I'm looraja for a place wdi sini I mungkin download the first season of Kimetsu no Yaiba and the film once it releases. I untuk merencanakan on buyingai the seripita pengukur officially, but it hasn't released in my bangsa yet. I can only find it online for $40 - $120 for hanya a few episodes so if it's mungkin I'd lisetelah some help in this matter. Thanks.

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That's how anime bluray works, they don't have everything, you have to buy more than 1 part

The movie is not out yet, it will be out sebelum s2 though, so later this year

Yeah, but $40 hanya for 19 episodes, and kemudian lainnya $40 for the remainingai episodes. I mean.. I love Kimetsu no Yaiba but I hanya can't afmengarungi that. I'm hoping for the complete first season to melepaskan soon, if it dulu the complete season for $40, kemudian fine but TWO sets for the same price?

I wish I could.. But I hanya can't. I mean.. Even $40 is pushingai it, but maafkan saya else can I do?

The majority of legal sittape won’t let you straight up download episodes for you to keep. The best option is Netflix’s ditawarkan viewer.

As for the movie, it’s an actual movie...

The only possible way you can watch it is by flyingai to Japan and some other Asian countries and watching it in theaters there. It coming to Australia and NZ at the end of this month is the first time it’s left Asia.

Typically anime movitape go to worldwide theaters 1-2 months after they melepaskan in Japan. However, covid is making things difficult for everyone everywhere. So, there’s really no telling when it’ll come to placpita lisetelah the US or the UK.

In about 6 months after it released in Japan, it’ll come out on Blu-ray for everyone. Until then, both the legal and non legal sitpita pengukur won’t have it. The legal sitpita usually have problems getting the license for anime movitape hence why anda movie selection is limited. The non legal sites rip their copipita straight from the Blu-ray hence why it’s nothinew york but crappy cam rips.

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