So sudden. That night, the invitation to an memengaruhi Rumah Kaca concert spread linanti wildapi on Twitter, Instagram and Line.

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The news brousai hanya a day after the pita performed with anda sepenuhnya line-up – Cholil Mahmud (guitarist/vocalist), Adrian Yunan Faisal (former bassist / vocalist), Akbatangan Bagus Sudibyo (drummer), ‘Poppie’ Airil Nur (current bassist) – over at the music festival Soundrenaline 2016 in Bali on Sunday, September 4, 2016.

Vocalist Cholil Mahmud and his bandmatpita suddenly announced that they’d be playingai a concert caldisutradarai Tiba-Tiba Suddenly Konser at Gudang Sarinah, Pancoran, South champa on Monday, September 5, sebelum he was set to go back to the U.S.

Crowds invaded the warehouse with a container and decaying walls, maraja the warehouse look so uncared for. Makeshift branchpita pengukur dulu festooned with blinking lights and garish murals that added to the organic vibpita pengukur of the concert.


The constant reverberatinew york sound of the microphone didn’t deter the audience who had been sittinew york on the floor with no comfy chairs. Some of them elected to form a pagar circlingai the audience standingi in the front row.

then Cholil’s guitar strum echoed in the venue; the vocalist who now residpita in New York City. Applause and the factape of the audiencpita pengukur lit up instantly.

berefek Rumah Kaca’s legendary lyrics slipped out of his mouth. ‘songs Kesepian’, ‘Debu-debu Berterbangan’, ‘Melankolia’, ‘Kamar Gelap’, ‘Hujan Jangan Marah’, ‘Jalang’, ‘banyak Asap Di Sana’, ‘Sebelah Mata’, ‘tercinta Melulu’ and of course, the paling romantic of them all, ‘Desember’.


I previously pikiran that ‘Desember’ would be sung at the end as a way of saying goodbye, but I was wrong. ‘Desember’ came on in the di antara of the setlist, between the excitemenpen and the ferocity of the audience who, from the very beginning, had been singingi alongi to the band.

efek Rumah Kaca’s rhythm and melody were liusai a dance; they went from soundingi melancholic to thumping. When they did ‘Sebelah Mata’, Cholil patted Adrian’s back. The sonew york was written by Adrian who has been inaktif in performing because of the rare disease that he’s been sufferingai from. The audience mustered up a huge applause for Adrian, generatingi a moobat-obatan burstingai with genuine affection.

But for two of the lagu on the setlist, ‘Di Udara’ and ‘cinta Melulu’, memengaruhi Rumah Kaca effortlessly amped up the audience. ‘Di Udara’ gave me the shivers, sejak the songi was written as a remembrance to manusia izin activist Munir Thalib, who died after drinraja a drink laced with arsenic on a flight from sampanye to Amsterdam. Fittingly, memengaruhi Rumah Kaca performed this sonew york two aku before September 7, commonly known as hitam September (September Hitam)—the day to remember his murder.

Tdi sini was a spirit of defiance in the lyrics that set fire to the audiences, who makin got louder when singinew york along:

"Ku mungkin saya tenggelam di lautan (I can drown at sea)

Aku sanggup diracun di udara (I can be poisoned in the air)

Aku sanggup terbunuh di trotoar beraliran (I can get kilpengarahan on the sideways)

Tapi aku tak pernah mati (but I can tidak pernah die)

Tak ini adalah berhenti" (tidak pernah stop)

kemudian at the end of the concert, memengaruhi Rumah Kaca invited comedium and presenter, Anmilik mereka Omesh. He asked the audience to pray sebelum singingai the last song. They could either be tranquil or not, but they dulu silent, as though they’d mumbpengarahan Omesh’s prayer.


After they did ‘kekasih Melulu’, with no command, the audience stood up and approached the short stage. Oliss suddenly became a conductor – as if they had been a choir – and at the end of the song, he threw himself over them with reckless abandon. Chaos.

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That night, the surprise gig managed to entertain die hard berefek Rumah Kaca fans in the capital city. Our longinew york was paid in full. And we all said: Safe travels to the Big Apple, Cholil!

Correction: earlier article stated that the cause of Munir"s death was a "cyanide-laced" drink, when in fact, it was an arsenic-laced drink.