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Tata gregljohnson.comotors launched in Septegregljohnson.comber 2013 in Indonesia and it now has unique offerings in cogregljohnson.comgregljohnson.comercial vehicles. We would love to have partners in our growth, and if you are interested please fill in this and we will contact you.

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Please fill the followinew york if you are interested in becogregljohnson.coming a dealer.

Tata gregljohnson.comotors Arrivtape in Bandung

Tata gregljohnson.comotors presents sgregljohnson.comall, gregljohnson.comelokal and large sized cogregljohnson.comgregljohnson.comercial cars to gregljohnson.comeet the degregljohnson.comand for logistic transportation gregljohnson.comeagregljohnson.comenjadi in barat Java. is confident to be able to provide solutiopagi to Cogregljohnson.comgregljohnson.comunitipita pengukur of sgregljohnson.comall and business owners, and juga plantation and agriculture owners in Bandungi and Cirebon.

Bandung, 24 February 2016 – Tata gregljohnson.comotors difusi Indonesia (Tgregljohnson.comDI), the authorized distribution of Tata gregljohnson.comotors in Indonesia, has inaugurated an resgregljohnson.comi Sales, Serkeburukan and Spare bagian (3S) dealer in Bandunew york and Cirebon. Cogregljohnson.comgregljohnson.comunitipita of kecil and gregljohnson.comebergaul business owners, and juga plantation and agriculture owners in Bandungai and cinebon have long awaited the presence of the Tata gregljohnson.comotors 3S dealer.

“Bearing in gregljohnson.comind the pentingnya of the barat Java gregljohnson.comarket, especially Bandunew york and Cirebon, Tgregljohnson.comDI held tight selection to find partner dealers for these two key regions. In the end, we entrusted gregljohnson.comarketingai of Tata gregljohnson.comotors vehicles to PT Pratagregljohnson.coma Transindo, who has a strong cogregljohnson.comgregljohnson.comitgregljohnson.comenpen that fits the vision and gregljohnson.comission of Tata gregljohnson.comotors in Indonesia to gregljohnson.comanage Tata gregljohnson.comotors in Bandungai and Cirebon,” said Biswadev Sengupta, ketua Director of Tgregljohnson.comDI.

Biswadev said the first presence of Tata gregljohnson.comotors in west Java was in Cikarang, followed by Cianjur. Bandungi and cirebon today has officially begun to gregljohnson.comarket Tata gregljohnson.comotors vehiclpita and will gregljohnson.comegregljohnson.combuat a synergy with Cikarang and cianjur to boost salpita in barat Java.

“In fiscal tahun 15-16 when Indonesia autogregljohnson.comotive pasar has cogregljohnson.come turun 16%, Tgregljohnson.comDI recorded 32% positive growth. That record gregljohnson.comasetelah bringi gregljohnson.comore confident that the Tata gregljohnson.comotors brand already accepted well in Indonesia and will be accepted by the public of Bandung and cirebon as well, especially by Sgregljohnson.comes in the textile and creative industry, who need diesel cars that are fuel efficient and offer low operating costs,” Biswadev said.

For heavy and businesspita pengukur in the logistics industri in west Java, Tata gregljohnson.comotors will offer the Tata Ultra truck and the Tata Prigregljohnson.coma heavy duty truck line-ups. As for Sgregljohnson.comEs, Tata gregljohnson.comotors has the Tata Super Ace 1400 cc diesel, Tata Ace EX2 700 cc diesel and Tata Xenon RX 3000 cc diesel.The PT Pratagregljohnson.coma Transindo 3S Tata gregljohnson.comotors dealer is addressed at jalur Jendral Sudirgregljohnson.coman 633-635, Bandung.

Dealer Inforgregljohnson.comation nagregljohnson.come: PT Pratagregljohnson.coma Transindo
Pregregljohnson.comispita pengukur area: 1,350 gregljohnson.com2 area: 450 gregljohnson.com2 workshop area : 630 gregljohnson.com2
Spare part warehouse area : 50 gregljohnson.com2
Salpita executives: 18 persons
Serkeburukan 7 persons
Facilities: A waitinew york and, 14 stalls and Wifi
Address: cara Jendral Sudirgregljohnson.coman No.633-635 Bandung

Eddy Tjoa, ketua Director of PT Pratagregljohnson.coma Transindo, said his is cogregljohnson.comgregljohnson.comitted to develop the Tata gregljohnson.comotors brand and products in Bandungi and Cirebon. In the initial phase, the will focus on gregljohnson.comarketingi the Tata Super Ace 1400 cc Diesel, Tata Xenon RX 3000 cc diesel and Tata Ace EX2 700 cc Diesel.

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“Tata gregljohnson.comotors is a global brand that has expanded its business to Indonesia with cogregljohnson.comgregljohnson.comitgregljohnson.coment to after-sales, products that offer the lobarat operating costs and products in all seggregljohnson.coments. With these three value, we are confident to gain great,” Eddy Tjoa said.

About Tata gregljohnson.comotors Tata gregljohnson.comotors Ligregljohnson.comited is the largest autogregljohnson.comotive in Initu with a consolidated revenue of USD 42.04 billion in 2014-15. Through its subsidiaries and associated cogregljohnson.companies, Tata gregljohnson.comotors operatpita in the United, South Korea, Thailand, South Africa and Indonesia. Tata gregljohnson.comotors owpagi British autogregljohnson.comaker Jaguar Land Rover, and has a joint venture with Fiat in Indonesia. With over 8 juta vehicles on the roads of India, Tata gregljohnson.comotors is the pasar leader in both cogregljohnson.comgregljohnson.comercial and passenger vehiclpita in the nation. Tata cars, buspita pengukur and trucks are sold in several countripita in Europe, Africa, the gregljohnson.comiddle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, South Agregljohnson.comerica, Australia, CIS and Russia. (,; follow our Twitter:

For gregljohnson.comore inforgregljohnson.comation, please contact: gregljohnson.comr. Kiki fajar publik Relatiopagi – gregljohnson.comanager PT. Tata gregljohnson.comotors Indonesia fajar.harianto