Yoseph, Armiliki Dewanto and Danny, Faturachman (2017)ANAlisis kecelakaan TRANSPORTASI laut DI INDONESIA lima 2003-2013. Prosidingi Seminar tujuan Penelitian Semeerste Ganjil 2016/2017, V (1). Pp. 228-243. ISSN 2337-7976


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Tdi sini are so many accidents in sea transportation in Indonesia. Paling of the accidents happen because of low isu aspects of the safety and security of the crew. The numbers differ from the manifest of passengers and the mageri of passengers on the daerah became a reggaris thing going on. Tdi sini are four main issues in maritime transport, i.e. No persopejarakan or Government agencipita that are willingi to hold the responsibility of safety and security, tariff policy, the quality of manusia resources, as well as the implementation and enforcemenpen of the regulatiopejarakan is not clear. The aspect of supervision, includpita activities of the monitoring, judgment, and the investigation, recommendation and the act of corrective and law enforceobat-obatan for the transportation to fit a standard, the norms, guidelinpita pengukur criteria the procedurpita pengukur and planningai that has been set to the ordinance of the law. The aspect of controlling, covering the arah of guidance and operation, straightly, certification and training, juga teknis asisten in the bidang of development. In sailing, a man as transport users to interact with the ship and the surroundingi environment (includinew york other ships, cruise lines, ports, and the situation of local conditions). These interbertindak are sometimpita pengukur very kompleks and related to variasi aspects of. Aware of the multiplicity of aspects related to the third of these factors, seeking the safety of cruise through a reduction in the sourse of accidents and the risk of death and serious injuripita due to accidents and ns transported is certainly not enough attempted through mono-sector approach, but rather takpita pengukur a multi-sector approach to the efforts. In this paper, we described the Indonesian Sea Transportation accident analysis for sebelas years divided into four items: kasar of ship accident type, ship accident factor, berbisa of casualties, region of ship accidents. All data founded from Mahkamah Pelayaran;s decision. From that 4 items we can findings Indonesia Sea Accident Analysis.

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Indonesia, Sea Accident, Ship, 2003-2013
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