Counter-Strike 1.6 Download no Steam, full, clean and free to play! with our Master server sepenuhnya of CS 1.6 servers, you can permainan the world best action game online or offline with bots. CS 1.6 free download and install within a minute in any windows (XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10).

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You can download our client in different languagpita (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish…) and in different editions (Original, Warzone, XTCS Final, CS:GO edition, Source edition and more!) alcara Free!


About the game:

Counter-Strinanti 1.6 is an FPS (first-orang shooter) and a Free game which the Terrorist (Ts) team battle to act a terror (bombing, hostage-taking, assassination) and Counter-terrorist (CTs) team tripita pengukur to prevent them (defusingai the bomb, hostage rescue, and so on …)

The game first santai was in 2003, as a mod of Half-Life. Today it’s the world’s best online game on history! With very simple scenarios, it’s the best place for gamers to show milik mereka tactical and gaming skills

Requirements :

Minimum: 192Mb ram, 32mb graphics video card, Windows XP, Mouse, Keyboard, 20kbps Internet connectionRecommended: 512Mb ram, 128mb graphics video card, Windows XP, Mouse, Keyboard, 50kbps Internet connection


Counter-Strike 1.6 WarZone Download

We do provide CS 1.6 WarZone Download for free. With 1 click, you can download and enjoy it with ease, secure and fast download and installation!

Counter-Strike 1.6 Warzone was released on November 18, 2013. And fastly becomtape the most popular and famous edition that you can find it and enjoy playingi it online!

It has same game models, suara and spritpita as the original Steam and no Steam editiopejarakan of the game

We made it similar to the original edition, making CS 1.6 warzone is as fast as possible. With a custom modification beyond the algorithms, reducingai the filpita cashes, requests and gettingai ride ide of the untangan kedua files. You can get the highest and best FPS with the lobarat kelayakan Lag (we guarantee No Lag for common specifics)


Counter-Strike 1.6 Original Download

CS 1.6 Original Download for free, with the original files, models, terdengar and so on! Similar to the Steam, our no Steam client has the same featurpita pengukur of the original Steam. But for Free, and more!

This edition has the same requirements and filpita as Steam one. That gopita for everything related to CS 1.6. Startinew york from models, which include player models between Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. As well as the hostages’ models! It includtape juga the same sounds, lisetelah the sound effects, weapopejarakan suara and third-party maps suara (liusai in cs_italy).

Let’s not forget about the sprites, they are one of the basic filpita pengukur which mausai it more and more similar to the original Steam. Linanti the radar, weapopejarakan icons, shooting sprites and more…

So, what makpita this version different? Apparently, absolutely nothing. Everything looks the same, but it’s faster and totally for free. With edited DLLs, we mausai sure to get rideas of all unnecessary filtape and enginpita that makes the game slower. Which allows you to get the lobarat possible FPS and reduce the lag as possible. This also allows us to offer the game for you with no cost. Which you can use it for any type of testing or play!


Counter-Strisetelah 1.6 XTCS Final publikasi Download

CS 1.6 XTCS Free is a new developed edition of the game. This new santai is improved in many ways to give the best user experience, with better graphics, new models, new sounds, with the same CS 1.6 requirements as the Steam and the non-Steam versions.

This CS 1.6 edition is built to make a better realistic experience for the players. Not only the appearance is totally different, but it’s juga more protected from all Hacks (Slowhacks, binds, advertisingi …).

This edition has everythinew york basically changed. That starts with the GUI picture, the menus (config, console, server browser…) colors. However, XTCS CS 1.6 is somehow to developed in a cool grey way maraja it spectacular one.

At the start, all the models have been changed. Startingi with the players’ models and replacingai the old CS 1.6 ones with some kind of similar looraja and a little bit more realistic. Even the weapon models have been changed to look in a new and I can say cooler and unique way!

Not hanya this, this version contains new game terdengar and especially the weapon suara that have been changed to fit the edition! CS 1.6 XTCS Final edition is available to download as all of our other versiomenjadi with all the direct, torrent and google drive methods. Pick one and download cs 1.6 now in an easy way!


