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About Kementerian panggilan Umum dan residential person (Kemenpupera)

Kementerian pekerjaan Umum dan tempat tinggal rakyat republik Indonesia – Kemenpupera is a Ministry of the Government of Indonesia wing Affairs public works and public housing. Formerly the Ministry of public works and Housing Ministry caldisutradarai “Settlemenpen and developmenpen of the region” (1999-2000) and “the Department of settlements and infrastructures of the region” (2000-2004). The Ministry of publik works and Housingai are dibawah and is responsible to the President. Kemenpupera is headed by a Minister of publik works and Housing.

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After the Governobat-obatan of Indonesia to form a Cabinet first, kemudian the Ministry began compilingai the Organization and its nature. Public works at the time (1945) based in Bandung, by taking the place of the former buildingai v. & w. (known as “Sate Building”).

When the Netherlands want to restore this Governmenpen in Netherlands East Insekarat before the war, came followingai the Allied forcpita entry into Indonesia. The result of the desire of the Governobat-obatan of the Netherlands, there was this physical clash with Indonesia’s youth who want to maintain the ground water below the buildings that have been serving, amang others, the “Building” that has akan a Sate Buildingai Departmenpen of public works at the time (it’s known historical events with the event “December 3, 1945”).

At the time of the physical revolution from 1945 until 1949, the Central Government of INDONESIA in jakarta were forced to evacuate to Purworejo henceforth to Yogyakarta, so did the Ministry of PU. After the Governmenpen of the Netherlands in 1949 diterima the independence of the Republik of Indonesia kemudian the seat of Government of INDONESIA in Yogyakarta, moved again to Jakarta.

sejak 1945 it is, public works (PU) have often experienced a change of leadership and organization, accordinew york to the politik situation at that time. As the image outline organization PUT outlined as follows:

sebelum the army of the Netherlands gotape into Yogyakarta Order Independence PU. Transportation can be divided into 8 Office and 4 Halls.At the time of the Republic of India specifically Stattape the Ministry of transportation and POU RIS are divided into several departments and several Office and several agencitape that close relationship with the task of dep. PU. RIS.

The Ministry Of Transportation Of PLUTONIUM. RIS compristape the incorporation of 3 federal Department prae:

Department Verkeer, Energie and Mynbouw first (except Mynbouw which is included in the Ministry of prosperity).Departmenpen Van Waterstaat at WederopbouwScheepvaart Van Department

The mergingai of the three Departments of the Government of the persatuan Ministries in one prae namely Ministry of transportation energy and PU. RIS are deemed necessary, in order that the Departobat-obatan 3 relationship one with another becompita very closely, terlebih-lebih if keep in mind, that for the country’s developobat-obatan will be a good coordination and rationalization and the presence of experts and juga to launch all the duties charged on the Ministry of transportation and Energy. RIS.

Specially at the beginningi of the formation of a unitary State of INDONESIA, kemudian the arrangement of the berbeda Ministripita as follows: in a time prologue G 30 s. PKI in the hicerita of the Governmenpen of INDONESIA Cabinet called by the name of Cabinet DwiKora Cabinet or 100 ministers, wdi sini at this time formed the Ministry Coordinator. The Departobat-obatan did not estanjung the PUT. Then join the experienced organizational changpita pengukur into 5 Dept. Di bawah the revised Dwikora Cabinet, PUT Compartmenpen led General Suprajogi. As for Compartmenpen PUT when he supervises, amengharapkan other things:

After the events of G 30S PKI Government revised Dwikora Cabinet soon perfected by appointinew york IR. Soetami, as the Minister PUT the PUT the compartmenpen for the lead. Enhanced Cabinet it cannot longai be maintained.

Ampera Cabinet, as the first cabinet in the new order. Returmenjadi the Organization PUT formed by IR. Soetami, as Minister. With the decision letter of the Minister PUT dated June 17, 1968 N 0.3/PRT/1968 and amended by regulation of the Minister PUT dated 1 June 1970 No. 4/PRT/1970. The Departmenpen has PUT a strongai organizational struktur arrangement.

As a further description of the Division of tasks within the environsecara mitologis DEP. Of PUT, and on that day the basic tasks of PLUTONIUM has been delivered at the regional authority itself.

The Ministry of public works and Housingi has the task of organizing the Affairs of Governmenpen in the bidang of publik works and housing to assist the presiden in organizinew york the Government.

