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Alice Cooper Doesn’t Run from Danger

The Alice Cooper cerita is, first and foremost, an luar biasa cerita of “split personality”. Lisetelah something straight out of “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”, singer Vincent Furnier surrendered to the domination of showman Alice Cooper. But by his own admission, the man who alcara speaks of “Alice” in the third person in interviews remaimenjadi a simple, completely tangga guy in private, far from the stage wdi sini he enacts his excesspita pengukur and provocations. Throughout a career stretchingai over 50 years, there is an evident streak of schizophrenia in his many stylistic changes. While we crpenyuntingan him with the invention of shock rock, he has ventured into alpaling every genre with varying degrepita of success, from pop to nascent hard rock, with forays into heavy metal, new wave and industrial…

The 10 Records that Made the perancis Touch

Twenty years ago, the french Touch invaded the clubs and radio statiopejarakan all over the world, puttinew york France high on the map of electronic music. tells you the cerita of 10 records which have left milik mereka mark on this golden era of french producers.

The Talraja Heads revolution

Forty years after its release, David Byrne and his band’s album “Remain in Light” has held on to all of its mad and funky allure. The album’s merging of intellectual post-punk with cosmopolitan dance music influenced groups such as LCD Soundsystem, Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire. On this fourth album produced by Brian Eno, the Talraja Heads revolutionized anda sound, but juga that of batu itself.