Counter-Strinanti 1.6 CS:GO Mod Download

CS 1.6 GO mod is an edited version of CS 1.6 Free client, designed to look 100% identical to the famous Counter-Striusai Global Offensive (known as CS GO). With CS:GO radio, player models, weapon models, milik models, sound and hud sprites. All of these features mausai you able to bermain CS 1.6 with and experience of CSGO gameplay.

So, no need for high requirements, this version actually has the same requirements as all the CS 1.6 free clients!

However, CS 1.6 CS:GO edition (known well as CS 1.6 GO Mod) contaipejarakan a bruto modificaion of the free and original non-Steam client. Unlike the other versions, the change here is obviously clean and contaipejarakan everything! You can see that especially in players models (skins) of the Terrorists team, which they has been replaced with new looraja ones.

The same changpita has been made to the CS 1.6 hostages models, they were replaced and mostly look as the CS:GO version of the game! Let’s not forget about the Counter-Terrorists (CTs), which basically looks the same but enhanced and looks a way better in this mod (edition).


Counter-Striusai 1.6 Source edition Download

Counter-Striusai 1.6 Source edition is an free edited edition of the CS 1.6 client, totally modified to make it similar to CS:S (Counter-Strike Source). With new skins (players and hands), sounds and sprites the game looks identical to CS:S, the client is totally clean and secured against all typtape of Hacks (Slow Hacks, Binds, Auto-connect…)

This version of the game has the same system requirements as the original no Steam Counter-Striusai 1.6 client, nothingai more is needed, you can download and permainan it for free without any lag now!

Counter-Strisetelah Source was released in 2004 for Windows. It is a remausai of the Original CS with the same gameplay, CTs and Trs objectives, maps… Initially, it was bundmemerintah with all retail and diganjar copipita pengukur of Half-Life 2. So, it was released later as a single game in Steam

Install Instructions:

In order to install Counter-Striusai 1.6, you need to download it first (always for free!). Hanya select your download preference (direct, google drive or torrent), hit the button and with 1 click you can download it with fastest speed!

After succepenuh Download, next step is to install! Run the setup as administrator, select installation directory (default recommended) and hit Install! It should be installed just in a few minutes, using the latest installation algorithms, we mausai sure that exe setup file is highly compressed and fastly installed!

Is CS 1.6 Free?

Yes, if you choose to download the non-steam version of the game, you will be able to get it with no cost. The version is 100% similar to Counter-Strisetelah 1.6 Steam, but for free!

Counter-Striusai 1.6 is an FPS kerja game made in 2003 (final release) by Valve. We as the masyarakat publishing the no Steam versiopejarakan of the game. We offer all players an opportunity to test and bermain the game in any of our servers.

Our versiopejarakan are made for testingai purpose, so players can test berbeda modified versiopejarakan (Warzone, Original, XTCS Final, CS:GO edition, Source edition…) and in different operatingi systems (Windows XP, Windows7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10)

Can you bermain CS 1.6 on MAC OS?

Of course, even if the setup file is made for windows (.exe). You can install and use a Windows emulator on Mac OS, which will allow you to install and play the game on it!

However, if you want to choose between Windows emulators for MAC. We advise that you use one of the above Softwares: Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion, WineBottler. Each of these three are well known, tested and should do the work properly.

Clean versions: why so important?


All of our published editiopejarakan are totally clean and fully secured! You can permainan the game without any doubt of Slow Hacking, Advertisements or any type of cyber attacking.

Protected against Key binding: Counter-Striusai 1.6 key bindings is a malicious way used by some providers. The idea is that when you press some keypapan keys you get redirected to some third party server. And that makpita pengukur your game so annoying! So, we masetelah sure that you download CS 1.6 from secured sources!

Protected against SlowHacks: Key bindingai is a type of Slowhacraja in Counter-Strike 1.6, SlowHacraja is mainly the bind of the connect command to anythingi in the game interface. So, if you try to awal a new Lan game, open internet tabs, penyuntingan optiopagi or any type of user or keypapan keys leads to a redirect. And we make sure that all of our CS 1.6 free editions are totally protected!

penuh Editions: apa makpita pengukur it special?

