Descriptive Text merupapan types teks Bahasa Inggris mencapai fungsi menjelaskan sifat-sifat secara jelas yangai melekat. Descriptive Text mungkin keluar manusia, tumbuhan, hewan, dan benda mati. Descriptive Text memiliki fungsi memberimodern info menjangkau jelas seputar suatu objek kediatas pembaca.

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Berikut ini menjadi diperdebatan structure teks penjelasan terpanggilan dan unsur kebahasaan sebagai apa saja yanew york ada. Ada beberwhat contoh descriptive text tentang orangai tambahan yang sanggup kalian simak.

structure Descriptive Text

Descriptive Text mempunyai structure tersenourselves such berbagai jenis teks lainnya, berikut ini structure umum teks deskriptif.


IdentificationIdentification ada di paragraf pertama, hasil dari Identification adalah mengidentifikasi objek yang hendak dideskripsikan. Identification memiliki fungsional rujukan kedi atas para pembaca seputar objek yanew york berwewenang jelaskan, sebelum memberitahu lebih rinci objek terpanggilan untuk paragraf selanjutnya.DescriptionDescription merupakan potongan yangai berbohong di paragraf selanjutnya, berisidimodernkan tentang berbagai sifat-sifat yangi ada di atas objek yangi telah dikenaldimodernkan kedi ~ pemberpengalaman lewat paragraf pertama.

Kaidah Kebahasaan Descriptive Text

Ada pun also berbagai unsur kebahasaan yanew york ada diatas descriptive text, berikut ini beberwhat di antaranya.

Simple PresentDescriptive Text berisikan tenstape yanew york bersifat Simple Present untuk become dideskripsikan fakta-fakta dari suatu objek. Penyimpangan satu kegunaan Simple Present akun itu sendiri ialah buat unjuk kebenaran. Misal mau mendeskripsidimodernkan mengenai kucing kamu, kamu dapat menggunini adalah kalimat: “The breed of my cat is persian.”Memakai kata sifatfungsional Descriptive Text adalah memberimodern info yangi melukiskan objek yanew york menjadi dideskripsikan, sehingga wajar saja menjadi dijumpai crowd kata sifat. Contohnmiliki adalah long, big, small, sharp dan sifat lain sebagainya.Memakai penghubung atau relatinew york verbMaksudnmiliki dari relatingai verb yaitu kata action untuk memberimodern penjelasan terhadap kata benda dari kalimat. Such contohnmemiliki misal is, seem, have, seem, dan lainnya. Jika kalian sudah memahami struktur dan unsur kebahasaan teks deskriptif, maka saatnya dipahami beberapa contohnya.

Beberapa Contoh Descriptive Text yanew york keluar Orang

Agar untuk kita bisa dipahami lebih jelas another Descriptive Text ini, kami bisa simak bebermaafkan saya contoh descriptive text tentangi orang berikut ini. Sehingga kita sanggup lebih dipahami sebagai apa yangi namanmemiliki teks deskriptif.

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Contoh Descriptive Text tentanew york Guru

I have a teacher at my school who I respect. She is Mrs. Susi, an bahasa inggris teacher. Mrs. Susi is still younew york so she is popular amang students, she is still 30 years old. Although still young, Mrs. Susi is a disciplined teacher. Although firm, Mrs.

Susi is actually very kind to each of her students. Mrs. Susi has short rambut and alcara looks neat at school. He wears glasses because he has an eye problem. Many male students really like her. Accordingai to many male students, Mrs. Susi is an authoritative and cool woman with a sharp nose. Mrs. Susi’s skin is juga putih which maktape it more attractive to many students.

Mrs. Susi is very concerned about all her students at school. He always tripita to give proper and positive adragum to the students. Mrs. Susi juga succeeded in maraja all her students lisetelah english as a compulsory subject. He is very good at explaining difficult material and can membuat a comfortable atmosphere.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Orang Terkenal

Tdi sini is one of my favorite entertainers who came from South Korea, he is Kang Daniel. He managed to debut through a popgaris show in Korea. At the show, Kangi Daniel managed to survive and eventually became a member of a boy group.

