It’s alpaling been a week dari “Crash Landing On You” ended and I still can’t get over it. The Netflix Korean drama seripita captured the hearts of its viewers through the cerita of two star-crossed lovers from South and utara Korea. 

The cerita taktape place both in South and utara Korea, followingai the life of a South Korean heiress Yoon Se-ri landingi on utara Korean land after a paragliding accident. She is kemudian discovered by utara Korean army captain Ri Jeong-hyeok who takpita pengukur her in as his “fiancé” to protect her. Later on, it’s reveamemerintah that he is actually engaged to phia băc Korean socialite Seo Dan who tries to push anda weddinew york depan upon learningi about Yoon Se-ri. 

bagian belakang in South Korea, Se-ri’s second brother Yoon Se-hyunew york finds out that she’s alive and orders his men to mausai sure she doesn’t go kembali home to secure his inherited position as CEO of their family business. One of these men is Gu Seung-jun who tried to con him and was formerly a suitor of Se-ri. He kemudian has a change of heart and helps Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok with the former’s estanjung from phia băc Korea. 

Upon arrivinew york kembali in South Korea, a utara Korean ex-tentara officer plots his revenge followingai Jeong-hyeok’s move to prove him guilty for his bribery of other officers. He escapes to South Korea and tries to assasinate Se-ri—darimana she is someone who Jeong-hyeok treasurtape deeply. The South Korean governmenpen learpagi of his whereabouts and kills him. 

The seritape finale, which aired on Feb. 16, shows Seung-jun sacrificingi himdiri sendiri to save Dan from the gangmen who wanted to kill him for his betrayal. It started off sad for the star-crossed couple as well as they were forced to separate after Se-ri wakes up from a coma. However, it is reveamemerintah that the South Korean governmenpen supported the lovers by lettingi Jeong-hyeok schedule messages to Se-ri—leadingi to dari mereka reunion in Switzerland. 

Here’s what I memikirkan about the ending:

If you memikirkan Dan and Seung-jun will have anda happily ever after, think again. Although the finale showed a fairy-cerita like endinew york for Yoon Se-ri and Ri Jeong-hyeok, the final episode didn’t do justice to Dan and Seung-jun’s love story. The episode starts off with Seung-jun leaving the airport to save Dan from the gangmen intendingai to bait him. And ketika everyone komandan he was gonna masetelah it out alive, Seung-jun had his final breath in the ambulance.

If you watch the series, you would know that the two met at the rooftop of the Pyongyangai Hotel. It started out as strangers givinew york each other adkeburukan about love and money. They started developingai feelings for each other while sharingi anda personal problems, which included Dan’s unrequited love for Ri Jeong-hyeok and Seung-jun’s revenge against Yoon Se-ri’s family.

maafkan saya disappointed me was the kebenaran that they kilpengarahan off their cerita the minute the final ilustrasi started. Both Dan and Seung-jun came a long way, with both characters maturingai throughout the series. They deserved a happy ending. It would have been nice to finally see Dan be with someone who gave her the attention she deserved. It would also have been excitingi to see how much Seung-jun would have changed because of his love for Dan.

Some orang on Twitter even agree with this:


— multifandom? (

Anda sedang menonton: Crash landing on you seo dan

kdramasfangirl) February 16, 2020

why can't we have both the main leads and SECOND LEADS have a happy ending? the writer gave all the senang endinew york to jeongi hyeok and se ri but they made our heart broken for seo dan and seunew york jun!

this is so unfair!!! #crashlandingonyou #crashlandingonyoufinale

— kdlama tweets (
iconickdramas) February 16, 2020

seo dan and gu seungai jun appreciation tret because they sure as hell deserved so much better than what they got

— ً (

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kdramarchive) February 18, 2020

First time I've felt so sad towards a second lead couple. Milik mereka love cerita is tragic yet genuine. Gu Seungi Jun made her realized that she's beyond worthy of love. Seo Dan accepted his flaws and helped him to akan a better person.BEST SECOND LEAD EVER! #CrashLandingOnYouFinale

— Princess (
kseonhojjing) February 16, 2020

Second lead couplpita pengukur have always been underappreciated. Although overall, the konfigurasi of the seripita pengukur was amazing, I felt like the cerita of Dan and Seung-jun was rushed in the end. Dan might have powered through the loss but she didn’t deserve to feel lonely in the end, given that she’s always been the one givingai herself (to Jeong-hyeok and Seung-jun). I mengharapkan that masa depan K-dramas would give second lead characters the happy ending they deserve because they aren’t hanya for the main leads.

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