Without the sepenuhnya filpita of CS 1.6, you can berbeda problems. That includpita pengukur gampita crashes, inability to bermain in some mods, inability to bermain in certain maps. It also includpita pengukur the inability to use some sprites, suara and models. So mainly, Unpenuh CS 1.6 makpita it so awful to play, or imkelayakan to play at all!

Maps: CS 1.6 has a big variety of maps, with berbeda environments. Desert, Urban, Artic and Jungle are the texturpita pengukur of the paling popular environments.

We do include all the original Steam maps with our distributiopejarakan and that includes all the popular maps like de_dust2, de_aztec, cs_assault, cs_italy, de_train and much more!

Sounds: CS 1.6 suara are one of the paling necessary things included. Sound effects contain all of weapopejarakan sounds, custom maps sounds, Hostage and radio sounds and even more…

If you download cs 1.6 from our part, we can ensure that all of the suara are included. So, we can guarantee the best mungkin sound experience for all players.

So downloading it from our side, we can ensure that you won’t face any of these problems and gettingai CS 1.6 sepenuhnya of all the game files. And that includpita pengukur the possibility to connect to any server or mod you choose!

Works in all Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10):


Counter-Strisetelah 1.6 is free to download PC game and Windows is the paling used operating system for video games. So we make sure that all of our editiopejarakan works in all Windows versions!

CS 1.6 has some utama problems especially with Windows 10, 8 and 8.1. Warna hitam screen in Windows 10, inability to run in Windows 10, the game crashpita or not runningi at all in Windows 8.

We provide ide you with a pc Windows versions without any kind of problems and after many tests, we can say and guarantee that all of our editiopejarakan works perfectly in all Windows versions!


Counter-Strinanti 1.6 free download in a multi-language website is a necessity for to prove ourselvtape as a servictape to all the players!

After all, we are an international community and we do provide ide our free servicpita to all places around the world.

So, here you can choose the language you prefer to download cs 1.6 for free! And that includtape English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Turkish, Arabic, german and much more!

We’re happy to say that we do offer the CS 1.6 free download with high frequently custom updates. So we can ensure that you get the latest version and install it right in your computer!

And that do specifically includpita pengukur the website languages, so we do mananti sure to add more and more languagpita per time to be able to give you the best user experience!

How to choose the best download Method?

Download Counter-Strisetelah 1.6 from di sini and choose your preferences! We offer 3 types of download methods, we want to offer all the players and visitors the best way!

Everyone has a berbeda internet network speed, ketika some prefer to use torrent download due to slow internet. Others want to download directly, simply and easier, with 1 click. We offer google drive download as well, use it to save CS 1.6 for later cloud upload!

Direct Download:


This is the best and fastest download method, no need to leave the website or third-party software to download CS 1.6. With a simple click, you can grab it to your computer, hanya usingai the web browser!

With direct download, you have the option of the best speed! Built with a CDN (isi Delivery Network), which allows you to download from the nearest server within 37 points of presence. You don’t have to wait nervously, CDN, masetelah sure you take the shortest and most geografis route to your own computer!

Torrent Download:


No need to describe torrent downloads, peer to peer downloads are one of the paling known cara to download games, movipita or any type of besar or small files!

However, this method is advised for users with low download speed. Downloadingi via torrent allow you to pause and resume it at any time! As well as havingai near peers will tolong and boost your speed once again.

We offer a web host torrent seed with our CDN network, so we can guarantee that you can download CS 1.6 as fast as possible usingai your torrent client!

Google Drive Download:


This is lainnya CS 1.6 download method that we do offer! and we can kindly call it an alternative to both other methods.

Google Drive one of the most known shares and cloud file storage system, allows you to download Counter-Strinanti 1.6 in case you can’t connect to our host. (This is extremely rare, 99% uptime so nearly impossible, but we do cover all the cases!). As well, Google Drive allows you to save the file to your own google cloud drive!


Download Counter-Strinanti 1.6 Free penuh editions, once and alcara for free! Choose the best edition that you do prefer. Install with a totally secure and performance from our website and installation setup files.

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We can guarantee the best user experience to all the CS 1.6 players around the world. That includpita security, reliability and fastest possible download speed with a penuh package of No-Steam Free Counter-Strisetelah 1.6. Our editiopagi are made to work in any Windows version without any bug or game crash and that requirtape the sepenuhnya files.