Havingi a reliable converter of PDF to Office documents should be a basic must-have tool for everyone worraja with a heavy load of filpita on a daily basis. Although, PDF documents belongi to a group of the most popgaris file formats sent by e-mail, tryingai to edit them can become a serious nightmare.

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If you work in the office environment, you have probably had to re-write a few PDFs in an old-fashioned way. Do you remember when you received a PDF document that you needed to penyuntingan in Word? You didn´t want to bother the sender (maybe he was an important client), so you had no other choice than to manually copy-paste the entire text...hanya because of one or two minor changes. You may agree that this process is an extremely time-consuming, tiringai and highly inefficient way of worraja with PDF documents.

Luckily, we live in a dunia of on-demand digital solutiopagi that are advancing connections between humapagi and technologies more than ever. Businesspita are influenced by diganjar transformation and try to stay competitive with new emerging technologitape and industrial disruptions. At the same time, we - the consumers - quickly adapt to the changingai environobat-obatan and seek itu technological advancements that bring convenience into our life. As such, online PDF converter software solutiopagi have ini adalah highly popular and sought after service in recent years. Especially, when it compita to convertingai PDF to Office. Whether you are a student or work in the corpoperbandingan environment, you know that PDFs are not an ideal format for editing.

Furthermore, you can also convert multiple filtape per task thanks to our batch conversion feature, available for Premium users. If you want to stay free, you can convert single filtape of up to 15 MB each time. Meet your web-based convertingi tools and overcome your document challengpita in no time. Drag and drop documents straight to each tool´s page or import them from your Google Drive and Dropbox account.


Fortunately, working with a reliable PDF to Word converter can save you a lot of time, stress and headache. gregljohnson.com enablpita you to easily turn PDF filpita into Microsoft Office format in hanya one click. Securely extract all isi from any PDF documenpen and turn it into an editable Word text. What´s truly priceless is the overall outcome; you will be able to preserve fonts and retain formattingai of your original PDF document. The isi will be converted with high accuracy, maraja it easier for you to edit, remove or replace any text or image retrieved from the PDF to Word conversion.

mengedit Scanned Documents with OCR-Powered Converter

Tdi sini might be time, during your editing efforts, when you receive/work with PDF documents containingi scanned text. Imagine you need to penyuntingan and digitalize printed lease contract with up-to-date information. This is a moobat-obatan to face the tantangan of findingi a powerful PDF to Word converter that can extract information from scanned documents for editable purposes. The vast majority of office and school scanners are programmed to save all scanned documents into PDF format. But maafkan saya if you need to penyuntingan somethinew york in the document? - the answer is OCR Technology.

The term OCR scanner or Optical Character mengenali Technology has been around for more than 100 years, but not everyone is familiaran with its benefits for digital-savvy users of the 21st century. gregljohnson.com supports PDF to Word conversiopagi empowered by an OCR software for text mengenali of paper-based documents. The powerful technology turpagi scanned text and images to Word/DOCX formats. You can edit any text inside ide a converted documenpen within a chosen word processor.

Avoid unclear scanned files: If you are trying to process scanned documents into an editable format, mananti sure that the isi is clear and readable. Blurried, out-of-focus isi may result in a failure of the conversion. Eliminate extensive handwritten notes over PDF text: If your scanned document contaipagi multiple formats (posting from PC and handtertulis notes), it may be difficult for the OCR technology to recognize text during conversion. Pay attention to the overall quality of the original PDF document: When you convert scanned text with gregljohnson.com OCR-powered technology, the quality matters. Combination of blurred images, text, fonts and unreadable characters will affect the overall outcome of the conversion.

Select the file you want to convert. Keep in mind that with free conversions, you can only upload filpita pengukur that don´t contain any scanned pages. Click the "Convert to Word" button. Download your converted file to your computer or save it to DropBox or Google Drive.
Select the file you want to convert to Word. If the file contains any scanned pages, select "OCR" from the menu bar on the right. Keep in mind that OCR is a Premium feature. Click the "Convert to Word" button. Download your PDF to Word converted file. You can save your documenpen to DropBox or Google Drive.

Convert PDFs ditawarkan or on-the-go

We are aware that sometimes, hanya an online version is not enough. If you process filpita containingai a lot of pages or heavy on size, you may be disconnected from the online conversion due to a processing error or runninew york out with time. In order to prevent this from happening, we have developed an ditawarkan version for PDF to Word conversions. Our Desktop Application is the perfect solution when worraja with restricted internet access or large file sizes.

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Our goal is to make you more productive so you can have time for things that matter! For that reason, we have improved and upgraded our Mobile Application. Now, you can convert PDF to Word on-the-go and complete all editingi needs directly from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.