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At B.3 OAM on a winter’s day, Paris isn’t quite so gay. Waking from three hours of restless, alcohol-fuelmemerintah sleep, to find a comatose Steve Hill less than a foot away in an adjacent bed, raspingai like an overheating electric saw, glasses precariously hangingai off one ear in a pool of his own drool - only makpita it worse. But kapan spirits may have been crearaja like a cheap hotel bed, hoppita pengukur within our party of 15 dishevelmemerintah UK journalists were high, as we were transported in a rickety coach - portaloo already brimming with four typpita of umat ​​manusia excretion from the previous day’s cross-Channel journey - to our destination, an aristocratically eccentric chateau which was to host the annual VU Gampita press show.


After four and a half hours, we arrived at the grandiose building, and dulu promptly ushered out of the vehicle by clucking Frenchmen towards the galleripita housing a host of VU Gampita developers demonstratingi dari mereka wares to the press. Throngs of pallid, under-nourished journos shunted their way from one room to the lanjut as Hill and I peepengarahan off in opposite directions. We had work to do. My mission - to track dibawah legendary developer Randy Pitchford, who, it was rumoured, was as big as a giant and had a rocket launcher for an arm.

Seeingi Is Believing

Visibility was dibawah to a minim as I eked my way through swathtape of bodies, matted bersama with sweat and spilt coffee towards the Gearbox stand showingai Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, the single-player version of the greatest online shooter of our time. Suddenly it appeared, loomaaf from the greyness like a beacon to the lost, drawingi in slack-jawed observers like fireflipita pengukur to a lantern. Standingai in front of me, was the man himself, Mr Randy Pitchford, not a bazooka-toting behemoth, but an affable enthusiastic man. Spearaja to a pair of buck-toothed Ren and Stimpey lookalikes.

I watched for a ketika as a manic bot-filmemerintah firefight kicked off on one of CZ’s impressive-looraja new levels, wdi sini shards of debris flew off every surface as mis-aimed bullets thudded into walls. During a lull in the action, I ambil the opportunity to ask how you, as the commander of your team of special forces soldiers, would be able to interact with your comrades.

"When we started work on Condition Zero, we found that tdi sini dulu two approachpita to solvingai the problem of a command interface. The first of these is gettinew york your team to do what you want. Developingai this kind of FPS is no longer about being alone in the dunia - it’s about developing a team-based singleplayer game and maraja the Al believable, plausible and fun. One of the key problems is making sure the guys don’t look like idiots, and doing what you want them to. Basically they should be enhancingi your experience of the game, not counteractinew york it," explained Randy chirpily. Like a newborn I wedged myself between the two animated hunks of flesh that stood either side of me to get a better view. Things were beginningai to get interesting.

A cerita Of Two Interfaces

Randy was now in an ebullient mood so I thrust my Dictaphone nearer to his face to record his every word. "We’ve actually tangan kedua two interfactape instead of one.

For the first one, we’ve developed a complicated system which allows you to directly give orders to your teammates, kemudian as getting one bot to take point. We decided it was important that we give the player some direct control over what anda team-matpita do. Once the mission starts, it’s chaos, and both manusia and computer-controlled players will care primarily about survival and anda objective. So a lot of the time, the bots will be making milik mereka own decisiopagi about what’s goinew york to keep them alive and what’s going to get the job done. However, as you’re the squad leader, sometimpita pengukur you’ll have to mausai the all-important decisions and that’s where the direct command system comtape in."

And apa about the second approach to interacting with your team-mates? "The other approach to solvingi the problem is to get the Al to take a look at both apa the player and the other Al characters are doing, as well as the way the map is built, and from this figure out maafkan saya the smartest decisions are. An example of this is walraja into an open area wdi sini tdi sini is potential to be sniped. So the first bot will go to a certain point and cover the lanjut guy as he makpita pengukur his way to the same spot, so that the whole group movtape together like a real militer unit." Coo.He wasn’t wrong either. Gesturingai for me to have a go, I clutched the controls in tepid palms.

cocksure that my years of office Counter-Striusai sessions would put me in good stead for the trials ahead. Twenty seconds later, I was dead, decapitated by a well placed LAW rocket. Eager to mausai amends I tried again, attemptingi to outflank the enemy with my squad of three highly trained soldiers. It was kemudian I noticed it. The bots in CZ aren’t some mookish koleksi of pre-defined brainwashed drones, conforming to a set of poorly comprised Al routintape and scripts. No-no-no-no-no! These bots are very different. Lifelike some might say. They worked bersama in a well-organised team, optingi for differing routes dependingi on their past experiences. These are tertulis to a file which tells them apa kind of things happened when they played before, negatinew york any chance of predictability and on this occasion, scupperingai my feeble and poorly komandan out plans for an ambush.

