"It is about a little lizard on the wall, crawling. Kemudian a mosquito approaches. The excitemenpen near the end is the lizard capturingi the mosquito out of the air." -Davis

Cicak - Cicak Di Dinding

Children"s Song

(Bahasa Indonesia)

Cicak, cicak di dindingdiam-kesunyian merayap,datangi sebagai nyamukhap.....laluís ditangkap

Lizard, Lizard on the Wall

Children"s Song


Lizard, lizard on the wallQuietly berjalan on the walldi sini comtape Mr. MosquitoHup......grab into his mouth… Hap!

Lizard, lizard on the wallQuietly walk on the wallhere compita pengukur Mr. MosquitoHup......grab into his mouth… Hap!



Here"s a translation by Harri Saptadi (with some minor changtape by Mama Lisa)…House-LizardHouse-lizard on the wallSneakily crawling,Compita pengukur a mosquito…Zap! kemudian it"s caught.Here"s a translation by Yusi Meinzen...LIZARD, LIZARD On The WALLLizard lizard on the wallSlowly and quietly crawlingdi sini came close a mosquitoGlup...... He caught and ate him.


Mama Sheby wrote, "After visiting your site, just reminded me of an old songi that now is a fave songai of my 2 y o daughter, Jehan. The version of this songai is similar to Lizard on the dinding (USA). I"m not sure about the concise translation, but I"m trying to be precise."Yusi wrote: "Samemiliki harap mama Lisa noël lupa lagu ini, buat ini songs favorit samemiliki pada masa kanak2 dan sekarang menmemanggang songs favorit anak samiliki Rosie. -Yusi Meinzen"Quick bahasa inggris Translation of Yusi"s comment: "I hoped Mama Lisa did not forget this song, because this was my favourite songai in childhood and now it became my child Rosie"s favorite."


Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Mama Sheby, Jehan, Ani, Yusi Meinzen and Harri Saptadi for contributingai this song. Thanks to Mama Sheby and Harri Saptadi for the translatiomenjadi and to Harri for the score.Many thanks to Innosanto Nagara, and michelle and Liliana for videotapingi this songi for us!Terima kasih banyak!

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