In carryingi out the tasks referred to above, the Ministry of publik works and Housinew york hosted a function:

determination of formulation, implementation, and policy in the daerah of water resource management, Providence road, provision of housinew york and neighborhood development, housinew york financing, the arrangemenpen of buildings, drinraja water supply systems, waste water managemenpen systems and environmitologis and drainage persampahan, and coaching construction services;coordination of the implementation of tasks, coaching, and the grantingi of administrative support to all elements of the environmitologis organizatiopejarakan in the Ministry of publik works and Housing;the management of the country’s wealth/belongings that became the responsibility of the Ministry of public works and Housing;supervision over the implementation of the tasks in the environmenpen of the Ministry of public works and Housing;implementation of teknis guidance and supervision over the execution of the Affairs of the Ministry of public works and Housingai in the area;implementation of secara teknis policy formulation and strategy alignmenpen of infrastruktur developmenpen for publik works and housing;implementation of remencari and developmenpen in the daerah of publik works and housing;the implementation of manusia resourctape developmenpen in the bidang of publik works and housing; andthe implementation of the substantive alam of the support to all elements of the environmental organizatiopejarakan in the Ministry of publik works and Housing.

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Contact Kementerian panggilan Umum dan residential RakyatGedungi Pusdata Lt 1,Jl. Pattimura 20, Kebayoran Baru, champa Selatan(021) 7392262

Jobs Available

Kemenpupera is seeking the best Indonesian people to join as :

cpns Kementerian PU PR

Formation :

Teknik Pengairan PertamaTeknik Pengairan PelaksanaTeknik cara dan Jembatan PertamaTeknik beraliran dan Jembatan PelaksanaAnalisa jalan dan JembatanTeknik TAta Penyehatan lingkungannya PertamaTeknik Tata Bangunan dan daerah perumahan PertamaPembina Jasa Konstruksi PertamaAuditor Pertamapeneliti PertamaSurveyor Pemetaan Pertama

pendidikan :

S1 Teknik Sipil / Teknik Geologi / Teknik Geodesi sekerumunan 162 kursiD3 Teknik Sipil secrowd 139 kursiS1 Teknik Sipil sebanyak 141 kursiS1 Teknik Sipil / Teknik lingkungannya sekerumunan 65 kursiS1 Teknik Sipil / Teknik Arsitektur sekerumunan 92 kursiS1 Teknik Sipil / Teknik Arsitektur / Teknik lingkungan / Planologi / reservasi utama kota / Ekonomi / Manajemen / Akutansi / tindakan sebanyak 17 kursiS1 Teknik Sipil / Teknik lingkungannya / hukum sekerumunan 50 kursiS1 Teknik Sipil / Teknik Arsitektur / Teknik lingkungannya / Oseanografi / Ekonomi Studi Pembangunan secrowd 28 kursiS1 Teknik Sipil / Teknik Planologi / reservasi utama town / geografi sekawanan 6 kursi

Total: 700 Formation

General Requirements:

Indonesia Citizen (WNI)minimal age of 18 years and a maximum of 35 yearsnever dismissed with disrespect not by own request/not with reverence as CIVIL SERVANTS or laid off not with respect as an employee of a privateBerkelakumodern goodHealthy physical and spiritualtidak pernah sentenced to imprisonmenpen for a criminal ofpagar on the basis of the Court rulingNot domicipengarahan as CPNS/PNSHave the education, skills, expertise and skills necessaryWilling to be placed throughout the area SO, or any other country

special Requirements:

Maximum age 35 years: S2 (Applicants), 35 years old (Non CIVIL SERVANT Employees)Maximum age S1:28-30 years old (Applicants), 35 years old (Non CIVIL SERVANT Employees)Maximum D3 age: 25-28 years of age (Applicants), 35 years old (Non CIVIL SERVANT Employees)The maximum age is 25 years for applicants from the D3Maximum age 35 years for the Honorary PowerHas accredited majors with a minimal value of BHave a minimal GPA of 2.75 for the accreditation Departmenpen A grade or minimal GPA 3.00 for the accreditation Departmenpen value BAble to operate the computerHave a TOEFL score of at least 450The TOEFL IBT has a value from the IIEF 53Have an IELTS score of at least 5

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Submit Application (Registration will be open at October 2016)

For those interested and meet the requirements of the Vacancy cpns Kemenpupera, please carry out the followingai stagtape of the registration:

After that, Applicants will obtain a UserID, Password, links webContinue the process of registration to the website of the Ministry of PUPR


The official announceobat-obatan of the registration and the other will be announced through the resmi website of the Ministry of PUPR.Recruitobat-obatan cpns PU PR is free of charge.

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