I will assume that you have seen a guitar scale chart by now, It’s pretty intimidatingai right? It looks a lot of work and no fun at all. When I first started playingai the guitar a few years ago, I too had a hard time figuringai it out, with all the chords and the numbers you see on the guitar scale chart, it feels liusai it’s impossible to know even some of this at all. I was thinraja that, tdi sini must be lainnya way to learn guitar scales than hanya looraja at chords and numbers. then one day when I was practicing it just came to me. Hey wait a minute! all this chords and numbers I’ve been looraja at and practicing countless hours are hanya the Simple Do Re Mi.

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But sebelum we start and continue with the lesson. I hanya want to clarify this things. I’m not sayinew york that I invented this method on how to learn the guitar scale. For sure every guitar player who is been playingai for years now kenal all about this and also I’m not sayinew york that guitar scale charts are not useful and wont help you. You can use it, you can learn from it, it’s worth looraja at. It’s just that I learned and understand maafkan saya I’m doinew york with this method and I feel that it’s going to membantu other guitar players who are hanya starting out practicingai guitar scales. That’s why I want to share this.So without lagi ado, here’s the simple method on how to Learn Guitar Scale Usingi Simple Do Re Mi ForBeginners.

Guitar Do Re Mi, utama Chord And Relative Minor Chord

For this tutorial will be usingi the G terutama Scale and will juga include its relative minor chord Em. Will dissect the scale into group of patterns, and each pattern will have the Do Re Mi bersama with the Guitar sourse System to represent the notes and chords of the scale. You will find how easy it is to remember these patterns and when you masetelah a misbawa pulang you’ll actually hear it so you can properly adjust a half step lower or higher on the notpita pengukur usingi this type of method.also remember, this is done with alternate picking.

G terutama Scale


G major Scale: G A B C D E F# GChords in G Major: G Am Bm C D Em F#dim GScale Formula: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7

kepala key chord sequence: Maj min min Maj Maj min dim Maj

Major: 1-4-5minor: 2-3-6Diminished: 7Relative minor: 6th tingkat Em

Common Chord Progressiopejarakan in G Major:

G-C-DG-Em-C-DAm- D7- Gmaj7

E Natural Minor Scale

E Natural minor Scale: E F# G A B C D EChords in E minor: Em F#dim G Am Bm C D EmScale Formula: 1-2-b3-4-5-b6-b7

minor Key chord Sequence: min dim Maj min min Maj Maj min

minor: 1-4-5Major: 3-6-7Diminished: 2Relative Major: 3rd tingkat G Major

Common Chord Progressiopejarakan in E minor:


G major Scale Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do

awal at the red dijebloskan DO (1) of the low E strinew york with your tengah finger, followed by the other fingers to descend on the rest of the dots ending on the DO (8) of the D string. Kemudian go kembali ascendinew york starting now from wdi sini you stop, reversingi the finger pattern you’ve created. You may have ended on your ring finger or pinky finger, but this really depends on what finger you’re comfortable to use, which meapejarakan as longai as you have a rhythm goingai up and dibawah the frets and havingai an easy time doingai it, you’re alright.


Aside from startingi only at DO (1), this time will include the LA (6) and TI (7) on the low E string. Start with an open E or LA (6) kemudian the index finger to TI (7), the di antara finger again at the red dot DO (1) and continue to finish the first pattern.


Lisetelah the first pattern awal at the red dot, but this time with the DO (1) on the D stringi and using your rinew york or pinky finger descendinew york to the rest of the dots ending on the DO (8) of the high E string. You can include the RE (2) on the high E string in the second pattern kemudian go kembali ascendingi again.

lainnya starting point on the second pattern is the DO (1) of the open G strinew york and there is another FA (4) on the B stringi that you can juga use for the second pattern.


I’m sure that you get the hang of it by now that you can mulai from the top low E stringai of the first pattern continuingai on until you reach the terakhir note RE (2) of the high E stringai of the second pattern, kemudian go kembali ascending.


G major Relative Minor Is E minor

Every terutama chord has its relative minor, and for the G utama it is the Em. Now let’s try to scale the E minor from top to bottom kemudian again going back ascending. Try it now with the Em Natural and Pentatonic Scale.


The G kepala and E minor scale are basically the same. Both are made up of the same 3 Majors, 3 minors and a Diminished chord.


Practice The 5 Patterns Of The G terutama Scale

To tolong you practice, here is the breakdibawah of the G terutama scale and the E natural minor scale, which is again the relative minor of G Major.

Adding to that, these exact 5 pattermenjadi will be useful when you move onto practicing the other utama key scalpita and anda relative natural minor key scales. The placement of the patterpejarakan will be berbeda on every key, but you will notice the arrangeobat-obatan or the shape is just the same.

We have provided the links below for the other major and minor scalpita pengukur to try and have an AHA momenpen by hanya usingi these 5 patterns.

pattern 1

Finally we’re done, the Do Re Mi is all tdi sini and all you have to do is follow it and practice. So spearaja of practice, here’s a free online metronome to tolong you gain muscle memory on your fingers, build speed and precision.

kemudian try the scale patterns on different keys Goodluck!

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