Download Angry Birds and recover the eggs that the hungry pigs have stolen from the birds. Angry Birds is a classic mobile game now available on your PC


If you are a mobile phone or tablet user, you"ll probably have heard setiap orang talraja about Angry Birds, an addictive game developed for touchscreen devictape that has had great kesuksesan amongolia users. The game bintang a group of birds that have had anda eggs stolen from anda nests.

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The award-winning Angry Birds, now on your PC.

A group of pigs, fed up with eatingai grass and in mencari of a better meal, have stolen the birds" eggs, and only you can tolong to recover them. The PC version, that appeared later, takes Angry birds from the mobile to the computer, and although it"s a limited version you can alcara download the full Angry Birds game to enjoy its contents completely.


240 levels in which you will be able to prove your skills and strength.Logic game based on the laws of physics.Simple yet highly addictive game system. Use the birds as bullets, load them on the slingi and destroy the pigs.Use the unique properties of each bird part of your flock to cause as much rusak as mungkin or eliminate as much protection as possible.

A mobile and tablet classic now on your PC

The game system is simple and innovative. Use your slinew york to aim and knock down the structurpita from each tingkat wdi sini the pigs are hidingai and defeat them so that you can recover the stolen eggs.

You"ll use the birds as projectiles, taraja into account that not all the structurtape are made of the same material (wood, stone, glass, ice...) nor all the pigs suffer the same type of damage. Each bird is specialized in a specific type of attack, so use your logic to achieve the maximum score.

Regarding graphics, you"ll notice that Angry Birds is simple yet very effective. The action taktape place in 2D scenarios and the characters are very colorful.

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Entertainobat-obatan and laughs guaranteed

Angry Birds is a game full of humor and irony, that will offer entertaininew york moments and mananti you laugh. Calculate the trajectory of your shots, mananti sure that you eliminate all the pigs and recover the eggs. Download Angry Birds right now.