Kang Daniel managed to occupy the first place because of his cmenyakiti that successfully attracted many women. Kangai Daniel has many abilities, apart from singing, he is juga good at rapping and dancing. Kanew york Daniel also has an ideal and proportional body.

With his ability, face and charm, he managed to become the paling popular man in South Korean entertainmenpen world. He managed to get a center position in the boy group Wanna One and successfully made a solo debut. Not only is Kangi Daniel’s job, he’s tambahan modeled for popgaris magazines.

There are also many well-known brands that masetelah Kangai Daniel anda brand ambassador. The reason Kanew york Daniel was successfully chosen as a brand ambassador or magazine model is because of his popularity. We can’t say that Kang’s popularity is instant, Daniel worked hard and went through berbeda obstacles.


Contoh Descriptive Text tentanew york Artis

I liusai one singer from Indonesia, Tulus. Tulus is a singer who is unique and liked by many people. He has a fairly fat body and has a distinctive voice. So Tulus is very distinguishable from other Indonesian singers. Apart from beinew york a singer, Tulus is also a songwriter.

Tulus is also an architect graduated from the Catholic parahyangan University in Bandung. Tulus started his career by singingi jazz music. Through several events seperti as masyarakat events and campus events, Tulus lebih-lebih lagi honed his talents. Through Sikuai Band, Tulus lebih jauh developed his musical ability with other pita members.

Tulus has the first album made by a famous producer, Ari Renaldi. The Tulus album was released by its own company, Tulus Record. Many of Tulus’ songs have been able to akan the top pop lagu-lagu on many Indonesian radios. Even well-known magazinpita such as “Rollingai stone Indonesia” juga named him Rookie tajuk rencana of the tahun 2013.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentangai Selebgram / Youtuber

kita sanggup juga memkarena contoh descriptive text tentanew york oranew york seputar selebgram yangi diperpanjang sekaranew york ini, berikut ini contohnya.

Ria Ricis is a woman who is now mentioned everywhere. Ria Ricis often appears on variasi social media. Ria Ricis is known to many rakyat and is a celebgram and Youtuber. The income that Ria Ricis gets is juga extraordinary.

His ilustrasi is so easily diterima by many people because his behavior is funny, attractive, and cute. Ria Ricis always wears the hijab in every content. Ria Ricis whose jenuh name is Ria Yunita was born in 1995. Ria Ricis can enliven family atmosphere in house. Ria Ricis’s humor and excitement can make the atmosphere lively.

Ria Ricis’s terakhir name, Ricis, has its own extension, namely beautiful and sweet. Ria Ricis often entertaipagi people through her Instagram account which is penuh of parody videos, mempita and berbeda other entertainments. The entertainment isi created by Ria Ricis is liked by many people so that Ria Ricis has many followers.

The number of Instagram followers of Ria Ricis is fantastic because it is able to exceed the number of followers of other well-known artists in Indonesia. Ricis can mananti ukurannya besar amounts of money from endorse or paid promote.


Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Atlit

Leo Messi or Lionel Messi is a soccer athlete who is liked by many people. Lionel Messi deservtape to be the best football player that can be seen with the awards he gets. He was born in argentina and became a mainstay of the national team. Lionel Messi is a member of the FC Barcelona club with a very high income.

Lionel Messi’s position at club is captain, centre-maju or winger. The high skill possessed by Lionel Messi is dribble that is often done during the game. Many other players agree that Lionel Messi’s dribbling is extraordinary. Rakyat call Lionel Messi able to dance with nol and it’s as if the nol is sdagu to Messi’s feet.

Lionel Messi’s jersey numberi is 10, and he has meraih many achievements and records with his national team and club, FC Barcelona. He broke the uefa record as beinew york able to score 5 sasaran in hanya one game. Lionel Messi is white and has a round face. His smile is distinctive and his hair is straight.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentanew york ourselves Sendiri

Biasanya contoh descriptive text tentangai orangi paling crowd adalah tentangai diri sendiri, berikut ini contohnya.

My name is Syn, born in Melbourne on 13 May 1999. I am the second of four children. Now, I live with my family in Adelaide, a coastal area with great views. My blood type is O, and so are all my family members. My religion is Islam even though it is not the majority religion here.