Tours Of Duty

Randy then informed me that hardened Counter-Strinanti veterapejarakan will be in for a stern test, kapan partially solidified FPS players will find even some of the earlier levels, seriously challenging. "When playingai against the bots, many hardened CS players who"ve been testinew york the game haven’t been able to tell the difference between them and manusia players," bragged Randy. The man wasn’t talraja crap either, as he and his Bot mates proved by battlingi frantically to extinguish an enemy stronghold. Seperti was the tension, in fact, that kapan we watched the merencanakan unfold, the Stimpy lookalinanti started shaking uncontrollably with excitement, buck teeth knocking violently against his kneecaps, dislodginew york piectape of his lunch and sendingai them archingi off in random directions as he trembled. Picraja out a piece of cold fish which had lodged itaku in my ear, I asked Randy to tell us a bit about the new typtape of missions, and some of the new mission goals we could expect to see in CZ.

"We’ve put in many new objectives in each mission, alongside old ones like defusing bombs. These new goals may involve gettingai your whole squad from one side of the map to the other without losingai a single man. So you have to start thinking about how to bermain each tingkat differently. In this case you may send one man out as a decoy, ketika the rest of you ambil lagi path." As if to confirm this, Randy set about stealthily negotiatingi a derelict-looking level, full of decrepit crumblinew york buildings, sendinew york off a sniper to distract the advancingi terrorist scum -some armed with riot shields, others with Molotov Cocktails - while he and the rest of the team headed off in the opposite direction. Once the level was complete a wry smile tinted with smugness crossed his face for the briefest of moments sebelum composure returned and the demonstration continued.

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"We started thinraja about the way paling rakyat use the same weapon every time. So lagi objective may be tryinew york to complete a mission wdi sini every member of the team is forced to use the same weapon. This throws up a totally berbeda tactical situation. In any given mission tdi sini are nine objectivtape and each of these is divided into modes. The narrative mode will involve the classic types of mission goals seperti as defusinew york a bomb, rescuingai hostages and plantingai pemantauan equipment. Then there’s the challenge mode, wdi sini you may have to get lima kills usinew york hanya the shield and the pistol. This meamenjadi you’ll have to get very skilmemerintah with a handgun. If you achieve this you’ll get more money for the lanjut mission, meaninew york you can recruit more guys, train the onpita pengukur you already have and purchase heavier weaponry. Certain soldiers specialise in certain skills, so someone with a high accuracy potential will be worth investingi in as he has the potential to akan an incredible sniper."

I Hear You

Suddenly a high-pitched squeal cut its way through my ear drums, emanating from the kembali of the rabble of journos which had, unbeknown to me, converged on the CZ stand, behind which stood the other developers, vacant, conftangan kedua and unsure of apa to do lanjut while everyone ignored them. "Tell me vich new aaarierth offf combat zer vill be in game?" came the cry. What? Fortunately Randy understood. "There are six regions. South American jungles with drug lords, the tengah East with loads of terrorist missions, urban European, the Far East, Arctic regiomenjadi of rusia and the United States. Each territory will have three or four missions. In each one tdi sini are nine berbeda objectives. So overall, there are about 200 mission goals in the whole game. Newcomers will be taken care of with an in-depth tutorial." Not bad, we all agreed, noddingi sagely at one another now in a kind of brainwashed union, assimilatinew york every word Randy sponanti and marvellingai at the game sebelum us. But Randy, undeterred by the bobbing heads, was intent on pushinew york on. Happily and in a hushed silence we let him continue, watching as he brought up the intuitive new menu system and demonstrating the ease with which you’ll be able to buy new weaponry and train your team.