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Gregljohnson.com – This website can give you reference about living room ideas through some high quality wallpapers.

Here are a few ideas for decorating a living room:

  1. Add pops of color with throw pillows, artwork, and area rugs.
  2. Incorporate texture with baskets, blankets, and plants.
  3. Use furniture to create a cohesive look, such as choosing all wood pieces or all white pieces.
  4. Hang curtains to add a finishing touch and provide privacy.
  5. Install shelving or a bookshelf to display books, photos, and decorative objects.
  6. Consider using a statement piece, like a fireplace or a large piece of artwork, as the focal point of the room.
  7. Utilize wall space by hanging mirrors or mounting a TV.
  8. Choose lighting that fits the mood and style of the room, such as table lamps, floor lamps, or pendant lights.
  9. Mix and match patterns and textures to add interest and depth to the space.
  10. Don’t forget about functionality – include plenty of seating and storage options to make the living room a comfortable and practical space.