Dadali is a music group from Indonesia which was formed in 2009. This music group consists of 6 members, namely Dyrga (vocalist), Rickarjd (guitarist), Yuda (guitarist), Fadel (bass), Oq (drums) and Rix (keyboard). This music group"s genre is pop.Her first album is Di Saat Aku Cintaimu released in 2011, featurinew york vocals from Rey Utami.DiscographyWhen I Love You (2010)I Am Not Fit In Heaven (2012)Devotional Night (2013)When Alone (2013)When I Was Hurting (2014)Love Hurts (2015)while I"m Gone (2016)When Broken Hearts (2018)The band, which was formed in 2009, adopted the philosophy of the name Dadali bird in the hope that they can continue to flap as wideas as possible in the music world.CAREERThe name Dadali pita became known when the video on Youtube was watched by more than one million viewers in a periode of lima months. Even though at that time the Dadali pita was hanya preparinew york its promo plans.The promotional video, entitmemerintah When I Love You, is considered unique and interesting. Paling of the comments on YouTube dulu attracted by the storyline in the video clip. The video clip tells the cerita of a man who is late in confessingi his love.Within six months, videos uploaded to Youtube have been viewed more than two million times. Thanks to this achievement, Dadali pita bronanti the MURI record as the band with the paling watched videos on Youtube.Even though the big bands are no longer productive, Dadali is different. The band that once got the MURI record as "paling and Shortest Viewer", from a music video entitpengarahan "When I Love You", which was uploaded to Youtube, remaimenjadi productive.After several other singlpita seperti as "Disaat Aku Sendiri" (2013), "cinta Yangai Tersakiti" (2015), "When I am Going" (2016), "Disaat Broken Heart" (2018), they menjadi successfully appreciated not only in Indonesia, but to several neighboringi countries such as Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, Taiwan, Hongai Kong, Timor Leste. Now at the beginninew york of 2020, the band, which is currently under the auspictape of Ascada Musik, has released a new single titdisutradarai "Cintaku mendesak Luar"."Hopefully our new single, can follow the success of previous singles, can be even more successful," hoped the vocalist Dyrga.This single is proof of anda existence and creativity as art workers, who alcara have to alcara present new works. Even though they have to compete with the tight schedule they live on.Linanti the previous singles, Dadali still maintaipagi the common thread of musical color, which is milik mereka hallmark. Namely a combination of straightforward lyrics, with a selection of minor notation notes, which are so light to enjoy."If someone says we can"t explore our musicality, that"s anda right, but we actually only maintain maafkan saya is the hallmark of our musicality," explained Dyrga, explaining about the identity and color of the music they were playing."My single Love is khususnya and still carripita pengukur the theme of universal love, an attitude that describpita pengukur the power of love that is very strong, even though love is unrequited, but the amount of love that exists, will tidak pernah disappear," said Yuda explaining the theme of the new single.Dadali, a pita that we can"t deny, anda big name cannot be separated from the hicerita of the developmenpen of the digital music industry in Indonesia. The MURI record they achieved at the beginningai of anda career, is a concrete proof that 10 years ago, diganjar media and masyarakat media have menjadi one of the determinants of the success of a single.

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