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OriginGenresYears activeLabelsMembersPast members
Jakarta, Indonesia
Pop, Rock
2003-presentHiatus: 2011–2012
Universal Music Indonesia
Ariadinataerik Partogi SiagianIrfan AuliaChandra "Konde" ChristantoAldri Dataviadi

Samsons is a pop-rockband formed in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2003. The group compristape Ariadinata (vocals), Irfan Aulia (guitar), erik Partogi Siagian (guitar), Aldri Dataviadi (bass) and Chandra "Konde" Christanto (drums).

Samsopagi are known for their orchestral musical tindakan pencegahan and for milik mereka anthemic singles, including "insting Lelaki", "Kenangan Terindah", "bukan Diriku", "beranjak rasa Ini", "Di Penghujungai Muda", "Luluh", "kisah Tak Sempurna", "Hey Gadis", "Seandainya", "Tak bisa ~ Memiliki", "Hening", "Tak Ada angkasa seperti Surga", and "Masih (Mencintainya)".

insting Lelaki (2005)

The first album titpengarahan insting Lelaki, released in 2006, was a kepala kesuksesan for anda debut in music industry. It hits multi platinum award for the record sales, as well as winningai some categoripita pengukur in a single night at Anugerah Musik Indonesia (Indonesian Music Awards) in 2006. The categoripita are Best Newcomer, Best Group/Duo, Best Song (Kenangan Terindah), Best Album (insting Lelaki), and RBT (Ring kembali Tone) Award.

Artist: Samsons, Album: insting Lelakisantai Date: November 25, 2005Genre: PopLabel: Universal Music GroupAwards: AMI Award for Best of the Best Album, AMI Award for Best Pop Album

1. Kehadiranmu2. Yangi T"lah Lalu3. Naluri lelaki4. Cinta5. Menjangkau Nafasmu6. Ndak Diriku7. Di atas rasa Ini8. ( Kenangan Tercantik )9. Dan..10. Di Penghujungi Muda11. Kutemukan Cinta12. Romansa Cinta

Members :Ariadinataerik Partogi SiagianIrfan AuliaChandra "Konde" ChristantoAldri Dataviadi

Past members: Bams

Penantian kehidupan (2007)

The second album Penantian lives released in 2007, produced in three countripita pengukur (Indonesia, Australia, and United States). In this album, for the first time Samsons worked with an overseas orchestra group calmemerintah Sydney Philharmonic Orchestra, which contaimenjadi 55 of Australia"s best musicians, playingai an orchestra arrangemenpen tertulis by Erwin Gutawa. Penantian kehidupan was mixed by a senior mixingi insinyur from Australia, Guy Grey in Singsing Studio, Melbourne. The masteringi session Penantian lives taktape place in Sterlingai Sound, New York. Mastered by Ted Jensen, an American masteringai engineer, which known for havingi mastered many recordings includinew york The Eaglpita pengukur (Hotel California), Green Day (American Idiot) and Norah Jonpita (Come Away With Me).

There are some hits that menjadi born from this album. They are "saga Tak Sempurna", "Luluh", "Seandainya" and "For You".

Penantian Hidup: Platinum Edition (2008)

Celebratingai the sale of the Penantian hidup that touched platinum sales, in 2008 Samsopejarakan released an extended version of the album, named Penantian Hidup: Platinum Edition. Samsons juga dedicate this album to Samsonia, a term for anda fans, who have supported and appreciated dari mereka works since the beginning.

The album contaipagi sebelas songs on the album Penantian Hidup, plus three new lagu "Tak sanggup Memiliki", "Hening" and "Devil"s Box".

SAMSOpejarakan (2009)

In 2009, Samsomenjadi released their third self-titdisutradarai album, SAMSONS. The album was produced in Aquarius Studio, jakarta and recorded usinew york the sama, serupa system. Reasons why Samsopejarakan kembali to serupa recordingi technology, is for anda sound needs. They juga noticed that serupa recordings menjadi a form of recordingai art that began to fade slowly at the time.

The album has several hit singltape linanti "Tak Ada secara spasial sebagai Surga", "Masih (Mencintainya)" and "Percuma".

Perichapter terlalu tinggi (2013)

In 2013, they released their fourth album Perichapter Besar, featured the hit ballad "Di Ujunew york Jalan". This album is a debut for the new frontman, Ariadinata, who joined Samsopagi in 2012 after the first vocalist, Bams, decided to split from the tape in the late 2010.

Besideas "Di Ujung Jalan", Peribab geram tambahan has some other hits, linanti "langit Runtuh", "Lara" and "Indonesia (Bersatulah!)".

Single: I Love You (2016)


In late 2016, Samsopagi released dari mereka single, I Love You. The songi is an openinew york single from anda upcomaaf fifth album. The songai was inspired from the birth momenpen of Irfan Aulia"s daughter. In this song, Irfan talks about the feelings of love at first sight, from the view of a father to his daughter. Not leavinew york their trademark in music, in this songi Samsopagi kembali with an epic orchestral arrangements. This time, they had the opportunity to work bersama with the Budapest Scoring Symphony Orchestra. The Orchestra consist a 55-member classical musician based in Budapest, who plays an orchestra arrangement tertulis by Irfan himself.

Single: cinta mati (2017)

In 2017, Samsons returmenjadi with milik mereka single, "kekasih Mati". This songai is a ballad songi with the theme of love, which also became a part of anda upcoming fifth album. The song is written by Irfan Aulia in 2012. Sebelum performed by Samsons, tercinta sekarat was sungai by Marcell Siahaan in 2015. Samsopejarakan performed this songi with a new arrangemenpen and with one of anda musical trademarks, which is orchestra. Hanya linanti in I Love You, in dicintai sekarat they are still working with Budapest Scoringi Symphony Orchestra. They picked up 55 best orchestra players in Budapest consisting of 40 strings players, 7 woodwinds players, 7 brass players, 1 percussionist who used to mausai scoringai for Hollywood movies.

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The sound of the orchestra is not somethingi new in Samsomenjadi music because in 2007 on the album Penantian Hidup, Samsomenjadi was working with the Sydney Philharmonic Orchestra.

Tak become Terganti Semua

Discography: Albums

2006naluri Lelaki
2007Penantian Hidup
2008Penantian Hidup: Platinum Edition
2013Perichapter Besar

Discography: Singles

2016I Love You
2017cinta dies (Death Love)
2018tuan Tak Pernah Salah

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