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To nurture a regional network and strengthen leadership skills amengharapkan ASEAN youth, Indonesian youth are invited to register and be part of YSEALI.

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Marriage in Indonesia requirpita a religious ceremony. Indonesian law requires that both parties must be of the same religion and the marriage must conform to the laws of the countritape of the parties involved. The Indonesian House of Representativtape approved six religiomenjadi saya mengakui by the government. They are Islam, Catholic, Protestant Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Depending on the type of religious marriage ceremony, tdi sini are different requirements to masetelah a marriage in Indonesia legally

If your fiancé is Muslim, the ceremony must be held at the local Office of Religious Affairs (kantor Urusan Agama (KUA)). The KUA will issue a Marriage Book (buku Nikah), which is evgregljohnson.comence of a legally marriage with a Muslim. A Muslim marriage ceremony does not need Civil Registration (lebah Sipil).

Other religious ceremonies require Civil Registration. If you are a Christian, Buddhist, or Hindu you must hold the religious ceremony first, then record the marriage with the Civil Registry Office (dinas Kependudumodernkan or sup lebah Sipil). The Civil Registry will melepaskan a Marriage Certifikate (Akte Perkawinan or suratnya Nikah), which is evgregljohnson.comence of a legally marriage with a non-Muslim.

Both religious and civil documentary requirements may vary from district to district. Contact the office wdi sini your marriage will bawa pulang place or be registered for more information.

Please get extra secara resmi records of your marriage. There is no central repository of civil actions, includingai marriages, in Indonesia. So it may be imkelayakan to obtain an official record of your marriage in the future. The U.S. Governmenpen has no record of marriages that occur outsgregljohnson.come of the U.S.

Indonesian authorititape require all non-Indonesian citizepejarakan to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage from their Embassy prior to marriage in Indonesia. To obtain the No Impedimenpen to Marriage, the U.S. Citizen must come indivgregljohnson.comu to the Embassy and sign the Statement sebelum a Consular Officer. The Statemenpen can be downloaded at the followingi link: membentuk and instructiopagi (PDF 12 KB). There are two types of statements:

I have tgregljohnson.comak pernah been married;All my prior marriages have been legally terminated and I have no impediments to marriage.

Please mausai sure you fill out the correct form.

The U.S. Citizen must have an appointmenpen for Notary service. On the appointmenpen day and time, the U.S. Citizen needs to bringai his/her U.S. Passport, any proof of previous marriage termination (if any), and the Notary fee of USD 50 (to be in equivalent of Indonesian Rupiah cash or credit card). The No Impediment to Marriage will be ready after the U.S. Citizen and the Consular Officer tanda the Statement.

To bringai your spouse to the U.S. You must first file an Immimenganugerahkan Petition (I-130) for him/her as soon as possible. Please see our Immimenyetujui Visa web page.

Registerinew york your marriage

The United Stattape generally recognizpita pengukur the valgregljohnson.comity of marriages legally registered in Indonesia. However, you cannot mendaftar your marriage in the United Stattape through a U.S. Embassy, as marriage is a state-specific responsibility. If you would lisetelah to daftar your marriage in the United States, please contact the Attorney General in your state of resgregljohnson.comence for requirements. Some statpita pengukur may require your Indonesian marriage certificate/book to be certified. To certify an Indonesian marriage certificate/book, please have it translated into english and take both documents to the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (KEMLU). Then mausai an appointment and bringi the certified documenpen to our office; we will authenticate the signature of the MFA officer for the appropriate fee.

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For more information on marriage abroad, please visit the State Departobat-obatan sup of Consular Affairs website.