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paling screemenjadi these days, including itu in the ukurannya besar lecture rooms at the Medical Sciences Buildinew york downkota and the Terrence Donnelly kesehatan Sciences centre in Mississauga, have screepagi with an aspect ratio of 16 x 9 or 16 x 10. This is the same aspect ratio that you see on paling new computer screens. The screenshots below illustperbandingan the difference between the two. 4x3 and 16x9 slidpita The former standard was 4 x 3, and most Powerpoints are still created usingi this aspect ratio.

Powerpoints created with the 4 x 3 aspect ratio project fine—that is, nothingai is lost on the screen; however, they don"t take advantage of the real estate that the screepejarakan in the lecture rooms offer. When a 4 x 3 image is projected onto the lecture room screens, there is empty space at the sidtape of the image. Creatingi or adapting a powerpoint to 16 x9 offers several benefits, including: • eliminatingai empty spacpita on the sides of the projected image • takingsepenuhnya advantage of the besar screepejarakan • allowing you to be more creative in placingai elements • allowingai more elements on the screen OR • allowing more "white space" for a less cluttered look Creatinew york a 16 x 9 Powerpoint The information di sini will describe how to create a 16 x 9 Powerpoint. See below for howto adapt an existinew york 4 x 3 Powerpoint to 16 x 9. To create a Powerpoint presentation in 16 x 9, do the following: • Open Powerpointon your PC or Mac • From the top menu, (depending on the version of Powerpoint you have)select Design, thenpage SetupORFile, thenhalaman Setup, andchange Slides sized forto: On-screen Show (16:9).

• Click OK Resize PowerPoint on a Mac Resize PowerPoint on a PC Adaptingai an existingi 4 x 3 Powerpoint presentation in 16 x 9 Adaptingai a Powerpoint from 4 x 3 to 16 x 9 is not difficult, but care needs to be taken to change any imagtape that are in the presentation so that they don"t appear horizontally stretched. Request to see other users calendars outlook for mac. The first step in the process is to simply change the disbermain aspect ratio of the Powerpoint, but if you stop there, those imagpita will appear distorted.

Changingai the images, however, is a very easy process. To adapt an existingai Powerpoint to 16 x 9, do the following: • Openan existingi Powerpoint presentation. • From the top menu, (dependinew york on the version of Powerpoint you have)select Design, thenhalaman SetupORFile, thenPageSetup, andchange Slidpita sized forto: On-screen Show (16:9). • Other settings in this box should be: Resize PowerPoint on a Mac Resize PowerPoint on a PC Formattinew york Picturpita to 16:9 Aspect Ratio • Lokate your first image in the slide deck and right click it (Control-click on a Mac).

• From the drop-down list, select Format Picture, and kemudian select Size.

Jun 26, 2018 - Learn how to choose a theme, add slides, and kemudian change the look and aspect ratio of your presentation on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod.

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• In the Scale area of the box that opens, ensure that the Lock aspect ratio box is checked, and then click the Height increase (up) arrow once and then decrease (down) once. Changingai the scale by one step and then switching it kembali will correct the aspect ratio of your image to fit your new presentation ratio. • Repeat steps 2and 3for each image inyour slide ide deck • You may find it necessary to remempersiapkan some of the elements on your slides to mananti them more visually appealing. • Save your presentation.