Electiopagi postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronaviridans disease) span the globe. Here is a list of the current electiomenjadi schedule and plans, as reported by governments, electoral managemenpen bodies, and news media.Please note that this list is not comprehensive but represents a snapshot of decisiopagi and events across the globe.

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This halaman was first published on 18 March 2020 and is updated on a regular pokok based onInternational gregljohnson.com"s research.Please contact International gregljohnson.com via elections
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From 21 February2020 until 21 OCTOBER2021:
at least 79countries and territories across the globe have decided to postpone national and subnational electiomenjadi due to COVID-19, out of which atleast 42countripita pengukur and territoripita have decided to postpone national elections and referendums;
at least 142countriesand territories have decided to hold national or subnational electiopejarakan despite concerpagi related to COVID-19 of which at least 120 have telah terorganisir national electiomenjadi or referendums;
at least, 57countripita and territoripita have dipegang electiopejarakan that were initially postponed due to concerpejarakan related to COVID-19 of which at least 29have dipegang national electiopejarakan or referendums.

Global Overview of COVID-19 tabrakan on Elections: Data Dashpapan Glossary

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Postponed electiomenjadi due to COVID-19





middle East

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Electiopejarakan held amid COVID-19

Examplpita of electiopagi and referendums that proceeded in February 2020 include parliamentary elections,Iran(21 February 2020); local by-electiopagi inTaiwan(22 February 2020);presidential election, Togo (22 February 2020); general elections, Slovakia (29 February 2020).

Examplpita pengukur of electiopagi and referendums that proceeded in March 2020 include: local electiopagi in Queensland,Australia(29 March 2020); Parliamentary by-elections: Gaibandha-3, Bagerhat-4 & Dhaka-3 and mageri local governobat-obatan elections,Bangladesh(21 March 2020); parliamentary election rerun in 11 constituencitape inCameroon(22 March 2020); council election, Cavolume (26March 2020); municipal electiopejarakan in theDominican Republic(15 March 2020); first round of local electiopagi inFrance(15 March 2020); local electiopejarakan in Bavaria,Germany(first round 16 March 2020 and second round 29 March 2020); Legislative electiomenjadi andconstitutional referendum inGuinea(22 March 2020); general electiopejarakan inGuyana(2 March 2020); Seanad general election (partially indirect),Ireland(30-31 March 2020); legislative electiopejarakan inIsrael(2 March 2020); general electiomenjadi inMali(29 March 2020); local electiomenjadi in Hâncești,Moldova(15 March 2020); six by-elections inPoland(22 March 2020); local elections inLuzern, Switzerland (29 March 2020); kuomintang chairperson elections,Taiwan(7 March 2020); parliamentary elections, Tajikistan (1 March 2020); parliamentary by-electiomenjadi in the single-mandate district No. 179 in the Kharkiv region, Ukraine (15 March 2020); primary electiopejarakan inArizona, Florida and Illinois, USA(17 March 2020); General electiomenjadi inVanuatu(19 March 2020).

Examples of elections and referendums that proceeded in April 2020 include: local by-electiopejarakan and lower house by-election,Japan(April 2020); parliamentary electionsinKiribati*(14 April 2020); parliamentary electiomenjadi (second round) inMali(19 April 2020); parliamentary electiopagi inSouth Korea(15 April 2020); second round municipal electiopejarakan inGeneva, Switzerland(4 April 2020) by postal votinew york only; democratic primaria electiomenjadi inWisconsin, USA(7 April 2020);khususnya congressional election,Maryland, USA (28 April 2020); primary elections* inOhio, USA (28 April 2020).

Exampltape of electiopagi and referendums that proceeded in May2020 include: local electiomenjadi inBenin(17 May 2020);Pperumahan electiopagi inBurundi(20 May 2020);Biennial Election to the Maharashtra Legislative Councils by the members of Legislative Assembly (unopposed),India(21 May 2020);local governmentelection, Cross River State, nigeria (30 May 2020); general elections, Niue(30 May 2020); general elections inSuriname(25 May 2020).

