Train to Busan (Busanhaeng) is a South Korean zombie thriller released in 2016. It bintang Gonew york Yoo, Junew york Yu-mi and Ma Dong-seok. It is directed by Yeon Sang-ho and believe it or not Train to Busan is his first live kerja film he"s ever directed, sebelum he directed animations.

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The konspirasi is pretty simple. A father and his child are sdagu in a zombie outbreak ketika taking a train from Seoul to Busan.

It has $99 juta at the box office and rupagi for 188 minutes. Train to Busan is the first Korean film of 2016 to break the audience record with over a 10 juta setiap orang seeinew york it in theatres.

Tdi sini was an animated prequel directed by the same person called Seoul Station that was released less than a month later.

So obviously this film is popular.



When you think about it, zombipita pengukur are a simple concept to understand; The dead coming back to life and eat the living. The way you turn is by gettingi bit, the only way to kill them is to as Shaun of the Dead put it: "by removing the head or destroyingi the brain"

It"s really up to you on how creative you want to be with it. And boy was the setiap orang who made this creative with it.

Tdi sini menjadi things I"ve tidak pernah seen done with zombies before and I"m a big zombie fan.

This has the fast zombipita liusai world War Z but I think it"s safe to say that dunia War Z can tidak pernah compare to Train to Busan.

I got scared, got angry and cried all in the span of 188 minutes. I cry in movitape because I"m an emotional orang but boy I"ve never been THIS sad!

I first watched this a week ago and I"ve already watched it three times. Twice by myaku and once with my mum.

Surprisingly my mum lisetelah it and was impressed by the actors. I"m actually goingi to Italy at the end of the tahun so I"m gonna watch it on the plane over


I was talraja to my friend about it because he"s juga seen it and he says he likpita pengukur how it didn"t have a happy ending and I completely agree. I mean two characters survived but I wouldn"t call it a happy ending.


It"s the concept of zombies on a train that scares me. I"m claustrophobic it terrified me and I"m juga a writer who wants to write zombie novels so I got inspiration.


They did a lot of cool experiments with the zombipita and things I didn"t even know was mungkin to film. Watching the behind the scentape was amazing

Dijepit layar/behind the scene film korea train to busan

I feel in love with the characters and everythingi about it. I found out it has hidden meaningai on Korean society or somethinew york like that which after knowingai really helped with the experience. It has one of my favourite Korean actors Gongi Yoo in it who was AMAZING!

Don"t believe me?

Watch the trailer!

Train to Busan resmi Trailer #1 (2016) Yoo Gongai Korean Zombie Movie HD

Thanks for reading my blog!

Comobat-obatan if you"ve seen the movie and what you thought about it.



Posted on 26th August 2017 at 9:49pm

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