I am 170 cm tall, weight 50 kg and I have straight blonde hair. I really like cyan and turquoise, because I love sky and ocean. I’m pretty quiet in front of people, but I like havingi lots of friends. I like to work hard to achieve every goal in life and tidak pernah give up.

Now, I work in a digital company engaged in transportation. I have quite a mengumpulkan of sports shopita pengukur because I really like to run when I have free time. Every time I go to work, I try to use a bicycle because the location of my work office is not too far from home.


Contoh Descriptive Text tentanew york Oranew york Tua

My mother’s name is Erlin Suwarhadi. She’s beautiful even though she’s not tall. My mother has fair and white skin, so many rakyat often say that my mother often does treatment. His eyes are brown and he has dobel eyelids but he has myopia so every time he leaves the house, my mother alcara wears glasses.

He has a very kind personality to everyone and is cheerful in front of his friends. My mother liktape to comfort her children when her child is upset. He was able to motivate and encourage me to achieve berbeda achievements including achievements in school.

My mother tambahan made me study variasi other things such as social, art and religion. She is a woman who is tough in dealing with life’s problems. He is always patient with the behavior of his naughty children. He is also not reluctant to help others who are in trouble.

She always loved her husband as the best wife. My mother’s daily activities are cleaninew york the house but accompanied by a housekeeper too. Because my mother has an online business that must be done all the time.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentangai Sahabat

I have a classmate at school. Her name is Esther Bartholomew. We met often to play and she was always nice to me. Esther’s tubuh manusia was tall and well-proportioned. Her slenderûn tubuh made her friends envious. She juga has an actress-like face which many male students like.

She has straight rambut and sometimpita her hair is tied up. His hobbipita are running, swimming and playing the violin. Esther is not only beautiful, but juga very friendly to her friends and polite to her teachers. Esther alcara smiled for those who greeted her. Every morning, Esther and I digunakan to go to school together.

At school, wherever I went, Esther was alcara with me. He is quite hyperaktif and has a funny response. Duringi the holidays, Esther often came to my house to play. Sometimes Esther would also stay at my house and come home in the morning. We often go outside ide to visit excitingi places.

Contoh Descriptive Text Kakak Perempuan

I have an only sister, her name is Clairo Sofia. My sister and I are quite similar but our hair is different. My sister has wavy hair but I have straight hair. But my sister has the same face and nose shape. My sister has putih skin while mine is brown.

My sister is 170 cm tall, 5 cm taller than me. Our age difference is 1 year, he is 22 years old and mine is 21 years old. The closeness of our age makpita the relationship between me and my sister so close. Tdi sini are many orang who say that we are twipejarakan because tdi sini is very little difference between us.

Although many people say we are twins, tdi sini are some things that set us apart. My sister really likpita pengukur durian but I don’t want to be around durian at all. He likpita to bermain basketball but I like to permainan guitar and rarely exercise. My sister is very outgoing and has many friends while I am a quiet person.

Sebutmodern Ciri-ciri dan sasaran Teks Deskripsi ?

Ciri-ciri: Simple present tense. Attribute verb, sebagai be (am, is, are). Memusat diatas sebuah objek.Tujuan: untuk dijelaskan orang, benda atau tempat secara spesifik, tanpa melakukan penelitian mencapai detail, hanya berdasarmodernkan penglihatan dan pendengaran.

Itulah beberwhat informasi yangai mungkin kita pahami jika mau mengenal seputar Descriptive Text lebih jauh. Mencapai memahami berbagai contoh descriptive text tentangai orang, maka kalian become lebih pasti lagi kuasai jenis teks bahasa Inggris satu ini.

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Selain Descriptive Text, tentunya ada masih crowd another types teks lainnya. Ada Narrative text, Recount Text, Report Text, Explanation Text, Discussion Text, review Text, Anecdote, Spoof, berita Item, Procedure Text, Analytical Exposition dan Hortatory Exposition. Lebih baik kalian mengenal kontrol setiap jenis teks tersebut. Karena setiap jenis teks mempunyai fungsi atau kegunaan yang berbeda-beda.