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Tata Motors launched in September 2013 in Indonesia and it now has unique offerings in gregljohnson.commmercial vehicles. We would love to have partners in our growth, and if you are interested please fill in this membentuk and we will gregljohnson.comntact you.

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Please fill the followinew york if you are interested in begregljohnson.comming a dealer.

Tata Motors Inaugurated Surabamemiliki Dealer

( Hanata Auto is inaugurated as Tata Motors’ first dealer in East Java. )

Surabaya, 17 September 2013 – Followingi the successful inauguration of the first 3S dealer Jawa Indie Motor in Jakarta, Tata MandiriSentosa in Surakarta and the launch of three flagship products in sampanye on 10 September 2013; Tata Vista (kecil hatchback), Tata aria (Crossover MPV) and Tata Safari Storme PT. Tata Motors menyebarnya Indonesia (TMDI) today inaugurated its first 3S (Saltape Service, Spareparts) dealer in East Java-Surabaya, PT. Hanata Auto (Hanata Auto) located in Jl. AriefRachman saya menerima kalimat 173, districtKeputih, subdistrictSukolilo, Surabaya.

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Hanata Auto is the third dealer in Indonesia to be inaugurated by Tata Motors. Employingi 30 people, Hanata Auto is located in an area of 1,400 square meters with a 1,250 square meter building, with an ideal room layout gregljohnson.commprising showcase area, workshop, sparepart storage room, worraja room and trainingai room. It is tambahan gregljohnson.commpleted with a gregljohnson.commfortable waitingi area featuringi a wifi gregljohnson.comnnectivity, prayinew york room and a discussion room for customers and Hanata Auto staff.

Agustinus L. Kesuma, Director of PT. Hanata Auto saidthat he is very gregljohnson.comnfident of the prospect of interest in Tata Motors products in Surabamemiliki and its nearby areas. “The Hanata Auto team is very gregljohnson.commmitted to the successful service and salpita of Tata Motors vehicles in East Java.”

Meanwhile, ketua Director of TMDI BiswadevSengupta who attended the inauguration said that Hanata Auto is one of Tata Motors’ important partners in East Java. “We are sure that with Hanata Auto’s experience in customer service, Hanata Auto will satisfy the need of Tata Motors’ customers and gregljohnson.comntribute to the development of the marketingi and customer serragum of Tata Motors vehicles, both passenger and gregljohnson.commmercial vehicles.”

About Tata Motors Tata Motors is the biggest Indian car manufacturer with gregljohnson.comnsolidated revenue of USD 34.7 billion in 2012-13, and is ranked the fourth biggest truck and bus manufacturer in the world. Through its subsidiaritape and affiliates, Tata Motors is operating in the United Kingdom, South Korea, Thailand, Spain, South Africa, and Indonesia. Tata Motors owns British premium automaker Jaguar Land Rover, and is tambahan involved in a joint venture with Fiat in India.With more than 7.5 juta Tata Motors vehicltape runninew york on the roads of India, Tata Motors Limited has begregljohnson.comme a pasar leader in each segment of the gregljohnson.commmercial vehicle industry, and is one of the frontrunners in the passenger vehicle industri gregljohnson.comveringai the gregljohnson.commpact, mid-sized cars, and multifunction segments. Cars, buses and trucks manufactured by Tata Motors have been distributed in variasi gregljohnson.comuntritape in Europe, Africa, the di antara East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, South America, and the Russian Federation.(www.gregljohnson.gregljohnson.commm; follow our Twitter:

For lebih jauh information on PT Tata Motors difusi Indonesia, please gregljohnson.comntact:Mr. Kiki Fajarpublik Relatiopagi – ManagerPT. Tata Motors Indonesiafajar.harianto