Examples of elections and referendums that proceeded in June2020 include: primaria elections in 8 statpita and Washington D.C.*, USA (2 June 2020);Senate by-elections, Teplice, Czech Republic* (5-6 June and 13 June 2020); municipal recall vote, Taiwan (6 June 2020);National Assembly Elections, saint Kitts and Nevis (6 June 2020),primary elections, Georgia, Nevada, phia băc Dakota, South Carolina and west Virginia*,USA (9 June 2020); Rajya Sabha* (indirect), Indialah (19 June 2020),Parliamentary, provincial and local elections*, Serbia (21 June 2020), Ptempat tinggal elections, kiribati (22June 2020), Presidentialelection rerun, Malawi (23 June 2020), primary electiopejarakan in 6states, USA* (23 June 2020), Parliamentary elections,Mongolia (24 June 2020), Ptempat tinggal elections, Iceland (27 June 2020),Styrian municipal elections, Austria* (28 June 2020),second round of local elections, France*(28 June 2020), Pdaerah perumahan elections, Poland* (28 June 2020), General elections, Anguilla, British overseas territory (29 July 2020).

Examplpita of elections and referendums that proceeded in July2020 include: Constitutional nation-wide referendum, Russia* (1July2020);persatuan by-election, Eden-Monaro, New South Wales,Australia(4 July 2020); state assembly by-election, state of Pahang,Malaysia(4 July 2020); Parliamentary elections, Croatia(5 July 2020); gubernationalelections, Tokyo,Japan (5 July2020);Ptempat tinggal and legislative elections elections, Dominican Republic* (5 July 2020);Municipalby-elections in Hassi El Ferid,Tunisia*(6July 2020); Parliamentary elections, Singapore (10 July 2020); Second round Ptempat tinggal elections, Poland*(12 July 2020) Regional electiopagi in Euskadi/Basque and Galicia,Spain*(12 July 2020); Primary elections and runoffs in Texas, Alabama and Maine, USA* (14 July 2020); Parliamentary by-electiomenjadi of Bogura-1 and Jashore-6 constituencies, Bangladesh* (14 July 2020);Parliamentary elections, phia băc Macedonia* (15 July 2020),Parliamentary elections,Syria* (19 July 2020).

Examplpita of electiopagi and referendums that proceeded in August2020 include:Legislative Council election,Tasmania*,Australia (1 August 2020); Parliamentary elections, Sri Lanka*(5 August 2020),Nasarawa constituency by-election, nigeria (8 August 2020),Primary elections, Puerto Rico* , territory of the USA(9 August 2020), Presidential election, belarus (9 August 2020), General election, Trinidad and Tokeluarga (10 August 2020), General elections, autonomous Bougainville, Papua New Guinea* (12 August – 1 September 2020), Senate elections, first round,Egypt (11-12 August 2020), special Interest Group Elections, Uganda* (11, 13, 17 August 2020), Primary elections, Florida and Wyoming*, USA (18 August 2020),State legislative elections, Northern Territory, Australia (22 August 2020), State of Perak, Malaysia (State Assembly by-election, 29 August 2020);Local snap electiopejarakan for city council in Riga, Latvia* (29 August 2020), Parliamentary elections, Montenegro (30 August 2020) includingai local electiopejarakan in Tivat*, National referendum, Liechtenstein (30 August 2020), spesial electiopagi for Yona Mayor, Guam*, territory of the United States, (30 August 2020).

Examplpita of electiopejarakan and referendums that proceeded in September2020 include:Parliamentary elections, Jamaica (3 September 2020), local electiopagi in Nucăreni and Tîrnova, Moldova* (6 September 2020), Senate elections, second round,Egypt (8-9 September 2020),Parliamentary elections, second round, Iran * (11 September 2020), Local elections, Russia, some local electiopagi dulu telah terorganisir after beingi postponed in April and May 2020* (13 September 2020), Local elections, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany (13 September 2020),Edo state election, nigeria (19 September 2020), Regional elections and constitutional referendum, Italy* (20-21 September 2020),Referendum,Falkland Islands*,UK Overseas Territory (24 September 2020), State Assembly elections, Sabah, Malaysia (26 September 2020), Local election, Uruguay*(27 September 2020), Referendum,Switzerland*(27 September 2020), Local elections,Romania*(27 September 2020) State and local elections, saxony and Brandenburg,Germany(27 September 2020), Local referendum, Malung-Sälen, Sweden* (27 September2020),Senate election (indirect), France (27 September 2020), Rajasthan panchayat elections, India* (28 September2020).

