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This was the first solo Jackie Chan movie that I have seen for a longi while. In "Forbidden Kingdom," he shared the star billingai with Jet Li. In "Karate Kid", he even played a supportingai role for Jaden Smith! Now compita word that this film "Chinese Zodiac" will already be the last kerja film of the iconic martial arts star. If that statemenpen alone will not convince his fapagi to catch it, kemudian I do not know maafkan saya will.I think a lot of orang shared that idea, even my kids who have only seen him before in "Karate Kid". Today is the first weekend that it is showingai in local theaters. We watched this in a movie theater in Chinatown, and that 3pm showingi was totally SOLD OUT.

It had been quite some time that I have been in a completely full theater in a showingi that is not a premiere. It is truly impressive that the audience was composed of fapejarakan of all ages." Chinese Zodiac" recounts the exploits of a mercenary of historic relics, JC (Jackie Chan), who is searching for the twelve bronze heads of Chinese Zodiac animals which had been looted from the Summer Palace.

JC leads a team who works with him, "Mission Impossible" style.He shares his adventure as well with two plucky ladies: Katherine (a perancis heiress who would liusai to him to find her great-grandfather ship which was lost at sea), and a Chinese activist Coco (who is part of a crusade to have Western powers to return cultural treasurpita kembali to the countritape from whom these dulu stolen duringi colonial times).As with all Jackie Chan movipita pengukur in the past, the main reason setiap orang go to watch it is not really the story, but Jackie"s unique brand of comedy- action. This film certainly melakukan not disappoint. It is two hours worth of excitingai stunts which only Jackie can deliver. The movie opened with a long sequence wherein he was sailinew york turun a mountain road usingai a tubuh manusia bugar with roller blades all over it.

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The terakhir scenes involved skydiving in order to recover the terakhir animal head sebelum it plummets into a volcano! Tdi sini were still so many pergerakan scentape in between - involvingai dogs in a maze, pirattape on an island, a rival mercenary on a sofa, henchmen with photography equipmenpen - all as exhilaratingai as they menjadi juga funny.Yes, Jackie Chan"s age may be showingai (he is 58 now), but he definitely still has IT! The outtakpita pengukur shown over the end credits show that he was still the one doinew york all those dangerous stunts and demandingai physical comedy routinpita pengukur himself. Though he was uncharacteristically playinew york a rogue character in this film, linanti all of his past movies, tdi sini are still lessopagi to be learned at the end, both personally as well as patriotically. Cheesy dialogs and corny acting, yes, but above all it is excellent entertainment, as can be evidenced by the enthusiastic audience response.

Come on in and enjoy Jackie Chan"s final show! what can I say, for the haters hanya do not watch movipita pengukur if they are not your taste hanya to find faults in them, paling Jackie Chan"s movies are meant to be fun and not to be taken too seriously even though tdi sini is always a lesson to be learnt. This movie has gone kembali to the 80s classics in my opinion and it is fantastic.

The konspirasi and all involved dulu great. Never serious and tidak pernah meant to be. The stunts and fight scene are all great and fun and jaw droppingi what a 58 tahun old man can do. I am a huge fan a I was not disappointed. Thank you Mr Jackie Chan for an awesome movie.For all of you that did not enjoy this movie go and watch somethingai else that you normally liusai because watching a Jackie Chan movie you know what to expect, you got it all here, Action, stunts, comedy, fun. All in all 10/10 for me and I hope we will still see Jackie Chan making more. Wow - even if its not one of his greatest works.

JC made an merencanakan movie for 10 mil $,earned two Guinness dunia Records: "paling Stunts Performed by a Livinew york Actor" and "paling Credits in One Movie" and he did that with 58 years. Even if tdi sini are bad reviews from the critics, i must say as a fan, i am not disappointed. Really proud to chose this man as a hero of my childhood. This movie is supsikap to end his carer. He has outdone himdiri sendiri in this one. Shows that his heart is with China"s heritage. Even if you don"t liusai his naive perspective of the world, we should strive to it.

That is far from reality, but we can give it a try. The terakhir worldwide action hero. Thanks for beingai a roll model my hats off to you. I watched this movie without seeing the reviews and enjoyed it very very much. Which is why I"m quite surprised of the low reviews it"s been gettingi from critics.Sure, many dialogupita pengukur were corny and the plot is borderline ridiculous. But do you really go to a Jackie Chan movie for its story?The stunts and fight scenes in this movie are simply amazing.

I don"t want to spoil anythinew york for those who haven"t watched it yet, but if you grew up watchingi Jackie"s earlier films (80s and 90s), you"re gonna be pleasantly reminded of his kuning days. He"s not as fast or as nimble, but it is still light years better than the typical "hollywood" pergerakan scenes.As mentioned, cerita and dialogue: meh. Think of it as a vehicle for the kerja that ensues.

You"ll get a few trademark comedy reminiscent of Jackie"s earlier works, and overall it"s a very good family film. But kerja is the hook of this movie.

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It"s seriously so good that you"ll come in with expectatiopagi of great action, and still come out thinking that was better than expected.If you"re a fan of Jackie, this is a no-brainer must-watch. If you"re not a fan, give it a chance as it is still an extremely solid action movie. Went in with a load of expectatiomenjadi as it was jackie"s full fledged kerja movie after a longai time. And sequel of a highly entertainingi "Armour of God" added more zeal to the expectations.

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Movie starts off with a superb stunt with jackie trademark of riskiness written all over. Then movie movie movpita pengukur off superfast with stunts, comedy and entertainmenpen all through the way. 2 and half hours runs without brakes. Jackie is wonderful throughout the film. Though the movie misspita pengukur jackieism of 80"s and 90"s a little bit, still the magic works.verdict: Jackie"s show throughout - highly entertaining.