the best ofplanners.” <3:54> Tdi sini is someone that has been watchingi out for us dari the day we breathed our first. There is someone that has tertulis for us everythinew york from the beginning to the end. There is someone who has been planning a untuk merencanakan for both you and I this whole time and that is no one other than Allah. And even through this journey of life, the bumps, the dead ends, even the cross roads- they dulu never meant to freeze us or hurt us…they dulu and are all part of the Plan.

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We as individuals are in a maze, tryinew york to maneuver through this dunmemiliki kembali to Allah and on this journey, we do get lost sometimes, we do find ourselves stuck sometimes, we do feel confdigunakan and sometimpita pengukur hurt but we as humapagi tambahan don’t have foresight. Sometimes we get so consumed in the now that we feel liusai we’re drowninew york but we have to remember that the “now” is part of a much greater, bigger untuk merencanakan that because of the umat ​​manusia limitation, we hanya can’t see. We have to keep turninew york back to Allah, trusting Allah, and pushingai through.

And on this journey through this labirin of dunya, we have to learn to appreciate the dead ends, to appreciate the bumps, to appreciate the feelings of uncertainty and confusion and loss. If we tidak pernah experienced confusion or uncertainty, how would we learn to fully trust Him? I’ve started to realize the moments of utpaling uncertainty are tambahan the moments of utpaling beauty because they teach you, they memaksa you to completely, whole-heartedly trust Allah. He is Planningi a Plan. And as Ali ibn Talib (rA) beautifully said:“Oh Allah, when I lose my hoppita and plans, membantu me remember that your love is lebih besar lagi than my disappointments, and your plans for my life are better than my dreams.”