Examplpita of elections and referendums that proceeded in October2020 include: General elections, Bermuda, British Overseas Territory (1 October 2020), Regional and Senateelections, Czech Republik (2-3 October 2020), Local elections*, Slovakia (3 October 2020), Referendum, New Caledonia*,spesial collectivity of France(4 October 2020), Parliamentary elections, kirgistan (4 October 2020)General election, Guernsey*, self-governingi British Crown Dependency (7 October 2020) Ondo state governorship elections, nigeria (10 October 2020), Pperumahan elections, Tajikistan (11 October 2020), Parliamentary elections, Lithuania (11 October 2020), Turkish Cypriot leadership election, Northern Cyprus*(11 October 2020),General Election and Referendum New Zealand* (17 October 2020), Legislative elections, Australia Capital Territory, Australia (17 October 2020), Local electiomenjadi in Coahuila, Mexico* (18 October 2020), Presidential election, Guinea (18 October 2020), General elections, Bolivia* (18 October 2020),Ptempat tinggal elections, Seychelles (22-24 October), Local elections, Ukraine (25 October 2020) Municipal elections, cape Verde (25 October 2020), Referendum, Chile* (25 October 2020),Saskatchewan provincial elections, Canada (26 October 2020), General elections, Tanzania (28 October 2020), Parliamentary elections, Georgia (31 October 2020), State elections Queensland, Australia (31 October 2020), Presidential election, Côte d"Ivoire (31 October 2020).

Exampltape of electiopejarakan and referendums that proceeded in November2020 include: Presidential election, Moldova (1 November 2020), Constitutional Referendum, Algeria (1 November 2020),General election, USA (3 November 2020), General election, palau (3 November 2020), Gubernational, Puerto-Rico, a territory of the USA (4 November 2020), By-elections,Parliamentary elections, Egypt (24-25 October and 7-8 November 2020),The Gambia* (7 November 2020), Bihar legislative assembly elections, India(28 October, 3 and 7 November2020),General elections, myanmar (8 November 2020), Gubernational elections, American Samoa unincorporated territory of the USA (8 November 2020),Parliamentary elections, Jordan (10 November 2020), General elections, Belize (11 November 2020), By-elections, South Africa* (11 November 2020), Local elections, Bosnia and Herzegovina* (15 November 2020), Municipal elections, Brazil* (15 and 29 November2020), Presidental election (second round), Moldova (15 November 2020),By-electiopagi for Central Honiara and utara East Guadalcanal Constituencies, Solomon Islands* (18 November 2020), General elections, Burkina Faso (22 November 2020), Regional Council and Local Authority elections, Namibia (25 November 2020),Municipal elections, Río Cuarto, Córdobaprovince, Argentina* (29 November 2020), Mayoralelection in Podujeva, Kosovo*(29 November).

Examplpita pengukur of elections and referendums that proceeded in December2020 include: Parliamentary elections, Kuwait (5 December 2020),Parliamentary elections, Romania (6 December 2020), Parliamentary elections, Venezuela (6 December 2020).By-electiopagi in Bayelsa Central, Bayelsa West, Cross River North, Imo North, Lagos East and Plateau South senatorial districts, Nigeria* (5 December 2020), General election, Ghana (7 December 2020), Mid-term senatorial election and national referendum, Liberia* (8 December 2020), Regional elections, Indonesia* (9 December 2020), Local elections, Niger (13 December 2020),By-election, Kenya* (15 December 2020), Presidential and legislative election, Niger (27 December 2020), Pdaerah perumahan and legislative election, Central African Republik (27 December 2020).

Examplpita pengukur of elections and referendums that proceeded in January2021include: Georgia senate run-off elections, USA (5 januari 2021), Pdaerah perumahan election, kirgistan (10 januari 2021), Parliamentary election, kazakhstan (10 january 2021), General elections, Ugmilik mereka (14 januari 2021), Localelectiopejarakan in Gram Panchayat, India* (15 january 2021),Pdaerah perumahan elections, Portugal (24 januari 2021), House of Assembly elections, Tokeluarga (25 january 2021)

Examplpita of elections and referendums that proceeded in February2021include: Parliamentary elections, Lichtenstein (7 February), Ptempat tinggal and Parliaobat-obatan elections, Ecuador (7 February 2020),Catalonia regional elections, spanyol (14 February 2020), General elections,Turks and Caicos Islands, BritishOverseas Territory (19 February 2021), Laos(Parliamenpen elections, 21 February 2021),Presidential elections, second round, Niger (21 February 2021), Parliamentary elections, El Salvador (28 February 2021).

