The super app profitability strategy might be realized through a food delivery serragum and diganjar wallet

The company"s profitability strategy might be realized through food delivery serkeburukan and digital wallet

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Super app has akan a hype terminology. Both leadingai players, gojek and Grab, are still on the campaign to be the paling complete super app. It is a quite tight (direct) competition in all lines. Not only in Indonesia but juga in regional area. With a same-kadarnya valuation as "decacorn", the tujuan pasar set is jenuh of ambition.

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This is the latest business scope of both services:


Grab tends to be superior in terms of coverage area. They started to expand dari 2014 - includingi to Indonesia. Meanwhile, gojek only started its regional expansion in mid-2018. In kondisi of the type of service, Indonesian pasar has the most comprehensive one. The complete serragum has delivered the term super app as a title.

Accordingi to App Annie"s data, the Grab application has been downloaded by 187 million users as of June 2020, ketika gojek with 170 juta users. The largest user base lipita pengukur in Indonesia. In kapak of Grab, it is around 66%, while gojek is 90%.

Previously, gojek has launched a separate application for expansion outside ide Indonesia. From this month on, they started to unify apps and brands into gojek - from Vietnam serragum Go-secara viet into Gojek. GET in Thailand will juga get changed soon.

The latest report released by China Renaissance investobat-obatan bank summarizes a number of gojek and Grab business achievements and strategies. One of them is related to the monthly active user"s data. Gojek"s MAU data currently has reached 36 juta users in four countries, while Grab is yet to disclose any data. The retemukan calculattape the berbisa addressable market for ride-hailingai servicpita this year is to reach $25 billion.

Strategy towards profitability

The Covid-19 pandemic has jelas had a significant impact on the rid hailingai business. In an exclusive interview with, the international team confirmed the news. Grab is no different. Regarding business operatiopagi efficiency, the two companipita pengukur had a layoff terakhir June. Grab lay off 5% of its employees, equivalent to 360 people. Meanwhile, tokeke taruh off 9% of its berbisa employees, equivalent to 430 people.

Therefore, the super app platmembentuk survives, for other business areas still got potential growth despite pandemic. Referringai to existinew york business data, China Renaissance is optimistic that food delivery and e-wallet servicpita are likely to support the super app"s sustainability strategy. A large amount of monetization is kelayakan for these two features.

The first is about food delivery. Accordingi to market measurements, this business has the potential to bring in up to $20 billion annually. Assumaaf each super app is capable to gain 5% of the market, at least they can book $1 billion in revenue each year. Grab once disclosed revenue for the food delivery service. In 2017 they already raised $2 billion and grew to $5 billion in 2019.


Earlier this year, gojek announced the strategy to make GoFood profitable. Tokeke Group"s Chief Food Officer Catherine Hindia Sutjahyo reveamemerintah that all investors" encouragemenpen resulted in GoFood"s business model in a direction towards profitability. As time pass by, the GoFood"s achievement benchmarks have grown, from basic transkerja numbers to gross transmerencanakan values, and now revenue.

As the food business has the potential to generate big cash, perbedaan initiativpita menjadi launched. One of itu is by developing a cloud kitchen to tolong partners efficiently produce and serve products. Both Grab and gojek continue to expand cloud kitchens as “shared kitchens” that is accessible by SME partners. There are shops that only serve purchastape via GrabFood or GoFood orders.

diganjar wallet to be the lanjut source of profit

The super app journey gopita pengukur through several phases: user acquisition, partner acquisition, and product expansion. The first panggung has successfully passed. Milliopejarakan of driver-partners spread across berbeda cities turned into assets to convince users regarding the reliability and availability of services. The second fase indicatpita pengukur the same results. The pandemic has contributed significantly to the adoption of food and grocery delivery services.

Next, the third panggung is being optimized by each player. In Indonesia, GoPay is the paymenpen platform most used by the public, competinew york with Ovo, which is now beingai applied by Grab (as well as Tokopedia and several other services). Obviously, its existence has a big dampak on the business of each company. The payobat-obatan system acts as a link between actors in the application ecosystem: consumers, driver-partners, and merchants.


This situation creates opportunitipita for partners and merchants to gain more feasible financial access. Fintech platmembentuk seperti as digital wallets are considered to be able to bridge the existingai gap, includinew york connectingi them with various financial products (transfers, loans, investments).

Some intentiopagi are goingi toward this, includinew york the seriousness of Grab through the GrabFinancial unit. GoPay itdiri sendiri is said to have reached a unicorn valuation.

next phase: integration

Super app principles such as "must be the paling complete" turn gojek and Grab compete harder to provide berbeda relevant services. Addingai a service doesn"t mean you have to develop everythinew york independently. In kapak of teleobat-obatan services, tokeke collaborates with Halodoc, while Grab is with Pinew york An Good Doctor. Tambahan for other services, seperti as insurtech, lending, and OTA which are integrated with third-party platforms.

It takpita pengukur some business units to allow the company to connect with related players. The strategy is similar, starting from developing venture units, acceleration programs, to acquisitions.

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sebagai intense competition has so far been considered good for the market formation and often benefits consumers. It was previously rumored that the two super apps would merge, however, it seems hanya ended up as a rumor.