Recently we have witnessed many changpita and updatpita pengukur of BBM having voice chat featurtape kapan it is in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, which is a good thing because RIM wants to be completely sure sebelum presentingai this updated version of BBM in the BlackBerry App World. I think there are few more changes and will be released to public and if you too are experiencing some difficultipita pengukur in this app please let us know. Meanketika you can look into the changed log file and click on the download link to download this BlackBerry Messenger version

Change log for BlackBerry Messenger v7.0.0.121

panggilan stays ‘connecting’ for a very long timeIn the message “Missed voice” name of the contact is not visible‘Not talking’ and ‘Not interested’ emoticopejarakan swappedEmoticopagi appear small, regardless of saya sizeEmoticomenjadi don’t match in status message and disbermain name after changing saya sizesUncaught exception or no audio when callinew york between 9810 and a 9981 on 7.0 OSDeragum openingai a secure connection to but the server’s certificate contaimenjadi a different domain: sip.voip.blackberry.comThe timestamp in the email text that is forwarded from BBM Group Chat is not accurateDecliningai a phone call while in a voice chat will cause the suara chat to have no audioBBM contact status not updated correctly and BBM suara icon remains disabled after Child Protection goes from enabled to disablewhile in a aktif phone call, receiving a BBM suara panggilan will put the deragum in pembicara mode automatically for OS 7.1.0 deviceketika in a positif phone call, receiving a BBM voice panggilan will drop the audio for the phone call for OS 6.0 deviceAfter cancellingi an outbound panggilan another outbound panggilan is placed automaticallyChat ended with panggilan hicerita added twiceUnable to restore BBM contact list for one-time recovery from SD card when SD card has 0 bytes freeUser can send suara notes ketika on a panggilan usinew york convenience key and with on screen attach buttonDevice becompita frozen after receivinew york an MVS call during a BBM suara chatWhen receivingai a phone call ketika in a suara chat, tdi sini is no audio in a suara chat when ringingWhen receivingai a phone call kapan in a suara chat, the message explainingi that acceptingi the phone panggilan will end the suara chat is cut offNo menu option to activate speaker phone or headset when panggilan screen is minimizedContact suara status appears in italics beside music symbol when replacing Music statusNullPointerException popped up on screen after battery pullBBM still shows the Name of the song as status, even though the song is not playing and Show maafkan saya I’m Listeningai To is unchecked

Click Here: Download BlackBerry Messenger 7 (link changed to BB App World)

Have you tried the new suara chat feature on BlackBerry Messenger, if yes then please posting ulang your views with our readers and if no then it might be the right time to download and get digunakan to this technology too.Meanketika you might tambahan be interested in readingai about

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