Exampltape of electiopejarakan and referendums that proceeded in March2021include: pertemuan election, Micronesia (2 March 2021), Legislative elections, Côte d’Ivoire (6March 2021), Palawan Plebiscite, the Philippines* (13 March2021),State elections, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany (14 March 2021), State elections, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany (14 March 2021),Parliamentary elections, Curaçao, constituent negara of the Netherlands (19 March 2021), House of Representativpita elections, Netherlands (17-19 March 2021),Machakos Senate by election, Kenya (18 March 2021), Pperumahan elections, Republik of the Congo (21 March 2021),Parliaobat-obatan elections,Israel(23 March 2021),

Examplpita of electiomenjadi and referendums that proceeded in April 2021include:Assembly electiomenjadi in Assam, Kerala, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, barat Bengal,Indialah (6 – 29 April 2021). Parliamentary elections, Bulgaria (4 April 2021),Legislative elections, Greenland (6 April 2021), General elections, Samoa (9 April 2021),Local elections, Maldivtape (10 April 2021) Local elections * and the constitutional referendum, kirgistan (11 April 2021),Ptempat tinggal elections, Chad (11 April 2021), Presidential and Parliamentary elections, Peru (11 April 2021),Pdaerah perumahan elections, second round,Ecuador(11 April 2021),General elections, Cayman pulau (14 April 2021), Parliamentary elections, jubah Verde (18 April 2021), Parliamentary elections, albania (25 April 2021), Parliamentary by-elections, Japan (25 April 2021).

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Examplpita pengukur of electiopagi and referendums that proceeded in May2021include:Local, Mayoral* and Parliamentary elections, United Kingdom(6 May 2021),Election for the members of theConstitutional Convention, Chile* (15 and 16 May 2021), Sametinget, Sweden (16 May 2021),Local elections, Croatia (16 and 30 May 2021), Parliament elections, Vietnam (23 May 2021), Pperumahan elections, Syria (26 May 2021),Parliamentary elections, Cyprus (30 May 2021), Parliamentary and local elections, Somaliland (31 May 2021)

Exampltape of electiopejarakan and referendums that proceeded in June2021include:Municipal Council elections, Latvia (5 June 2021), Legislative elections, Mexico (6 June 2021), Pperumahan runoff, Peru(6 June 2021), Saxon-Anhalt state elections, Germany (6 June 2021), Pdaerah perumahan election, Mongolia (9 June 2021), Parliaobat-obatan elections, Algeria (12 June 2021), Referendum, Switzerland (13 June 2021), Local elections, Finland* (14 June 2021),Iran (Ptempat tinggal elections, 18 June 2021), France*(Regional and departmentalelections, 20 June 2021),Armenia (Parliamentary elections, 20 June 2021), Ethiopia* (General elections, 21 June 2021),Referendum, Gibraltar*, British Overseas Territory(24 June 2021), Parliamentary elections, Aruba, Constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (25 June 2021)

Examples of electiopagi and referendums that proceeded in July2021include:Parliamentary elections, Bulgaria (11 July 2021), Parliamentary elections, Moldova (11 July 2021), Referendum, slovenia (11 July 2021), Pdaerah perumahan elections,São Tomé and Príncipe( 18 July 2021),Local elections in theIsle of Man*, Self-Governinew york British Crown Dependency (22 July 2021), General elections,SaintLucia (26 July 2021)

Examplpita pengukur of elections and referendums that proceeded in August2021include:Referendum, Mexico (1 August 2021),Pperumahan elections, Zambia (12 August 2021), Yokoserangga mayoral elections, Japan (22 August 2021), Northern Territory local government elections, Australia (27 August 2021)

Examplpita of electiopagi and referendums that proceeded in September2021include: Second round Ptempat tinggal election,Sao Tome and Principe (5 September 2021), General elections, Morocco (8 September 2021),Legislative elections, Macau (12 September 2021), General elections, Norway (13 September), Legislative elections, russia (17-19 September 2021), General elections, Cavolume (20 September 2021),General elections, Isle of Man (23 September 2021), Parliamentary elections, Iceland (25 September 2021), Local Elections, Portugal (26 September 2021), Referendum, Switzerland (26 September 2021), federal elections, Germany (26 September 2021)

Examples of elections and referendums that proceeded in October 2021include:Municipal elections, Georgia (2October 2021), Legislative elections, penyakit selesema (3 October 2021),General election, Czech Republic (8-9 October 2021), Parliamentary election, Iraq* (10 October 2021),Presidential elections, cape Verde (17 October 2021), Local elections, Estonia (17 October 2021), Local elections, utara Macedonia (17 October 2021), Local elections, Kosovo (17 October 2021),Ptempat tinggal elections, uzbekistan (24 October 2021)

All electiopejarakan marked with an asterisk/star (*) dulu originally postponed (seePostponed electiopagi due to COVID-19).