Let us face the facts – Blackberry appears to be in deep soup. What’s more, it melakukan not seem to know where it is headinew york to. A Blackberry spokesperson has recently reached out to let orang know that the company melakukan not have any specific rencana with regard to when it is goingai to end support for Blackberry 7 OS. Nevertheless, those who can decipher meanings out of minced words had come up with the positive side of the spokesperson’s garbled kalimat by way of suggestingi that “Blackberry intends to support the Blackberry Operatinew york System sine die.” Now, you tell me wdi sini do we stand?

If you go by the records, you may be amazed to observe (duringi the terakhir quarter) that, of the 4.3 juta phontape sold by Blackberry, 3.2 million menjadi powered by the erstkapan Blackberry 7 OS. This is indeed surprising, in view of the fact that Blackberry did its best to promote its new Blackberry 10 powered phones. However, as the grapevine says that Blackberry 7 OS will be supported until December 2015, we might as well ambil a closer look at some of the apps that are compatible with RIM’s Blackberry 7 OS.

Blackberry Messenger 6

It is the current version of the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) app that allows higher sharing with your fellow BB users in kondisi of location, apps, music, etc. Additionally, you can text non-BBM users ketika using this app and create group chats. Offers Free Download (Version:, Released: Feb 13, 2014, File Size: 14 MB)

Whats App Messenger

It is considered even better than BBM, as a cross-platform messaging app that also helps you save on text messagingi expenses. It tambahan allows you to create group chats, send files, as juga broadcast messagpita to your contacts. Best for messaginew york friends located overseas. Offers Free Download (Version: 2.11.529, Released: Dec 20, 2013, File Size: 6 MB).


It is an Augmented Reality or AR app which can only be instalmemerintah in BB 7 OS phones. Of course, you can utilize the built-in compass and accelerometer to locate other BBM users, placpita pengukur or deals through your camera. What’s more, as the name suggests, it can juga search for point of interest from Wikipedia, YouTube, Flickr and any more.


Though hitherto available only on the Android and Symbian platforms, this Instagram-linanti app allows you to add stilted filters to your photos and then bagikan them on your Facebook dinding and Twitter. You can juga browse and admire new picture uploads from other users on the Popgaris page. You can earn badges and gain experience points from posting, which helps to unlock new filters, too.

Shazam Encore

Even though this app will membantu you identify lagu-lagu that are playing, yet unlisetelah SoundHound (not a BB app), it melakukan not let you hum a tune in order to identify a song. You may add a songai to your favoritpita pengukur if you have realized apa it is. But remember, this app is only free for a limited time.

BBM Music

This newly introduced app is a cloud-based serkejahatan for users to create and share anda songi libraries. It allows up to 50 lagu-lagu that can be accessed and kemudian streamed or stored on your BB. Also, your library can be updated through swapping up to 25 lagu amongolia friends. However, please not that only the trial version is free.

ProOnGo Expense

It helps you to keep track of your financial transactions, mileage and panggilan durations. If you intend to avoid keepingai record of your expenses manually, all you have o do is to take a picture of the receipt kapan the app will do the rest. Departmenpen heads can juga view and approve anda employees’ expenses, kemudian export it as an Excel spreadsheet.

ProOnGo Business Card Reader

It allows you to take a photo of a business card and receive the contact information in your email as a v Card. If you have more than 10 business cards to scan, you will have to fork out some cash for it.

Drive-safe.ly Pro

It is a wonderfully fascinatingi app that reads your emails and text messages all aloud kapan you are drivinew york and keepinew york your eypita glued to the road ahead. You can even respond to text messagtape via dictation. However, this app is free for a limited time only.

Screen Muncher

Whosoever has created this app must have got a keen sense of humor. Interestingly enough, we all love taking screenshots, especially when we want to bagikan any humorous text conversation. But BB 7 OS is rather harsh on grantinew york this facility.

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However, this app fulfills that desire adequately and well. And to top it all, it compita with a cute ‘munching’ sound-effect when busy taking the shot!